MLB The Show 20: Nike Air Max 90 Javy Baez Moment Sweepstakes

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MLB The Show 20: Nike Air Max 90 Javy Baez Moment Sweepstakes

Win a pair of limited edition Nike Air Max 90 Colorways.

We here at San Diego Studio, PlayStation, in collaboration with Nike, are extremely excited to announce the Javy Baez Moment Sweepstakes. We’ve partnered with Nike to design an exclusive MLB The Show 20 Air Max sneaker to celebrate this year’s launch. Starting on March 17, 2020 at 12:00pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) you can be automatically entered into the sweepstakes by playing the Nike Javy Baez moment in MLB The Show 20 for a chance to win one of fifty exclusive pairs of the shoe*. By completing the moment you will be given a blue pair of the sneakers for in-game use.

Full sweepstakes rules can be found here.

Those who pre-order or purchase the MVP Edition (physical or Digital), 15th Anniversary Edition (at GameStop) or the Digital Deluxe Edition (at PlayStation Store) will receive four days early access getting you into the game on March 13! MLB The Show 20 launches on March 17, 2020. The standard edition is $59.99 USD/$69.99 CAD MSRP.

We could not be more excited for our 15th Anniversary! Look forward to a new class of Legends, new ways to play, including with your friends! Check The Show Nation, and follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest updates about MLB The Show 20.

*No purchase necessary. Must be 13+ and resident of the US, D.C. or Canada. Void where prohibited.

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  • Because a 3 year old game is going to release on PC? That’s spitting on “our” face? Geez you act like the world is going to end. By next week you’ll forget about it and start crying about something else.

  • Tiago is right, you should respect his opinion (it’s the opinion of many fans).

  • Hey Nike, Sony will share the same design with Puma, Adidas, New Balance, etc

  • Oh? I’m not a fan? Why because some PS4 exclusives are going or are on PC? No one is mad Nioh 1 or 2 is on PC? Quantum Dream ported the once PlayStation exclusives to PC and no batted a eye and Detroit: Become Human was up for GOTY yet everyone praised the game and still do. How is this going to kill the PS5? It’s not even a PS5 game. It’s a 3 year old PS4 game that sold as much as it will. Stop being so negative.

  • Those are some seriously fly kicks, too bad they’re not all red.

  • Bruh, Sony has recouped their investment and profited substantially from this game; give the PC elite a bone (I’m also a PC gamer), although I prefer my PS4 Pro.

  • Where’s the keyboard version? MLB is a multiplat game now. Dont make it looks like a PlayStation thing.

  • OMG Sony San Diego!! My heart can’t take this kinda excitment right now!!! Preordering now!!! #PlayStationMLBTheShow

  • Wow Taigo way to make PlayStation Gamers sound like petty fan boys. I for one am happy to see HZD on PC so that more people will play it. Studios make games not publishers and if it’s good for the studio I’m here for it.

  • Lol you’ll still get your exclusives but wouldn’t you like to play other platform‘a exclusives too? Like if Zelda or Mario or Smash bro’s came out on PS4 would you be mad at Nintendo?

  • seria muito bom ver todos exclusivos playstation,caso a se pensar!!!

  • Am I the only one who can’t find the “Enter Now” button?

  • I done

  • did the challenge just dont know where to enter

  • Does anyone in here have any idea on how to get the stats for Gary Sheffield to accumulate on 2020 in the Infinity program. My Helton is working but my Sheffield isn’t this is BS. I sit around and play this game as a Beta tester which I truly appreciate but can yall help me with this concern???

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