Ghost of Tsushima Out June 26 July 17: Collector’s & Digital Deluxe Editions Detailed

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Ghost of Tsushima Out June 26 July 17: Collector’s & Digital Deluxe Editions Detailed

Watch the new story trailer and feast your eyes on the newly revealed Special, Collector's, and Digital Deluxe editions of the game.

Ghost of Tsushima is coming to PS4 on June 26 July 17! It is so exciting to finally be able to announce our release date, and even better that it’s just a few months away. We can’t wait to share the world we’ve created!

Today we revealed a brand-new trailer that showcases our hero, Jin Sakai. In the past, we’ve shown the world around Jin, but this time we wanted to give you a taste of the people he meets along his journey and the scale of the threat that forces him to transform into a new kind of warrior. While you’ll catch glimpses of several of Jin’s allies and enemies in today’s trailer, there are two we want to focus on in particular.

The first is Jin’s uncle, Shimura, the jito (lord) of Tsushima and a father figure to Jin. He’s trained Jin since childhood in the traditional ways of the samurai, and grows increasingly concerned by the tactics Jin starts to adopt as he abandons his teachings and becomes The Ghost. The second important character we’re highlighting today is Khotun Khan. The Khan is the leader of the invading Mongol army and a ruthless, cunning enemy who uses everything he knows about the samurai to try to destroy them. He’s a brutal, unrelenting adversary that Jin will quickly learn not to underestimate.

Beyond our new trailer, we also have multiple editions of Ghost of Tsushima to reveal today. A pre-order of any edition (including the Launch Edition at select retailers) gets you some bonuses — a Jin avatar, a digital mini soundtrack featuring select songs from the game, and a Jin PS4 dynamic theme based on our box art.

If you want to go fully digital, you can now pre-order Ghost of Tsushima at PlayStation Store. You’ll also find our Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes a digital copy of the game along with the Hero of Tsushima skin set, which provides an additional in-game horse, saddle, mask, sword, and armor set for Jin*. The Digital Deluxe also includes two in-game items: the Charm of Hachiman’s Favor and one technique point*, as well as a Samurai PS4 dynamic theme. There’s also a digital mini art book by Dark Horse, plus our Director’s Commentary, in which our creative team sits down with a renowned Japanese historian to look at the world of Ghost of Tsushima and how it compares to the real-life events that inspired it.

$69.99 USD / 89.99 CAD MSRP

We also have two physical edition options. The first is our Special Edition, which includes a SteelBook case plus a voucher for an in-game Hero of Tsushima mask and sword skin*, Charm of Hachiman’s Favor, one technique point, the Director’s Commentary, and the digital mini art book.

$69.99 USD / 89.99 CAD MSRP

But the set I am most excited to get my hands on is our Collector’s Edition, which has a replica mask. It’s a re-creation of one you’ll wear in the game, and it’s heavy (made from polyresin). It’s not meant to be worn, but it includes an individually-numbered display stand so you can keep it on a shelf to impress your friends or terrify your enemies. On top of that, there’s also a sashimono (war banner) just like you’ll see in the game that’s nearly 4.5 feet long, and a traditional-style furoshiki (wrapping cloth). You’ll also get a copy of the game with a SteelBook case, a physical 48-page mini art book by Dark Horse, and an artistic rendition of our full world map printed on cloth. Also included is a voucher for all of the digital content from the Digital Deluxe Edition listed above.

$169.99 USD / $219.99 CAD MSRP

We are so excited to be so close to launch and we have so much more to share soon! Keep track of everything by keeping an eye on Sucker Punch’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, as well as Ghost of Tsushima’s official site.

* In-game items unlocked via story progression.

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    • What a year for PS games: Dreams, The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima. As tempted as I am, I shall wait for official news regarding backwards compatibility on PS5 or PS5 versions of these games before actually buying them. I’ve got quite the backlog in the meantime.

    • I mean PS5’s backward compatibility with PS4 is confirmed and a sure thing because the architecture is designed to be compatible.

      They haven’t specified every game that will carry over, and some games may have issues if their publisher doesn’t want to do it for whatever reason (the opportunity for 3rd parties to resell the same game on a new platform for instance).

      However, due to Ghost of Tsushima being a PlayStation exclusive, Sucker Punch themselves being owned by Sony for nearly a decade now, and Sony profiting off system sellers nomatter where you play within their ecosystem I see no reason for Sony to hold it back.

      I’m paraphrasing, but they’ve basically stated that it’s their mission to incentivize fans to transition to this new generation as quickly and painless as possible. Backward compatibility falls in line with that objective.

  • The Dark Knight of News, Andrew Goldfarb!

    Beyond! Can’t wait for the game!

    • Dang he’s still alive?

    • I’ve waited a long time for this game but if Sony joins the growing list of companies that are delaying their games I simply won’t buy Ghost of Tsushima because like many other gamers I’m sick of that crap. Yuba soft delayed watchdogs legions, Techland delayed Dying Light 2, And CD Project Red delayed cyberpunk 2077 and they are all using the same excuse about how they are just trying to make the game better which everyone knows is BS. They’re just trying to capitalize on the upcoming new consoles that are coming out. They are giving false release dates on these games as a marketing strategy just to get gamers excited and with the idea that the gamers will market the game even more with the excitement and word-of-mouth they will produce but it wont because it’s extremely unprofessional and very unethical to do this to your customers. That’s how you lose customers. I hope Sony is the one company that is better than this for if they do this unethical marketing game launch delay strategy like the other companies are doing then I and many other gamers won’t be buying this game. It’s the only thing these companies understand is to hit them in the pocket book so they stop treating their customers like this. We hope you are listening Sony because we are watching. Please do the right thing and deliver on the launch date.

    • @DocMerchant, Let’s put your argument on solid ground. Yes, games are delayed for marketing reasons because one RUSHED title can kill even a solid franchise. For example, I bet EA/Bioware wished they had spent a few extras months DELAYING and polishing Mass Effect Andromeda. You can fix a broken game after launch, but you can’t fix the lost sales and bad press.

    • Andrew Goldfarb the guy that doesn’t reply to people on Twitter or respond to Tweets regarding his game that get 340K hits..

    • @Tatanka2007 Dying Light 1 was delayed. When it came out it…well at least it came out. Look the devs wanna make the game “perfect” and perfection is like Charlie Brown trying to kick the ball from Lucy’s hands. Never gonna happen. I have to agree with DocMerchant on this one especially with how so many games this past year have been delayed. And watch when these games finally come out they’re still gonna have reported problems. Maybe not as much if they’d released them around the initial release dates but there will be issues.

  • Can’t Wait!

  • I’m Beyond! excited.

  • Damn it looks so so beautiful, that art direction is pure gold ! Even the box art and the steelbook look amazing !
    GG Sucker Punch, it’s your turn to shine


  • Digital Deluxe Copy Pre-Ordered

    It will have been quite a wait, but May and June will be an amazing time for PS4 and PSVR owners.

    Now that the last bit of PS4 news has sounded, let’s get some PS5 Games, Services, and Hardware hype started.

  • Definitely going for that sweet Steelbook in the Special Edition!

  • …I’m trying to save up to move Playstation… but I need that collector’s edition.

  • Really wish the Steelbook was the same art as the normal box art. Can’t believe this will come out less than a month after TLOU 2.

  • Collectors is ordered. Looking forward to it~

  • Oh man so excited for this! PS4 is going out with a bang. The Last of us 2 in May and now Ghost Of Tsushima in June. Can’t wait!

  • Just pre-ordered the collector’s edition from Best buy. I still have gamers club until the end of the month so I was able to get 20% off :)

    Can’t wait to play it.

  • I’ll probably just get the Steelbook SE. The Collector Edition kind of looks Meh. Also, anyone knows where or When the preorders go up? Amazon still haven’t listed the game on their site.

  • That Special Edition is a Day 1 buy! Can’t wait for this game!

  • I have been waiting for this but I’m not sure if I would like to get this for ps4. If only down the road it will be on ps5. Unless our ps4 purchase will get us a copy for ps5 for FREE.

    • Given the PS5 has already been said to support PS4 games, I’d imagine it all but guaranteed. Let’s cross our fingers, but I can’t take a chance…ordered the CE!

  • Will there be a free PS5 upgrade That will take advantage of that system?

  • I really wish they’d say if this will get PS5 treatment.. how that’s going to look, etc.

    Other than that, great to have a release date. I’m excited.

  • Andy Garfep #1 fan <3

  • Sweeeeeet!

  • It’s interesting that SP was one of the 1st and one of the last on PS4. It’s been quite a ride, can’t wait to close it out with a bang!

  • My head just exploded. Sony blew out my brains.

  • Sadly not Amazon yet

  • Since Ghost of Tsushima is launched 5 months before PlayStation 5 I’ll just wait for Ghost of Tsushima Remastered on PlayStation 5 is the sexy black case.

    • Wow how lame…I hope you get sorely disappointed.Hope recycled games die on PS5 with backwards compatibility.

  • Noooo damn y’all this is not fair so close to TLoU 2…I don’t rush ma games,I probably won’t be done with TLoU 2 by 26.Damn this is really unfair lol.

    But still glad to see a release date finally…day 1 of course can’t wait just cannot wait to get ma hands on this bad boy.BTW that Collector’s is cool AF.

    • How long do you think it’ll be till one (or both) will be delayed? There’s no way Sony will release these games so close to each other…

  • I can not wait!! Day 1 for sure!! Pre-ordering today!! Looks so good!! I got chills watching that last trailer!!

  • I’m sold and will preorder for PS4!

    Please don’t make me regret it by not somehow rewarding my loyalty when the inevitable PS5 rerelease/remaster comes out. I’ve already decided that I won’t be double-dipping this time around like I did from PS3 to PS4 unless my previous purchase is somehow rewarded and justifies the second purchase; free, substantial discount, significant additional content, etc.

  • Oh yes,I hope it won’t be in lame letterbox or that at least there will be an option to play without it.

  • YEEEEES! Waited sooo long for any news about these edition’s. Worth the wait!

  • Does the CE come with a digital copy of the game or just the digital pre-order bonuses? I really wish publishers would include a digital voucher for the game. I get why they can’t include both but from this generation forward I’m only buying digital.

    • They mentioned above that this one is the physical edition so I’m pretty sure it’s got the disc and no digital copy except the bonuses

  • Getting that Special Edition for sure.

  • The game looks great! Can’t wait for it

    Regarding the Japanese language track, will the lips be synced to the Japanese track when playing in that language?

  • I did preorder the game digitally. Super excited about the release, so many games…so little time. There is something wrong with Jin’s avatar its not the correct one, it’s giving me a free avatar that was already available previously for free and it doesn’t look like Jin! :D

  • I’m all about that samurai life so I’ve been very excited since this game was mentioned years ago! Hoping to get myself a collectors edition :)

  • Love Samurai Sh*t!
    Way more interested in Onimusha 2 Remastered though!!

  • To be honest, wasn’t that interested when first shown, but now, jesus christ, this looks amazing!

  • How am I supposed to save for a PS5 with all these CE games?

  • Cool! I’ve been looking forward for this game. Now, please someone answer my nagging question: which one will be delayed first, Ghost of Tsushima or The Last of Us Part 2? Because there is NO WAY the two biggest releases from Sony this year (bar the PS5 announcement, obviously) will have only a month between them… unfortunate as it may sound, I bet there will be a not-so-sweet news about one of these – or both – being delayed till the end of the year or even further down the line “so we can offer our loyal fans the best possible quality, yadda yadda yadda”…

  • Will this game be on PlayStation 5 don’t wanna buy the game twice

  • Yeah, Sucker Punch. Dig your games. I still play all the Infamous games.

  • I’ll wait until I see a decent chunk of gameplay. Looks like it could be good though. I loved the Infamous series so I’m sure they won’t disappoint with this game.

  • Next up…Sly Cooper!!!

  • Ordered Special Edition Physical copy from Walmart and because my wife works there, 10% discount. After tax, $68.42 USD. just a little less than the $69.99 USD shelf price. I’ve been waiting a while for this.

  • Nooooo! For the love of God, please Sony, please RE-STOCK the Collector’s Edition!
    I tried EB, and; I was able to add the C.E to my cart, but it wouldn’t let me pay, and promptly told me it sold out.
    And of course, this is one of those rare occasions where GameStop USA won’t ship to Canada either.

    That’s 3x Collector’s Editions I missed out on now (TLOU: PT2, Death Stranding and now this!)

    • Go in person to ebgames, theyr’re still taking them inperson

    • The Death Stranding CE was pretty sweet. Got my BB on the shelf lookin at me while i game. This mask is proper on the Tsushima CE.

    • @CelestialWolves

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been camping the Bestbuy/EB Games/Amazon website since 9:00 AM EST today, and I was lucky enough to snag a copy through BestBuy :)

      Don’t make me (more) jealous!
      Thankfully though, I still have eBay as an option.

  • What does the Launch Edition come with? And what retailer will have it?

  • Yes! Finally, a release date. Just wish this was coming to PC. That news would’ve made this announcement even sweeter.

  • I can’t wait to get it in June. One of the best stories so far… Is it going to be open world? I hope

  • Missed out on the Days Gone CE, Not making that mistake again

    • The Days Gone CE was fantastic.

      The statue was nice, especially the bike. The steelbook was awesome, it simulated a leather jacket. The pins were excellent as well. I love that CE. Sweet box also.

  • Just added this to my growing list of pre-orders, lol.

    Nioh 2
    DOOM Eternal
    Resident Evil 3 Remake
    Final Fantasy 7 Remake
    The Last of Us Part II
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Ghost of Tsushima

    The hype is unbelievable!

  • “[mask] not meant to be worn” is probably the most disappointing phrase I’ve read all day. But the game is still gonna be amazing!

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