March’s Free PS Plus Games: Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces

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March’s Free PS Plus Games: Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces

Topple giants or run rings around your opponents with next month’s gaming line-up.

With March’s pair of PS Plus games, you’ll embark on a dangerous quest to cleanse a land of its giant-sized inhabitants, and help not one but two versions of a platforming legend save the world.

Let’s take a look:

Shadow of the Colossus

Tales speak of an ancient realm where Colossi roam the majestic landscape. Bound to the land, these creatures hold a key to a mystical power of revival — a power you must obtain to bring a loved one back to life. Shadow of the Colossus is a breathtaking journey through ancient lands to seek out gigantic beasts. Armed with only a sword and a bow, explore the spacious lands and unearth each Colossus, presenting a unique challenge to test your wits, determination, and skill.

Sonic Forces

In Sonic Forces, the evil Dr. Eggman has conquered much of the world with help from a powerful and mysterious new villain named Infinite. Now, you must assist Sonic and build an army to reclaim the world as they fight against chaos and destruction. Defeat enemies with blazing speed as Modern Sonic, catapult past perilous platforms as Classic Sonic, and create your very own Custom Hero Character equipped with a variety of powerful gadgets.

Both titles will be available to download from Tuesday, March 3 until Monday, April 6.

February’s PS Plus games

As a reminder, you’ve still got time to download this month’s PS Plus games. Bioshock: The Collection houses three fantastic first-person adventures, The Sims 4 lets you unleash your imagination to craft the perfect virtual life, while PS VR shooter Firewall Zero Hour challenges you to survive intense multiplayer matches. All three titles are available to download until Monday, March 2.

Not yet a PS Plus member? Find out more here.

Predator: Hunting Grounds trial

PS Plus members will be able to try out intense asymmetrical multiplayer experience Predator: Hunting Grounds this month with a weekend trial starting Friday, March 27*!

Squad-up with friends as part of a Fireteam and take on dangerous missions before the Predator finds you — or become the Predator and hunt your prey. Wield human and alien weaponry in this intense asymmetrical multiplayer experience, unlocking iconic gear and skins as you level up. You can even team up with friends on PC with full cross-play support through the Predator: Hunting Grounds trial.

*Trial Weekend starts from 5pm PST / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET / 3pm JST on Friday, March 27th and ends 11.59pm PST / GMT / CET / JST on Sunday, March 29th. PS Plus subscription required to play.

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  • Niceee

    • Incoming butthurt babies

    • Great month even though I own Shadow of the Colossus.

      Actually excited for Sonic despite reviews.

      For those who haven’t played it, Shadow of the Colossus remake on PS4 is imo the greatest remake ever.

    • Good month…BUT friendly constructive criticism time…

      Any Sonic true fan already has this by now as it has been on sale.
      Same thing but even worse for Shadow, it’s a lot of GB to eat for a game that by now anyone with any interest has had since it’s been on Sale for $5 more than once.

    • This is great.
      I really hoped they would offer a way to get the pre-order Life Sword like how Studio Santa Monica offered all pre-order bonuses via the Christmas timed Free DLC, because there is no way to get this sword anymore and even the pre-order codes got expired and don’t work anymore. Even a paid DLC like Wanda DLC Pack would be fine. Thanks.

    • I’ve seen the SOTC remake drop to $19.99 but never $5. It’s on multiple wishlists for me, so I know of your falsehood.

    • LOL at the guy saying SOTC has been on sale for $5. That has never happened. You can check PSPrices for the proof of that.

    • I got one of the PS plus games. I cannot get Sonic the Hedgehog. page doesn’t exist on the PlayStation Store?


  • I was hoping a third game, it would be nice for VR owners.

  • Loved shadow of the colossus on ps2.
    It was fantastic game.
    I do hope more psvr games will get into the roster of games.

  • Shadow of the Colossus is one of the best games of all time so that alone makes this a great month. Sonic Forces is OK at best. Looking forward to that Predator Trial though.

  • Two games I don’t own!

  • indeed good month even tho i bought sonic forces but hype for shadow colossus

  • I just wanted to let you know that long term subscribers are generally displeased with your repeated offerings such as Shadow of The Colossus, Bioshock, Heavy Rain, etc.

    • Strict sense not repeats since for different platforms

    • Not repeats as remakes and remasters are considered a separate game from The Originals. They gave away the Bioshock games on PS3 previously yes, but the remastered collection is for PS4. So technically different games. Same for Heavy Rain. Also they gave away the Shadow of the Colossus remaster previously but this is the Remake so again, different game.

    • one’s a remake and the other two are upgrades compared to their originals i don’t see what your complaining about

    • I’ve been a PS+ member since day 1 back in 2010 and I’m not the bit disappointed in them giving me the PS4 version of SOTC, Bioshock or anything else.

    • I am SUPER STOKED for Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic I had Shadow of the Colossus for my PS2 and loved it can’t wait whoowho Thanks Sony once again for the Great Games #SONY4LIFE #PS4-4-LIFE

  • SotC is fantastic, Sonic has been really poorly received. Kind of a letdown.

  • Already played shadow of the colossus but didnt beat the remake. Been too many other newer games. On another note when will we see pictures or any news regarding ps5 ????

  • Never played Shadow of the Colossus…not even on PS3 but heard nothing but good things about it. Good job. Keep em coming.

  • Yay! Two games I already own, I’ll get back to playing all the new games I’ve recently bought.

  • Can we please get some good games for plus like sports games?? Madden 20, NHL 20!!

  • haven’t played either game so well pleased with these 2 ..nice one.

  • Deadstar.

    Why you don’t buyback the license to open up the server again? I know I won’t be answered but it was a ps plus game so much fun a lot of the community miss it!!! DO SOMETHING PLEASE

  • You need to be loud and clear when announcing PS5. Make it very clear, even though its already obvious since April last year, that it will be Backwards Compatible with PS4. Also, do a deal with some massive games such as FFVII Remake and make it EXTREMELY clear that the day PS5 launches, there will be an enhanced version of FFVII Remake simply through an update for the PS4 version. And try and strike a deal with Square Enix where every single sku of the PS5 comes with a code for FFVII Remake for the first 12 months the console is on sale.
    I’ve already assumed the BC thing was the case but seeing the news this week about Xbox going to be doing a MIND BLOWING feature called smart deli…………..Cross Buy, its called Cross Buy lol. PlayStation has been doing it nearly a decade and Microsoft is doing it now and moron gaming journalists all over are talking about Cross Buy like its the greatest thing since out of the box 99.9% Backwards Compatibility that the PS2 and and PS3 did 2 decades ago but then talk about Xbone BC like it is this very PS2 and PS3 style of BC lol.

    But announce it whenever you want to. Microsoft’s biggest milestone right now is they are nearly going to sell 37 million Xbone consoles by the end of 2020, before it dies completely. They are in no position to say or do ANYTHING that will impact the games industry. Next gen starts when you say it does.

    • Enhanced version?…WTF?…the PS5 wasn’t even shown yet and you wanna see recycled games for it?…Let FF7 stay where it belongs on the PS4!!

      I really hope BC is a real thing on PS5 so we can finally see the end of the recycled games scam fest that is the PS4 gen.

    • Lol! I was almost on board with you until your cross buy comment. Cross buy and smart delivery are not the same thing. Cross buy is the same game across 3 different systems. Not only that, it’s only available on SOME games. Smart delivery downloads all the extras to make it that gens version of the game. If you buy a 1080p version on xbox one and log into your series x, you’ll have the series x version with all the enhancements ready for you. 4-8k? Up to 120 fps? Etc, for EVERY game. At best all cross buy gets is a 720p or 1080p bump to ps3 or ps4 coming from the Vita. Oh, and there are no triple A cross buy games with Sony, they’re all indie games.

      But let’s be clear. At least Microsoft has announced something. Literally nothing has been announced concretely for ps5 other than a logo and ps4 backwards compatibility. They won’t even confirm the leaked dev kit pictures are actually dev kits.

      I love Sony and my Playstation just as much as I love Microsoft and my Xbox. But a spade is a spade and Sony has not unveiled the PS5, been cancelling events left and right, and hasn’t had a state of play in forever. They’ve been silent about the PS5 for too long and it is supposed to come out in less than 10 months max? Mark my words, Sony is scrambling to get to next gen, that isn’t to say it wont be a good system, but they are clearly not ready and Microsoft has them sweating this coming gen. I doubt we see the PS5 until Q1 2021 at earliest.

    • Got into an argument recently because someone pretty much said since Cerny mentioned that the current PSVR will work on PlayStation 5, that it still is not confirmed since Sony did not announce it. Also does argued that none of the specs have been mentioned such as 4k support, a custom made SSD, ray tracing and the 120hz. Granted at this time, those are the minimum specs to expect since that was from awhile ago.

      All of this during a play test of him showing off Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 and then playing it on the PlayStation 5 test kit unit of that time. Thought I had heard or read they confirmed the Dualshock 4 and other accessories working on PlayStation 5 from the 4 as well.

    • You must be under a rock have you nit heard from game’s pass? Also xCloud? Don’t pretend you know **** about the industry when you don’t know JACK

    • Are you actually trying to say the fantastic XBone backwards compatibility is a bad thing? It’s pretty fantastic actually. Certainly better than the joke that is PS Now.

    • Here’s my list of demands

  • Hmm not entirely bad finally a decent lineup after 3 months of trash hu…Sonic Forces is definitely a nice game for the lineup.As for Shadow well…it’s basically a recycled game having lil improvements on the visuals,it ain’t even a full remake like Crash,RE2 etc and was totally unnecessary.For free was the only way to ever go with this cash-grabber so it’s ok.

    As for Predator pretty cool that thing they did with the trees and his face on the thumbnail but that’s it…game is nothing but a waste of possible potential.

    • All online only multiplayer games are a waste in my opinion.

    • What do you mean after 3 months of trash? Bioshock is considered one of the best gaming franchises in history. If you don’t like Bioshock you’re in the minority

    • Also, how dare you badmouth Shadow of the Colossus like that. That game is in the Smithsonian. And this is a full-fledged remake. This isn’t the PS3 remastered version this is the PS4 remake version with updated controls and everything

    • Uhhhhh, no SotC is absolutely a full remake, I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from. The PS3 version was just an HD release, yeah.

    • Well, you sound ignorant. Sotc is a full remake exactly like crash

  • I played SotC on PS2, in 3d on the PS3, and on the PS4. I love those games.

  • I was always unsure about Shadow of the Colossus, now I’ll get to play it so thank you for that Sony. Also Sonic forces which I passed on due to the reviews so I see a very good month ahead…..

  • Another awesome month!. Thank you guys.

  • Sweet, it would be even better if Plus would consistently offer a third, VR title.

  • I literally have these games already
    Sadness is very big this month

  • jhill_what no one’s butthurt bout this infant

  • Aggghhhh, if I didn’t already have SotC this would be amazing.

  • Been wating shadow of the colossus for a long time now. So good month.

  • I’m not trying to be ungrateful but if you were going with a Team Ico game, The Last Guardian hasn’t been free on + yet.

    • SOTC is fantastic too so nothing wrong with getting that one. I too hope they offer The Last Guardian in the future though as more people need to play it.

    • Wouldn’t it be cool if that was released for April? Yes Sony, yes it would be.

  • It’ll be really nice to experience the remake of Shadow of the Colossus. It was one of my favorite experiences on the PS2.

    And despite what people say about Sonic Forces, I liked all the Modern and Avatar stages; you just really need to understand how the Modern Boost gameplay actually works. During the endgame, you basically work on time-attacking through memorization to make everything flow quickly (which IMO is where the fun in Sonic games come from, even back in the ’90s).

    • Exactly what I’m telling people. You can’t trust reviews anymore. Play the game yourself and judge it.

    • I’d say the always high scoring CoD games proved that years ago. Sonic Forces looks so absolutely bizarre that I’m going to have to try it out.

  • Is Sony’s 2020 plus theme been there done that AND garbage backup game no one would ever ask for?

  • I’m so excited for both!!!

  • These games look like good choices. Haven’t played either but def had SotC on my list of games to eventually play so definitely looking forward to playing that. As for Sonic Forces, haven’t heard too many good things but looks like a fun game I can play with my nephew (and even alone since I do like Sonic lol).

  • I have Sonic Forces, but I’m looking forward to replaying Shadow of the Colossus! Good games as of late. Keep it up Sony!!!

  • I remember years ago I was broke and scrounging for money to get Shadow of the Colossus. Why buy games anymore?

    Sanic movie

  • What a load of bs this is what ps plus players pay for x-box do better than this come on Playstation please change this

    • Yeah Xbox is really doing better by giving you indie games on GWG every month while PlayStation is giving you AAA titles.

  • Sweet I’ll try sotc eventually….still waiting on Jurassic park evolution for a ps month lol

  • Meh. These PS Plus games could be better but hey, they’re free.

  • We literally already got Shadow of Colossus on ps+ does the ps4 version have any extra content? It’s a great game but I don’t really want to get all the tails and fruit again for the trophies if I wanted to just dick around I’d just boot up ps3 copy.

  • A VR title is sorely missing…

  • Two games I own… again… They always manage to pick games I own or don’t care about. :-/

  • I used to have sonic can’t wait to play it again

  • Hey Sony.

    Please don’t put in any heart rate sensors or sweat sensors. Nobody cares. They are just gimmicks that don’t need to be in the Dualshock 5.
    Maybe if you do some kind of gloves for VR, maybe that could be practical, that is a big if.

    Most people do not want those gimmicks. The best upgrade the Dualshock 5 could have is a touchscreen that devs can use for anything, place in commands, inventory, you name it.

    Other than that. It’s just a waste. Focus on making a stronger console.
    Have a good price. Have great exclusives. Enhance the Online Experience. Have bundle of PS+ and PS Now and other subscriptions (PS Music? Spotify)
    Just do the best you can do.
    Have the PS5 completely Retro Compatible with all PlayStations and All Games.

  • Not gonna lie. March plus games dont interest me. I’ll add them to my library doubt I’ll play them.

  • This is another great month. I can finally play Shadow of the Colossus in full remake. And Sonic Force , another great sonic game I get to play. I glad I didn’t bought Sonic Force even when it went on sale

  • Wow, more free games that I won’t download.

  • I’m a brand new PS+ member, so maybe I don’t know, but…

    It’s March 01, and Shadow of the Colossus isn’t available to download as yet.

    Am i missing something?

    I was really looking forward to playing this game.

  • WE_GOTu_BinLaden

    They aren’t available to download until the 1st Wednesday of the month. Which will be March 4th

  • Hay do you guys get a choice of what games are free for the month or is it possible to have one person choose one of the games if so may I ask for sword art online hollow Realization please

  • Two games I own… again… They always manage to pick games I own or don’t care about. :-/

  • Does everyone can download these games?

  • They are not available so far…

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