MLB The Show 20 Introduces Online Custom Leagues

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MLB The Show 20 Introduces Online Custom Leagues

Set your own rules and play with your friends* in MLB The Show 20’s Custom Leagues!

Playing video games with friends is fun. Beating your friend in Game 7 of the World Series in your own Custom League is even more fun. In MLB The Show 20, you can create or join the gameplay experience that’s customized for you and your friends.

Competitive or Relaxed Atmosphere

Whether you enjoy fierce competition or something a little more relaxed, there is a league for you. Commissioners can flag their league atmosphere as “Relaxed” or “Competitive” so that you can find the most enjoyable League that matches what you want.

Choice of 40-Man Live MLB Rosters or Diamond Dynasty Collection

There are two types of leagues in The Show 20:

  1. The 40-Man Live MLB Leagues use the 40-man rosters of all 30 teams that are updated frequently throughout the year. If you’re not happy with your current roster, try making some trades!
  2. Diamond Dynasty Collection Leagues allows you to use your entire Diamond Dynasty Collection of player items to build your lineup. Commissioners can even set restrictions on team overalls to keep things even.

Season long format with Postseason

All Leagues offer a Regular Season experience that builds to a Postseason Playoff bracket ending with the World Series. If you didn’t make the Postseason cutoff this season, don’t sweat it. With no limit on the amount of seasons your league can play, there’s always “next year.”

Regular Season length is determined during the creation phase of the Custom League by how many teams are in the League and how many times you play each team (1, 3, 5, or 7).

Flexible schedule

Flexibility is important when coordinating online play. With Custom Leagues’ flexible schedule, you can play your Regular Season games in any order. If your opponent is online, you can knock out those games right now! No calendar generation needed.

Set the rules and play against your friends to win the World Series with Custom Leagues in MLB The Show 20.

Pre-order now and get Early Access on March 13**:

* Active PS Plus subscription required for online multiplayer. Sold separately.
** Early Access only comes with purchase of MLB The Show 20: MVP, Digital Deluxe, or 15th Anniversary Edition.

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  • can you play against someone on xbox?

  • Will the Astros have a “cheat code”?

  • Did they bring back season mode? They seem to only focus on online and monetizing the game. Which, i know, makes sense since it’s a business. It just stinks this game has gone the way of Madden, with no competition. It’s 99% the same game every year :(. I played ’06-’14 before I stopped playing the franchise. I played ’17 and it was exactly how i remembered ’12-’14. I also played ’19 (because it was free with PS+) and again, nothing’s changed. I hate to be so negative :(. I would say I’m looking forward to PS5 version, but their selling point will probably just be “graphics upgrade” and not actually make the game itself better.

    • I didn’t know they don’t let you play season anymore or I wouldn’t have bought it but apparently they did not

  • No free agents? No drafting rookies? No multiple seasons ? Training? R.I.P
    This is literally worst day of my life so far this year. Ty tho for not keeping it a secret this time around saved myself and alot of realistic sim fans money. Ty tho for when we could build of dynasty’s from drafting and training.

  • How many teams do you need in order to start a online franchise league ?

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