Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story Hits PS4 February 20, Free DLC to Follow

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Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story Hits PS4 February 20, Free DLC to Follow

This Way of the Samurai spin off is set in a quirky, quasi-historically accurate Meiji-era Japan.

Hello all you ronin out there! We here at Spike Chunsoft are happy to announce that Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story, is set to release February 20!

Way of the Samurai is a franchise built on Japanese-inspired hack-and-slash action set in a quirky, quasi-historically accurate Meiji-era Japan. The series began in 2002 with Way of the Samurai on the PS2 and has continued through the console generations, finally arriving on PS4 in the form of Katana Kami. While more of a spin-off than a true sequel, Katana Kami still has all of the distinct characters, themes, and action the series is known for.

Katana Kami takes place in the peaceful (for now) Rokkotsu Pass, a familiar setting for franchise vets. The swordsmith Dojima falls into debt, and the conniving debt collectors take his beautiful daughter Nanami as collateral. The protagonist of the story arrives and agrees to help Dojima repay the debt… in return for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Hey, no one said this wandering ronin was running a charity.

This kicks off the game’s main gameplay loop: the player journeys into the mysterious caves under the pine tree “Ipponmatsu” to collect materials and swords by night and sell swords through Dojima’s smithy by day. The dungeons themselves are randomized to keep you on your toes, and the deeper down into the dungeons you go, the rarer and more powerful the items you find. But be careful, because the enemies get much tougher as well. Do you dare delve deeper for better loot at the risk of being mauled by powerful foes? Be prepared to face wild animals, the undead, and elite monsters based on Japanese folklore. Hope you make it out alive, because you lose all your stuff if you die. However, if you’re feeling lucky, you can defeat your doppelganger spirit the next time you enter the dungeon to steal back your lost loot.

There’s also online play so you can challenge the dungeons with others. Or you can just get in there, kill your buddy in a duel, and take all their stuff. Your choice.

Back on the surface, stop by the smithy, drop off all the material you gathered to Dojima, then help him run the shop. Then meet all the quirky characters living in Rokkotsu Pass and take sword orders from them.

There are three rival factions in Rokkotsu Pass, each with its own history and personality. Depending on how you accept (or reject) and deliver orders, you can ally yourself with one of those factions, giving them all the best swords and gear, or try to maintain the balance of power by treating all orders as equally as possible. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you have the money when the debt collector comes knocking.

Also, don’t forget to download the two free DLCs that are available through February 20-27 at PlayStation Store.

We’re really excited about this title and the chance to introduce a potentially brand-new audience to Way of the Samurai. See you in the underground, samurai.

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  • Way of the Samurai spinoff? How I’ve missed you so!

    Thank you @aflagg & Spike Chunsoft

  • I’ll be looking into this at launch. It’s been quite a while since I’ve spent time in a Way of the Samurai game.

  • Way of the Samurai is one of my favorite video game series ever. Thank you guys so much for releasing this over here the same day as in Japan.

    I’ll definitely be buying this Day 1 (though I’ll be getting it on Switch due to portability). Hopefully this does well enough to get us a full fledged Way of the Samurai 5 sometime down the road. Fingers crossed!

  • Wait a minute… Why I this screaming souls-like? It sounds like there will be a number of changes to the core system of what I know is Way of the Samurai.

    • It’s a spin-off so it doesn’t play exactly like the other WotS titles. At its core the WotS series has always been a unique style of rougelike, but this rougelike style is more traditional. It’s grounded in the game design philosophies of the Mystery Dungeon series, specifically Shiren the Wanderer (a series that predates Demon Souls by over 14 years).

      You level up in dungeons, but you don’t keep your level when you leave. Improving weaponry is your most reliable way to improve strength. You can hire bodyguards that each have their own individual backgrounds and small story missions you can undertake. The dungeons are completely randomized each time you enter them. These are all tradmark elements of the Shiren the Wanderer games (hence why you even get his outfit as DLC in Katana Kami if you buy the game the first week it comes out).

      The main differences are that this is a hack n’ slash as opposed to using turn based combat with tile movement and it has characters, combat, etc. from the WotS series.

      I’m not saying this to be condescending, just giving some context of what to expect from the game and what makes it different from the mainline WotS games. But, yeah, if you like From Software’s games you will likely enjoy this.

    I played Way of the Samurai 2 sooooooo much! lol
    Totally getting this!
    Is it $20, $40 or $60?

  • Holy swear that’s sooner then I expected. Looks neat will have to keep my eye on it.

  • How much will this be?

  • It seems like a reboot of the first game.

  • I love this

  • Is this physic or digital only? Also I only actually see it purchasable on steam. If it’s digital only on the PSN I’m trying to buy it now.

  • thank you so much for giving us this game! I’m a huge fan of way of the samurai and honestly had no idea this was coming. day 1 man. don’t forget this series moving forward please. ps5 would be the perfect time for a full fledged sequel!

  • Uhm where is it at? It’s definitely not on the PSN. I see it on steam and that’s it.

  • yeah don’t see it where is it?

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