Mosaic Tackles the Horrors of Modern Society Tomorrow on PS4

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Mosaic Tackles the Horrors of Modern Society Tomorrow on PS4

Just another day at the office.

Hi, this is Krillbite Studio. We are very excited to launch our game Mosaic on PS4 tomorrow. Mosaic is an experimental, narrative-focused game experience with a unique visual style that we have been working on for four years.

With our previous game, Among the Sleep, we explored the horrors of childhood. In that game, you control a small toddler who explores a nightmarish fantasy world created by the child’s traumatic experiences of growing up with an alcoholic parent. The child uses its imagination to cope with a grim reality.

In Mosaic, we deal with a very different sort of horror — the everyday horror of our modern society and lifestyle. In this game you control a protagonist who works in front of a computer at a massive company called The Mosaic Corporation. Every day is the same grind — get up, go to work, work, go home, sleep, repeat. The chores you do feel meaningless. The city is cold. People are dismissive. Your in-game-phone keeps bothering you with messages from management.

In order to cope, our protagonist seeks escape and solace in whatever glimpses of warmth and humanity they can discover in the everyday grind, triggering surreal and comforting daydream sequences. But nightmares also lurk around every corner, and a beautiful dream can soon turn into another grim and despairing nightmare.

The concepts and themes of Mosaic came to us while finishing Among the Sleep. It was a pretty intense crunch period, and while trekking to and from our offices we started observing the commuters around us gathering in buses, trains, trams and subways every morning to be transported into the city, and then back out again in the afternoon. Everyone looking miserable. Everyone just obeying orders to get their paycheck to stay alive for another month.

From this initial concept we designed a game where you are a small and insignificant piece of a large machinery. You are trapped in a system you have no control over that forces you to work and obey to survive. It’s a game that tries to tackle a lot of themes: everyday mundanity, urban isolation, the flipside of technology, and the place of the individual in modern society.

If you like focused, artistic, surreal and experimental game experiences, we hope you will give Mosaic a shot. It’s an atmospheric 2-3 hour narrative experiment with a unique visual style, and we are very proud of it. See you at the office!

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