The Evil Within, LEGO Worlds, and Cities: Skylines join PS Now in February

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The Evil Within, LEGO Worlds, and Cities: Skylines join PS Now in February

Create worlds or survive nightmares in this month's lineup.

Hello, PlayStation Now fans! February is here, and that means a new batch of PlayStation 4 games joining the PlayStation Now library. Starting today, PS Now subscribers can enjoy The Evil Within, Lego Worlds, and Cities: Skylines, which will be available to stream and download on PS Now. These titles will join the PlayStation Now library of more than 800 PS4, PS3, and PS2 games in all.

Developed by Shinji Mikami and the talented team at Tango Gameworks, The Evil Within embodies the meaning of pure survival horror. Highly-crafted environments, horrifying anxiety, and an intricate story are combined to create an immersive world that will bring you to the height of tension. With limited resources at your disposal, you’ll fight for survival and experience profound fear in this perfect blend of horror and action. (Available to download (PS4 system only) and stream.)

Lego Worlds is an open environment of procedurally-generated Worlds made entirely of Lego bricks which you can freely manipulate and dynamically populate with Lego models. Create anything you can imagine one brick at a time, or use large-scale landscaping tools and pre-fabricated structures customize any world to your liking. Explore using helicopters, dragons, motorbikes or even gorillas. In Lego Worlds, anything is possible! (Available to download (PS4 system only) and stream through August 4, 2020.)

In Cities: Skylines, build the city of your dreams and watch it flourish. Bring on a smog-filled industrial revolution or create a quiet beach town ideal for tourists powered by renewable energy. As the mayor of your city, you’ll be faced with balancing essential requirements and helping the economy thrive. (Available to download (PS4 system only) and stream)

Don’t forget to check out January’s lineup of games including Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which are available until April 7, 2020. You can also catch up on PUBG, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, and Formula 1 2019, which are available until March 2, 2020.

If you haven’t tried PlayStation Now yet, now’s the perfect time to give it a spin with the seven-day free trial* for PS4 and PC. We reset the trial in January, so anyone not subscribed or not in a trial on or after January 16 can try the service and the latest additions for seven days, even if you previously had a paid or trial subscription. Download the more than 300 PS4 (and PS2) games in the service to play on your PS4 or PS4 Pro system, or stream any of the 800+ PS2, PS3, and PS4 games to your PS4 or PC. And with our new low prices, you can jump into the action for just $9.99 USD ($12.99 CAD) monthly** or $59.99 USD ($79.99 CAD) yearly***.

Stay tuned for more updates on PS Now. Happy gaming!

*Terms apply. New Subscribers only. Credit card or PayPal required. See here for details.
**Ongoing subscription with a $9.99 USD ($12.99 CAD) (+applicable tax) recurring fee charged every month until canceled. Other terms apply. See here for details.
***Ongoing subscription with a $59.99 USD ($79.99 CAD) (+applicable tax) recurring fee charged every 12 months until canceled. Other terms apply. See here for details.

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  • 1. Every PS2, PS3, and most PS4 exclusives should be permanently added to PS Now. And new exclusives should be added 2 years after they launch.
    2. PS Now on mobile devices.
    3. 1080p option for console and PC.
    4. More PS4 versions of PS3 games.
    5. More AAA franchises and prioritize permanent titles over temporary ones.
    6. Have indie titles launch day one on PS Now

    • Since there is no option to like your comment, I agree!

    • And how do you expect them to make money if they give you all of that by charging you about $5 per month? Great ideas but let’s be realistic. Video games are about business and making money; by putting every single game on there and by putting indie titles on there since day one, they’re losing a ton of money since people woudln’t need to buy all of those games if all they have to do is pay $5 for it all. Imm sure the temporary games have more to do with contract issues and money in those contracts which is why they can’t simply be permanent. For only paying approximately $5 per month, let’a not whine and complain but let’a be thankful for the vast amount of games we get for that tiny price. PS, each month they only give a few games but those games are amazing! God of War, PUBG, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, The Evil Within (which I now don’t have to buy thanks to it being on PS Now)! They’re doing an amazing job for a majority of the PS Now fans and whoever doesn’t like it, well they can simply get over it and enjoy the vast amount of games or can simply go elsewhere instead of paying a very tiny $5 per month for so much.

    • No ones talking about adding every single game. We’re talking about games that have been out for years and they, themselves sell for $15. There’s no reason why PLAYSTATION exclusives cant be permanent on a PLAYSTATION serive. Especially when there are already dozens of others on there. What I’m talking about is adding the other old exclusives, that currently arent on the service.

      These are reasonable improvements to a service that is in dire need of improvement. How do you expect something to get better if you just accept whatever they give you? You talk about the price being $5 a month. It would still be $100 a year if people didn’t complain.

      This service is “good” but certainly not great and there a plenty of things they need to do to improve. Theres a reason why there are 100 million PS4s and only 1 million people use PS Now. Meanwhile 6-8 million people subscribe to Game pass despite being more expensive and Xbox having a smaller install base.

    • Show me your data/evidence of those 6-8 million Gamepass users compared to 1 million PS Now users since it looks like you just took that out of your……. um
      pocket lol.. There is a reason Sony Playstation is more popular than XBox which shows in its sales and shows via XBox popularity plummeting while PS is skyrocketing in value. XBox is desperate hence why they have to give so much more while PS is thriving therefore don’t really need to give everything away since they’re at the top looking down. I’d love more of their exclusive games to be added too but I’m sure it’s a ton more
      complicated than you or I think. I’m sure it’s not as easy as just adding those games in there so until they’re able to add them all
      in, I’m still thankful for even getting 3 new games added every single month. I agree with you that I’d also love more games added, but I can’t complain with the vast amount we already have now for only $5 with three extra games being added every 30 days. Let’s not get too greedy and forget to be grateful for all of the great games already added lol

    • Actually, Sony said it themselves that they have 1 million subscribers

      And its estimated that game pass has around 9 million subscribers.

      And you’re missing the point. If xbox has a smaller install base and less fans that logically they should have less people subscribe to a service thats more expensive than PS Now. But in reality, even though there are a 100 million people with a PS4 only 1 million of them has this service? Why is that? Maybe ite because, even though it’s good. It’s not proving most people with something that they feel they need.

      It’s ok to like this service. But criticism is ok too. The $5 a month price that you love bringing up only came about because people complained about the price being to expensive. It’s ok to like the service, but being a corporate cheerleader is cringy.

    • I’m sure that there are many gamers like me that don’t have an interest for PS Now. If you like it, great. I do find it amusing that someone would argue against a lower price point. The lower it goes, the more subscribers you hook.

      @Pharmer_Amko, google “gamepass subscribers” and then “playstation now subscribers.” Sony reported 1 million subscribers last Nov. Game Pass is estimated to have 9.5 million. I see nothing to dispute those numbers. MS is luring people in with a few (tbh very few) big titles going to GP on day 1. PS Now undoubtedly has the larger catalog. It’s not about the number of games. It’s about what games are offered. No fanboyism for Xbox meant. I enjoy my Pro far more than my X1X.

    • I don’t see anyone arguing against a lower price.

    • I was just curious where those numbers came from. If that’s the case, then it would definitely help to improve at least some aspects mentioned by @UltiGamer500 but I just don’t see all of them being realistic or easily achievable (although every single suggestion he made would definitely be great!).

  • All of these games should be permanently added to PS Now. And all new exclusives should be added to the service 1.5 to 2 years after their launch.

    Jak & Daxter, Jak 2, Jak 3, Jak X (PS4)
    Ratchet & Clank Collection and Deadlocked
    PS All Stars Battle Royale
    Twisted Metal Black
    Gran Turismo 5, 6, and Gran Turismo Sport
    The Order: 1886
    Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
    Uncharted 4 & Lost Legacy
    The Last of Us: Remastered
    inFamous Second Son/First Light
    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    PaRappa The Rapper, PaRappa 2
    Gravity Rush & Gravity Rush 2

    These AAA games/franchises would make great additions to the service if they were permanently added.

    GTA IV & Episodes from Liberty City
    Max Payne and Max Payne 3
    Yakuza Collection
    Mass Effect Trilogy
    Dead Space 1 & 2
    Hitman HD Collection
    Splinter Cell HD Collection
    Prince of Persia HD Collection
    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.8 Remix (PS4)
    Final Fantasy 7, 8, 10/10-2, 13 series, & 15

    It’s crazy to think that former PlayStation exclusives like Yakuza, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy are all going to be on Game Pass before PS Now. smh

  • Not good games

  • Two of the three games I have never played so that part is good. I only wish we would start seeing more indie titles thrown into the monthly additions like we used to see in the early days of the service.

  • Why has Sony decided to go with temporary games to PSN? If a game is added to the service it should stay with the service.

    Also what happened to more games will get added more often as claimed back in October when they revamped the pricing structure. We are still only getting games once a month but now its in sets of 3 as opposed to lists of 10+ previously?

    This months games lineup is weak at best. I do enjoy the newer titles that were added, albeit temporarily, like GoW and Horizon, but these titles should not be removed in 7 months especially since we are not getting an abundance of games added. If there was a list of 10 games being added permanently and then a set of 3 games with temporary exposure that would be acceptable.

    As of now I am regretting continuing the service into 2020

    • You only pay a measly $5 per month to get a vast amount of games and they add at least three games every single month. That sounds too good to be true! You’re acting like you’re paying $1,000 lol calm down, it’s just $5 a month (less than the price of one big mac sandwich lmao). :D

    • Im not saying they are not providing a service. I just feel personally speaking that the service has degraded since even last year. Previously 10 games were released monthly and they stayed on PSN. Currently they are adding 3 games a month then removing them in 3 months. The continuity of the program has changed after they stated that games would come to the service quicker

    • Hey Pharmer_Amko how much is Sony paying you too to praise PS Plus for its shortcomings. You are that stupid and blind of a fanboy.

    • We were getting ten games but the games’ quality was not nearly as good as games such as Shadow of War, God of War, PUBG, The Evil Within, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, among many other more recent titles so three great titles every 30 days is very consistent and satisfactory (let’s not get greedy now since they’re finally giving us better games lol). I definitely see they improved the quickness of it since now they consistently add games the first of every single month instead of it being a guessing game (with the exception of them giving games much earlier during December instead of making us wait until January). As for @killerlightning, you’re too much of an uneducated and moronic neanderthal to even argue with so you’re not even worth explaining to since you’re obviously too blind to see the hundreds of games PS Now is offering. ‍♂️

    • @Pharmer_Amko You list all the games that are only going to be available for a time period, lol. If they’re going to do this then give us at least 3 permanent indie titles. Plus keep in mind it isn’t $5 per month everywhere. I didn’t subscribe to PS Now for retail games. Seeing that SONY took away PS3 and PS Vita support from PS Plus and started giving us better titles I subscribed to PS Now to get the smaller indies we don’t get from PS Plus anymore and now they’re offering time based retail games which I don’t care for or have owned for sometimes more than 5 years.

  • Love how they lump in ps2 to the we have 800 games on ps4-3-2 and they only have 21 ps2 games that can all be bought for like 10$ on sale and never have to deal with garbage PlayStation now. If they had the full or at least 50-75% of total ps2 games that be a different story but no we only would get 21 of them that are all available on the regular store. I really hope ps5 does it better from the sounds of things.

  • Not happy with this month. Not. Happy.

    For crying out loud you haven’t even updated your own website in months!

    The list that shows all games still has GoW, GTA and Infamous still listed. None of the newer games are on that list.

    Not to mention you took away Metal Gear Solid HD Collection without notice or warning, which was advertised as an evergreen title.

    Stop giving us garbage 7 year old games. Totally regret getting 1 year subscription. I am going to make sure I let everyone know to stay away from PS Now until you start putting in an effort.

    • To add, we should at least have a list/category for “leaving soon” so we can plan accordingly to play those games that have a limited time.

  • It’d be really great if we could just download the PS3 games we own onto the PS Now server so we can play any games we own through the service.

    I want to see PS3 games added again. Namely the missing Ratchet and Clank games and the Jak and Daxter games (not the PS4 versions of Jak).

    Also fix the broken PS3 games that don’t boot, e.g. Doki Doki Universe and Brothers. Just having the PS4 versions is not an upgrade. If you go on the Japanese PS Now you’ll see some games listed twice, because they have both the PS3 and PS4 versions.

  • Just 3 games again, shocker

    • Would you rather have zero games added for paying a measly $5 per month (that is beyond cheap, shut up and be grateful
      lol) ;D

  • 2 games I havent played and one that I enjoyed so it’s a win

  • I understand that a lot of people were clamoring for bigger titles, but I miss the days when we got 8-12 oddball indies or arcade classics every month.

    • Agreed. If the bigger titles are what people want, go and buy them. The oddball titles don’t get enough exposure on the store so Now was good for that. Seems PlayStation tried to get the “complainers” on board with bigger games completely disregarding us who have used the service for what it was before. Those “complainers” are not joining as the bigger games “aren’t good enough” and now the old users are complaining too, like I am as we have a point, many of us signed up for longer subs based on what we had before and now the service is worse. Also 3 games added and 3 taken away every 3 months is not growing the service. PS3 and PS2 games haven’t been added in nearly half a year.

    • To add to what extrasafeivy is saying, it seems we can’t have it both ways. I am on the other side that mainly wants to see bigger games. I didn’t even know about PS Now until GoW was added, so I wasn’t a complainer. But now that they started putting out big titles that is what I am expecting from the service. Might be better to split the PS Now service in tiers, one for indie minded subscribers and another more expensive option to include bigger titles. I am for that

  • That’s nice and all, bit you have so much to improve so that I’d renew my subscription.
    Things like more exclusive games added forever, more games each month, dedicated Twitter account and more. Watch how Xbox Game Pass do things and copy…

    • I’ve been renewing every Dec since 2016. Didn’t last year. Ever since we got the much needed price drop, the quality of additions has dropped. Not saying the games they’re adding are bad. But only getting 3 games a month. And 1 being temporary isn’t very good.

      All of Sony’s PS2, PS3, and most PS4 classics should already be there. And there should be more franchises added. And like you said, there should be a dedicated PS Now Twitter. But then again. What would be the point when there are barely any improvements made to the service?

      I wish they took this service more seriously and actually listened to the feedback their customers are giving them. Like, it cant be that difficulty to listen to feedback.

    • My speculation is that when revealing the PS5 Sony would also announce significant changes to PS Now. Sony are aware that they are much behind Microsoft and they must act now or lose to them.

    • Same. I suspect that as well.

    • Agreed, PS Now could be so much more.. It could be a MUST HAVE .. right now it’s a ‘if you have nothing else …”

    • I’ve never seen so many people whine and complain over paying a measly $5 per month for hundreds of games along with the chance to play three new games every single month lol.. seems too good to be true and yet we have cheap whiners still whine and cry over $5 a month (it’s literally
      less than one Big Mac sandwich)… If you don’t want to pay the extremely cheap price, well I’m sure PS Now will not miss you or your $5 since so many other users are using it and love what PS Now is doing. Quit the crying and enjoy what costs you a few nickels per day lmao

    • @Pharmer_Amko

      It’s 10$ a month.

      Game Pass is also 10$ a month.

      Now compare the two services.
      This is the competition.

      People will be looking at both services as we move into the next gen and ask, what gives me a better value?

    • @winningnyc I pay $60 per year which equals just $5 per month. Can’t beat that great of a deal for hundreds of games and three new ones every 30 days lol! Def excited about playing The Evil Within!

    • Pharmer_Amko: I was ready to defend you a couple posts ago (still will, no one should be called stupid for offering an opinion) but you really are coming off as a major fanboy at best. A paid troll at worst.

      “I pay $60 a year…” And what of those of us who signed up before the switch? I may far more than that and was given no option as to weither or not I wanted to continue with the new direction. I recieved no money back. Perhaps you should take a step back and try to see thing from others perspectives before coming back with “get over it”.

  • Extremely disappointed in this months games :( again, seriously debating renewing my year for this kind of content.

  • Extremely disappointed in this months games again, seriously debating renewing my year for this kind of content.

  • Ok..2 terrible games, 1 really good one. Evil within, amazing game. LEGO worlds, abysmal. I have the Platinum, but my god the game is horrendous. As for city skylines..I thought that was already a free game as is :/

    Extremely disappointed this month PlayStation. I will be playing Evil within however, as I’m super hyped it’s been added. The other two tho..smh

    • I will give Evil Within a shot, but seems like a slap in the face giving us a 6 year old game, one which the sequel has been available since 2017.

    • Having an old game being added to the service isn’t a bad thing as long as it’s good. In fact, there are plenty of older games that would be good to have in the service.
      Like GTA, Yakuza, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Hitman series, Splinter Cell series, Prince of Persia series, Mass Effect, Dead Space.

    • Those games sound really good, if that’s the case they should add 1+2 of Evin Within. Or for Final Fantasy games just the best sellers/greatest hits

  • Sony should start an initiative were they would work with indie developers to launch their upcoming indie game day one along side PS Now. Even if the game was a temporary title that leaves the service after 3 months. Similar to what Xbox did with Outer Wilds and Untiltled Goose Game on Game Pass.

    It would be a win for everyone. Sony would pay the devs to have their game on the service. The devs would get more exposure for their game. And I’m sure there are plenty of people who would subscribe to PS Now just to play new indie games.

    • I am excited to try out evil within and cityskulines! Am looking forward to a great next few months for me,thx sony! Changes we want on ps now:
      1. Ps now on mobile for androids s5a+ ( + means newer androids as well if u get what im saying?)
      2. Games like horizon zero dawn should stay permanent instead of a 3 month period
      3. All ps4 downloadables that doesn’t have dlc should have dlc and should have 4k resolution graphics on
      4. All the ps2 classics like jak and dexter,dexter,etc should stay and be on ps now.
      5 ps3 games that doesn’t have 4k resolution graphics should have 4k compatibility
      If any of u likes my list of changes that sony should do on ps now,like this comment!

    • I meant skylines,lol.

  • Brian, while I have no issues with the specific games that were added this month, I must say that the last few months have been somewhat underwhelming with the noticeable reduction in the number of new games being added to the PS Now catalog.

    Prior to the announced price drop in October 2019, we were regularly receiving 10 or more new games each month. In October we only got 4 new games (all of which have since left the service), and each month after only brought 3 new games.

    Evidently I am not the only one that has noticed this, judging from comments above and in other PS.Blog posts over the last few months.

    More games means more variety, and more of a chance that you’d encounter something fresh and exciting that you hadn’t played before.

    Consider the feedback you’re getting from users like UltiGamer500, smoothgiant, and Cliff_Hanger above. All have made great suggestions.

    In addition to bringing a larger number of games to PS Now, I’d also suggest that you consider staggering releases throughout the month. Instead of dumping the whole lump of games at the top of the month, you could instead roll out at least 2 or 3 games each week. This gives users something to look forward on a weekly basis, and keeps PS Now involved in the conversation. A similar service on a competing console does this, and that’s one reason why their service is constant topic of discussion, while PS Now justs gets a brief look at the top of the month and then disappears from view.

    • “I’d also suggest that you consider staggering releases throughout the month. Instead of dumping the whole lump of games at the top of the month, you could instead roll out at least 2 or 3 games each week. This gives users something to look forward on a weekly basis, and keeps PS Now involved in the conversation. A similar service on a competing console does this, and that’s one reason why their service is constant topic of discussion, while PS Now justs gets a brief look at the top of the month and then disappears from view”

      This is a REALLY good suggestion. If we had new game to look forward to every other week, it would keep the service feeling fresh and keep it a relevant topic for discussion. I cosign this!

    • Good points.

    • That was a really good suggestion! Games every other week would be really good… And I think that in some way, if you didn’t like the games that were added, you wouldn’t feel that you had to wait that long for a new title that would actually enjoy.

  • Would be nice to get more release day new games.

  • Not a big fan of taking games out of the list of games. Hopefully this changes as I’ve noticed a significant reduction in games for a while now.

  • Nice! I almost bought The Evil Within on PS4 recently. Though I did pick up the PS3 version a couple of years ago, played about an hour, decided to wait and experience the PS4 version.

    PS Now has been good to me since joining in October. Love it.

  • These games are awesome! I’ve been wanting a city sim and evil within for ages , I really love ps now keep up the good work sony! I only play games on ps now

  • I am not interested in Cities: Skyline or Lego Worlds but Evil Within is one I am looking forward to trying out!

  • Ever since the price drop we only get 3 games a month and many of them are not lasting titles. It also doesn’t seem that you want this service to grow because there isn’t much about it anywhere and Game Pass seems to be taking over even though this service has far more games. I still hear all over the place that Game Pass is better because you can download the games right to your console. How hard is it to make a vignette of PS Now games and features during the previews of SONY made movies in theaters? I’m sure my comment will be flagged but sadly if things do not pick up I won’t be renewing my subscription on PS Now. Even if you gave us 2 indies on top of 3 retail games I’d be happy because retail games are not the reason why I subscribed to PS Now.

    • Technically you can download PS4 games on PS Now to your console as well. My feeling on the service and why it is being criticized so much compared with Game Pass is several reasons:
      – The frequency of releases
      – The quality of releases
      – The exposure of smaller titles
      – The curation of content.

      It seems like Microsoft is handling this better and Sony is doing what a lot of companies who lead do which is become risk averse. It is a shame because the service has the potential to be a game changer and in a vacuum it is still a great service but if you are looking for value then Game Pass is clearly better at this point

    • Let’s be honest here, and everyone seems to forget this… Game Pass is THE thing Microsoft has going for it. Gamers complain about Now but Sony has offered God of War, Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 just in the past few months. MS would pawn their mothers for just 1 of those titles. Want new games? Just buy them. MS can offer new games because they are that desperate. If Xbox was in 1st place, they would not offer brand new titles. A similar strategy is helping Epic’s game store right now. Just being honest. People pretend like Now doesn’t have anything when that is bogus. The variety is impressive too.

  • One thing I still don’t completly understand, is when there’s two versions of the same game, one for the ps3 and other for the ps4… and then… they put the ps3 version of the game in the service… where you can only play by streaming, which isn’t that fun at all (for my internet at least), it would be optimal if they just added more versions of games of the current generation console.

    And I honestly hope, that with the PS5 coming, they announce something similar to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, whereas we could buy only one service and be able to have the benefits of both services.

    Some of the PS4 exclusives should be permantly on the service already, The Uncharted saga should be here, I see no possible reason why they aren’t… if someone has a clue or a different perspective on why they aren’t please tell me, cuz they already managed to get some money of the remastered editions that they made, made money from UC 4 and Lost Legacy, which I can consider that they’re old enough to be in the service

    The Last Of Us, my God… why is it the ps3 version of the game on the service ? why not the remastered edition ?

  • This is cool

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