Starting Today: Sony Foundation Australia Streams to Support Relief Efforts

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Starting Today: Sony Foundation Australia Streams to Support Relief Efforts

Streaming campaign runs through February 23, featuring sessions with members of SIE Worldwide Studios.

In the wake of the recent bushfires that have devastated communities across Australia, Sony Foundation Australia is hosting a Twitch fundraiser with the goal of raising funds to support young Australians affected by the bushfires.

A few folks from PlayStation are joining to help support the cause… hope you can join us!

The runs from today, February 1st to February 23rd. A number of PlayStation team members will host gameplay streams to support Sony Foundation Australia’s relief efforts.

February 14 – Media Molecule from 4PM – 6PM (GMT) and the Dreams Community through the day
February 19 – Naughty Dog from 10:30AM – 12:30PM (PT)
February 20 – Insomniac Games’ President and Founder, Ted Price, from 1PM – 2:30PM (PT)
February 21 – Sid Shuman (that’s me!) and Shuhei Yoshida team up for a joint stream

For more information, including how you can help, please visit .

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  • Maybe add a theme and a avatar to raise awareness of this?

  • Can we claim this as a charity donation on taxes????

  • There’s this creature, known as slowpoke.

    You are somewhat very, very late. Should have had this for weeks now.

  • I hope you raise a lot of money. I feel really bad for Australia. Huge lost in nature and lives.

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