PlayStation’s Most-Wanted Games of Early 2020

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PlayStation’s Most-Wanted Games of Early 2020

Doom Eternal, Resident Evil 3, The Last of Us Part II, and more big releases are on the way!

The new decade kicks off with a trove of high-profile releases. Tracking all the gaming goodness releasing in early 2020 can be overwhelming, but we’ve got your back. The first part of the year has you covered whether you’re into surviving zombie outbreaks, fighting Hell through Heaven and Earth, or fending off vicious Infected. Below are the big games to watch for releasing through April 2020.

February 14

The minds behind Little Big Planet and Tearaway expand the creative possibilities for PS4 users. Media Molecule’s new release lets players craft games and experiences big and small, of any genre. Want to create an FPS starring a peanut-blasting elephant, or an RPG from the perspective of a sentient vacuum? Dreams lets you make it happen. If playing is more your thing, Dream Surfing lets you cruise through thousands of unique user-created experiences.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection
February 25

Visit a time long after the events of the Mega Man and Mega Man X series, where the storied Zero battles evil robots (his true vocation). Capcom’s handheld side-scrolling series makes its way to PS4 for the first time ever, bundling six intense games into one package. Mega Man Zero 1 – 4 let players simultaneously wield both Zero’s deadly Z-sabre and a long-range buster for the first time in the series. The result is cathartic and empowering. ZX and ZX Advent reward players who defeat bosses with new attacks that enhance their mobility and allow access to new locations. This collection is a must for anyone who loves jumpin’, shootin’, and lootin’ boss weapons.

Nioh 2
March 13

Team Ninja’s prequel invites players to test their samurai skills in an era of warfare and evil spirits. Nioh 2 expands combat options with the Yokai Shift ability, letting players embody a club-wielding brute, nimble dagger user, and more. These potent abilities are counter-balanced by tough enemies that will test players’ skills and discipline. One such enemy is the fearsome Mezuki – a large, horse-headed beats brandishing a serrated weapon with brutal efficiency. The feeling of satisfying, hard-won victories is just around the corner.

MLB The Show 20
March 17
PlayStation’s Most-Wanted Games of Early 2020

San Diego Studio returns to the mound this year for its latest in baseball goodness. MLB The Show 20 packs gameplay improvements, the thrilling Road To The Show mode, March To October 2.0, and an all new Showdown game mode. While we don’t have many specific details about the new mode or gameplay updates, San Diego Studio’s continued dedication to the diamond should be enough to keep it on fans’ radars.

Doom Eternal
March 20

Rip, tear, and burn. The Doom Slayer returns in id Software’s high-impact sequel brandishing new weapons and abilities. Take the fearsome Flame Belch, for instance. The new shoulder-mounted flamethrower lets players immolate enemies and reap the armor shards that drop in the process. These new tricks will come in handy when battling new demons like the aerial Gargoyle and support-class Carcass. The frenzied fight extends beyond the red terrain of Doom (2016)’s Mars to a Hell-ravaged Earth filled with shattered skyscrapers and decimated shopping malls. The action extends beyond Earth to the solar system and even the heavens above. Suit up, reload — it’s gonna be Hell.

Persona 5 Royal
March 31

The Phantom Thieves strike again in this expanded version of their unforgettable adventure. Joker packs a new grappling hook he can use to explore specific areas, new content has been added to palaces, and the gang can hang out the bustling Kichijoji, filled with shops and restaurants. New transfer student, Kasumi, is the star of the expanded story. The talented ballerina and gymnast lights up the dance floor and battles in the Metaverse. You can get to know Kasumi and the rest of the big additions coming with Persona 5 Royal soon. Better get some rest first!

Resident Evil 3
April 3

Pack your bags — not to visit Raccoon City, but to escape it. Just a year after Capcom’s stellar Resident Evil 2 remake, the devs are giving a similar treatment to 1999’s Resident Evil 3. The terrifying bio-weapon, Nemesis, stalks Spencer Mansion survivor Jill Valentine across the chaotic city. He’s intelligent, determined, and packs brutal weapons like a rocket launcher and massive flamethrower. Early looks at the game showcase Capcom’s photorealistic character models, which bring new life to Jill and the Umbrella soldiers she tenuously allies with to scrape by. The game also comes with the online, asymmetrical action of Resident Evil Resistance (formerly known as Project Resistance). One player is the Mastermind, unleashing Lickers, Hunters, zombies, and other monsters against a team of four survivor players. This double dose of RE is just around the corner…

Final Fantasy VII Remake
April 10

Step into the boots of Cloud Strife, a former soldier of the evil Shinra Company. Once part of the organization sapping the planet’s Mako life force for profit, Cloud now partners with scrappy resistance fighters to take the company down. His partners in crime include the hard-hitting Tifa, hot-headed Barret, and a mysterious flower girl named Aerith. Though Cloud’s motives are his own, he still fights with everything he’s got. Final Fantasy VII Remake’s battle system combines thoughtful RPG combat with intense, eye-popping action. Battles shift to slow motion as players plan their next move, causing sparks and bullets to move dramatically across the screen. Like a ticking bomb attached to Midgar’s Mako Reactor — Final Fantasy VII Remake is primed to blow RPG fans away.

Predator: Hunting Grounds
April 24

Prepare to enter the jungle for a battle between the iconic Predator and an expertly trained Fireteam. Illfonic’s asymmetrical online multiplayer game lets players choose their preferred Predator class and stalk the competition with ruthless efficiency. The versatile Hunter brings a balanced ability set to battle. The intimidating Berserker devastates enemies with boosted power and health. The swift Scout benefits from increased speed and stamina. The Fireteam also has an arsenal of weapons to combat their extraterrestrial foe, including assault rifles, shotguns, and more. It’s nearly time to collect your battle trophies.

The Last of Us Part II
May 29 June 19

Ellie’s story continues in an unforgiving, post-pandemic world. She’s scraped together a life alongside the community of Jackson County, Wyoming. Naughty Dog has revealed some captivating story details, including Ellie’s fledgling romance with the endearing Dina, and the fact that her journey leads towards the overgrown remains of Seattle. The Last of Us Part II’s gameplay also evolves what it means to survive amidst violent survivors and menacing Infected. Ellie’s new skills and abilities let her perform a dodge, stealth through more areas, craft improvised pistol silencers, and much more. Words can’t effectively convey how excited we are to play the sequel to PlayStation fans’ Game of the Decade.

What release of early 2020 are you most excited for?

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  • I’ll be grabbing Dreams, Doom, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and The Last of Us Part II.

    Very sad to see Marvel’s Iron Man VR missing from the list. It looks like a propper AAA level title in VR. So far this gen, nothing has been as impressive and inspiring as what I have played on PSVR and PC VR.

    PS4 is starting off the year quite solid, but what I really want to know is how the PS5 will close the year out!

  • I already have Dreams early access and it’s phenomenal!

    Out of everything else, I’m really only looking forward to The Last of Us part 2, but that’s perfectly fine with me!

    I have a crazy backlog to get through.

    • I’ve seen the stuff coming out of Dreams from the community and it’s mind blowing!! I’m still kicking myself in the ass for not getting the early access.

  • GranBlue Fantasy Versus (Fighting game)? Delayed? Wasn’t it suppose to be available by February 6th or 18th???

  • I’ll be gifting Dreams and Doom
    And buying TLoU II and FF VII,
    But craving Cyberpunk 2077.

    • Same craving. That and Ghost of Tsushima which is still TBA.
      Until September (), it’s FF7 re, The Last of Us pt2, Nioh 2, and Resident Evil 3.

  • Yeah I’m pretty much getting every single one of these games when they launch except MLB 20. Dreams I already own in Early Access. Going to be a killer next few months on PlayStation.

  • To me, masterpieces like God of War, Horizon and the PS exclusives should be enjoyed by all other platforms. It would be perfect to get these games exclusive for a certain time and then enjoy them on PC. These are games developed for Playstation yes, but should eventually be available for others as well. Sony will cash in on those others and imagine the greater the masterpieces they could make with the extra cash :)

  • I’m so thrilled Square pushed back the game after I asked for a week worth of vacation time. Even more thrilled that they pushed it back on Easter weekend, so when I asked for that week off instead I got denied Good Friday through Easter. Thanks Square, wish you could have at least pushed it back another week!

  • the only game I’m looking forward too and probably the only game I’m getting this year is The Last of Us Part II. I just don’t play games any more but got to have The last of us part II

  • The Last of Us 2 and maybe Persona 5 Royale

  • Very sorry for sitting in on your thread. Just trying to get some attention from people with power. The PS4 slim 7.02 disc destroyer update is a problem that has not been acknowledged or fixed. Currently the only option is to send in the defective console for repair at $125 USD. If i recall, when someone compels you to download malicious software and then pay to have services restored, that’s a form of ransomware isn’t it? There is a multitude of people with ps4 slims out in the either that can not use their disc drive since DECEMBER 19th 2019. As we slowly approach two months having no fix or even recognition of the problem, let alone a comforting promise that someone is looking into it and all we have to do is be patient. Its not a very nice thing. A very nice thing would be to confront this issue. Someone somewhere with any semblance of authority in Sony must actually read whats on here. Maybe I am wrong, but I hope not. Please help us – there are hundreds if not thousands of people stuck who think they have a broken system instead of a system that got broken via a software update.

  • Work or play?

    Why don’t I have enough time for both? Oh yeah, work been hogging up all my play time…

  • There’s no gameplay stellar enough to make me want to play as Ellie in this context.

  • Only TLOUp2 for sure and maybe FFVIIre, not sure yet.

  • I can’t wait to play LAST OF US 2. I Already preordered it. Can’t wait to get my statue. I would have done the same for final fantasy but the only thing that I’m having doubts about is how long is the game really. I played the original for two months I enjoyed it. The remake is going to be in parts so that’s just under $200 for three games. $120 for two. Is it going to have the dragon like bosses after you get to level 100 like the or their game did.

  • I think that’s why play station does so well. When they quit selling n64 games I never bought any thing besides PlayStation. Halo was good and so was gears. They weren’t good enough for me to switch platforms. PS controllers have only changed size when they added the joy sticks. Xbox always changes a lay out.

  • Counting months til PS5 is available. Sure hope to see more multiplayer games too

  • It’s crazy to think we’d already be playing Last of Us Part 2 if it wasn’t for the delay. Hope the next three months go by fast. That’s the only game I’m excited for until later this year.

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