Apex Legends Season 4 Starts Tuesday: New Character, Weapon, More Detailed

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Apex Legends Season 4 Starts Tuesday: New Character, Weapon, More Detailed

Featuring a ruthless, robotic new playable character, a new Battle Pass, and more.

Death is coming in Apex Legends Season 4 — Assimilation. Face your fears or become them with Revenant, light up the Arena with a fresh Battle Pass, strike fear into your enemies with a new sniper, explore an updated map, and more.

Become a Walking Nightmare with Revenant

Revenant used to be human. He was the greatest hitman the Mercenary Syndicate ever had. He used to look in the mirror and see his human face looking back. But time changes everything, and when his programming finally failed, he saw what he had become at the hands of the Mercenary Syndicate and Hammond Robotics: a walking nightmare of steel and vestigial flesh. His masters resurrected him as a simulacrum, snatching him from death’s embrace again and again and programming him to forget. Centuries later, all he wants is revenge. Of course, he doesn’t mind eviscerating a few of the Legends along the way. He used to need a reason to kill… but he’s not that man anymore.

Deal Death From a Distance With Sentinel

Get your hands on the new Sentinel bolt-action sniper rifle. Fast (for a sniper), accurate, and surgical, the Sentinel lets you remove your enemies from the battlefield with cold-blooded accuracy. Ideal for medium-to-long range combat, the Sentinel is particularly devastating to shields. Consume a shield battery from your inventory to charge your shots for an extra, incisive punch. By the time your opponents figure out where you are, it will be too late.

Brand-new Battle Pass

Battle Pass is back and better than ever for Season 4. Instantly unlock free exclusive Legendary weapons and Legends skins. Then battle through Daily and Weekly Challenges for your chance to earn:

  • Apex Packs & XP Boosts
  • Crafting Metals & Apex Coins
  • Music Packs, Loading Screens, Quips and more

Prepare For Assimilation

The sins of Hammond Robotics’ past and present are coming to haunt the Arena. World’s Edge is getting a literal shake-up as the Planet Harvester arrives to mine precious resources. Ranked Series 3 will provide a host of updates and fresh challenges. And get ready for more limited-time modes, events, and surprises.

Play for free now on PS4 and we’ll see you in the Arena!

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  • Hmm, yeah we’ll see if you do anything to genuinely improve the rough around the edges gameplay. To anyone who thinks this game is actually polished, you need to play a lot more games. Overwatch in particular, the gold standard of class based FPS gaming.

    • How much it costs me to play Apex if I don’t own it today and have to download it: Zero dollars.

      How much it costs me to play Overwatch if I don’t own it today and have to download it: Twenty Dollars.

      Apex has always been a free to play game so I can excuse the game for “rough edges” as you call it cause I put absolutely no money in it and I still continue to get free content out of it. Pretty sweet deal when you consider the alternatives.

    • You wouldn’t swing 20 measly dollars for a much better game? Yeah, interesting. Oh and if you’re curious, Overwatch doesn’t try to constantly sell you cosmetics for 20 dollars A PIECE, so there’s also that little tidbit.

    • Overwatch a much better game lmao NO it died so fast it’s actually trash yes well optimized you can run it on anything cough cough looks at Nintendo switch but it’s sooooo boring map design is lazy af save up ults to try to get past choke point A then do the same thing at choke point B

    • Honestly just sounds like you suck at apex and like to main reaper so you think youre good at overwatch. XD

    • Overwatch is garbage. What are you even talking about? Blizzard has fallen so far from its roots and turned its back on gamers to satisfy China

  • They’re completely different games and very good in their own rights.

    Overwatch is a better Team Fortress 2. Class based, 5v5, mirrored maps, literally the same game modes.

    Apex Legends is a Battle Royale. 20 teams of 3, huge maps, all the trappings of a battle royale. Their only similarity is that they have heroes/classes.

    When you say rough around the edges, do you mean the graphics? Overwatch’s fidelity and animations are great but they would not be possible on the same hardware with six times the players on a map simultaneously.

  • Oh ****, this is gonna be a good season. But at the end of the trailer, you see the little girl mad, so i think she’s gonna be a new caracter too.

  • Love Apex I play it every day I’m not as good as some other players but I hold my own, can’t wait to see the new map thanks for all the awesome updates..the Gods will bless us !!!

  • Wait so being that im tier 90 on the battlepass does it end on the 4th?

  • I hope yAll bring back 3rd person for good on apex

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