How Fairy Tail’s Developers Breathed Life into a 3D Magnolia

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How Fairy Tail’s Developers Breathed Life into a 3D Magnolia

Explore, discover, and fight in a fantastic 3D representation of the anime’s famed town.

It’s so exciting to develop the first Fairy Tail video game to ever hit PlayStation 4. We’re working on it under the supervision of the brilliant Mashima-san, the creator of the popular anime and manga series, to deliver a truly spectacular experience that captures both the quirkiness and intensity of the characters — from Fairy Tail members like the fiery Natsu Dragneel to all of the demons, dark wizards and cats (Happy rules!) that help make the series so beloved by fans across the globe.

One of the features that truly excites me, though, is the fact that with the help of Mashima-san, we’ve actually laid out an amazing 3D model of Fairy Tail’s iconic city, Magnolia, a city that you’ll be able to explore on virtual-foot, discovering everything from the Fairy Tail Guild to Lucy’s house to special Easter eggs like Nikora’s hidden candy.

Behind the scenes, game designers worked for six months to create every brick, bridge, and building you’ll be able to explore in the game. We looked at any and all reference material we could find on the town in order to lay it out as accurately as possible. We read the comics, we extracted scenes from the anime, consulted the anime setting materials, and we were even able to find reference data from older illustrations to help us along the way. From there, we laid everything out in 3D, then went back to Mashima-san, and he was able to give us further advice to help sculpt the final setting. In the end, we created a final design which works for an RPG, while at the same time integrating functionality and the appropriate visuals – including all of the symbolic buildings and landmarks you’re looking for – in a dynamic way that truly pops off screen. After months and months of hard work, we were eventually able to flip the image we had in our minds into the breathtaking and immersive town you’ll now be able to experience in our unique RPG.

I still remember the overwhelming feelings I had as a Fairy Tail fan the first time I was able to run around Magnolia, and I’m convinced fans will feel the same as they explore the vibrant town and talk to various characters to discover everything there is to know about the Fairy Tail guild. In the Fairy Tail guild you’ll be able to upgrade the facilities like the shop and laboratory, then head to Lucy’s house to change costumes or read about various adventures in her numerous picture books. But that’s not all, as depending on how things play out in town, you might even find yourself in a fiery fight on the streets of Magnolia!

Check out the exclusive video above to see our 3D version of Magnolia, then check it out for yourself this Spring when Fairy Tail arrives on consoles.

From the streets of Magnolia to seeing how things like the Fairy Tail guild actually work in our RPG, we hope fans will become as enamored with our game as they’ve become with the anime and comics throughout the years. We’re really looking forward to delivering to fans something special.

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  • I do love that style. Looks very pretty

  • I’m super excited for this. The game looks very pretty so far.

  • Looks promising

  • Not only is the game beautiful, but after watching the gameplay videos, looks like it’s going to be a blast to play!!! Very much looking forward to its release!

  • No disrespect meant toward the Japanese voice actors but Fairy Tail has some of the finest English VO work. Period. The game has no English dub. KT and Gust are showing no love or appreciation for how Fairy Tail has been received in the West. I usually prefer Japanese VO for anime, but Fairy Tale is absolutely exceptional. Not hearing Todd Haberkorn shout “I’m all fired up” or Tia Ballard exclaim “Aye, sir” is unforgivable. Full stop.

    Other Japanese publishers can deliver English voice-overs. However, KT especially is more about exploitative DLC than delivering a fully polished game.

    • Facts, I’m usually not one to get into the whole subs vs dubs debate ppl have a right to like whatever they want. Me personally I prefer English since it’s my 1st language but I can totally get into a game with only Japanese voices if it’s not dialogue heavy that way I don’t feel like I’m missing anything but something like this that’s story driven ? I just can’t do it and it hurts because the game looks good. Yea there’s subtitles but I’m not trying to read while there is action going on. All this plus the English voice cast is quite good. I 100% agree with you.

    • Agreed. I actually prefer dubs over subs period, but I ESPECIALLY prefer the dub for Fairy Tail. And playing japanese games that aren’t dibbed is always annoying because in such japanese games, while you’re fighting, a character will say something and you have to read to know what they are saying, which distracts you from the fighting. And sometimes, in similar scenarios, a character will say something, but it won’t have subs so you don’t know what they said regardless. I get that such lines aren’t important if they aren’t subbed, but still. It detracts from the experience.

  • I hate the final fantasy game play style aka why I never play it and I cant understand what they are saying I don’t speak Japanese so I will not be able to play or buy this game 1st fairy tail game and I am unable to play it and unhappy about that I’m a big fan too this sucks .

  • The game looks so beautiful. Though when Windy was running, her pigtails looked liked they were flying (in a bad way). Its like they angled the pigtails at a 90° angle. Hopefully the developers will fix that…Welp I can’t wait to buy the game.

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