How Nioh 2’s Open Beta Feedback is Improving the Game

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How Nioh 2’s Open Beta Feedback is Improving the Game

Team Ninja details the changes its making to its upcoming PS4 action epic based on player response to the recent demo.

Nioh fans, I just wanted to provide a message of gratitude on behalf of Team Ninja and myself to all of the folks who played our Nioh 2 Open Beta last month.

It was a tremendous learning experience for us as we carefully examined you guys playing the demo. We really appreciate the massive amount of responses submitted to our questionnaire after the play through. Our team has thoroughly read and reviewed everyone’s constructive feedback, and with that input we are working diligently towards fine-tuning the build for the final game. On a side note, the Nioh 2 Open Beta demo and its save data can now be deleted. For those of you who have earned The Mark of The Demon Slayer, rest assured it will not be removed even if the Open Beta demo data is deleted.

At this time, I’d like to give you guys a brief update on some key features that we are currently working to improve for the final version.

In order to address some of the portions that felt unreasonably difficult, we will be adjusting the balance for all Yokai actions and strengthening several of the special moves and making them more manageable to use. There will be modifications made to control the level of punishments in the Dark Realm such as adding merits where the maximum Ki damage is increased against enemy Yokai as well as the overall management of the player’s Ki will be refined.

These are just a few of the many improvements we are making as we will also expand and improve the tutorial elements, enhance the action and level design, add additional settings to the character creation system, improve the UI, sound, online mode and so much more… Needless to say, we are combing through every facet of the game, sharpening every detail to ensure that the final product is battle-tested for your enjoyment in the coming months.

You can read a fuller account of what we’re looking to address (click each page to expand), plus the results of player feedback from the Open Beta, below.

I’m looking forward to many exciting Yokai adventures with the launch of Nioh 2 later this year. Thanks again for all the support. Cheers samurai!

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  • Speaking of demos, where is the FFVII Remake one or can we get an acknowledgement of its existence at least?

  • Noice at least they are improving the game

  • Very cool to see, such a smart move. I’m really hoping that they stick to the release window of March 13th…something about this article has me worried it’s going to get pushed back. The last paragraph, “later this year”….it is later but it’s only mere weeks away now (glass half full guy). I want the best possible game and don’t mind waiting but I really miss the Souls games and loved the first Nioh game. I really wish we had Bloodborne 2 to look forward to. How amazing would it be to get Bloodborne 2 as launch title with the PS5. I know, i’m dreaming big here.

    • I don’t think you have to worry about that. This is pretty much following the same path the first game did where they did the public test and then did final adjustments leading up to release in early 2017.

    • I would actually love it if it got pushed back a little. Right now its right inbetween the FF7 Remake and Persona 5 Royal. and I just can’t afford three games in one month.^^

  • Thank you for taking all the beta feedback into consideration and all the hard work. I’m very excited for Nioh 2, my most anticipated upcoming game right now! Can’t wait to play it!

  • Most of the points showed are invalid. All I see is “make the game easier”.
    I played almost 100 hours of the last demo and I found it to be well balanced.
    They going to make Nioh 2 a casual game because of all this nonsensical feedback. This is why true developers don’t care for feedback, since most of it comes from casual newbie players.

    • You are delusional if you think most feedback comes from casual newbie playas haha.Actually it’s the very contrary.

    • Most developers don’t care for feedback? Are you delusional? This is what improves games and good devs do want feedback.

      Stop projecting how you want the game to be and calling it a casual game because players want improvements.

    • Even with these so called “nerfs” you claim, the game is STILL very challenging.

  • Heres an idea, make the first playthrough with your new easier build. Then with ng+ have the game kick in the original tough move set for the ai. That way we can have the option to experience both and be able to enjoy a nice difficulty ramp. That way casuals and tryhards can both be happy. (I dont mean tryhard as a bad thing lol)

  • I played the alpha and beta demos for Nioh 2 and am still playing Nioh. As old as it is, multiplayer is still very active. The only thing I don’t like about Nioh and was repeated in the Nioh 2 demos is the allowance of jackassery by invokers. You won’t believe the amount of hosts who need help but then spend the first minute going through all the stupid, insulting gestures. Kids, you are NOT funny. Also, many invokers will start a boss fight before visitors finish transport, meaning the helper can’t buff or otherwise prepare.

    Since Nioh doesn’t have the courtesy of a Souls’ black crystal, you leave the visitor no choice but to cut the internet connection as the only remedy to invoker jackassery. Consider giving Visitors some control over exiting a mission.

    • You can, though? You use the Himorogi Fragment to leave multiplayer sessions you’re summoned into. Alternatively, you can just run off a ledge and die. Dying as a visitor doesn’t lose you anything.

  • Hi this is great

  • After spending 90% of my free time in the demo, it was an amazing challenge, but never close to unbalanced. I really hope it continues like that, since that sort of difficulty is what made me fall in love with Team Ninja since it’s Ninja Gaiden games.

  • Thank you for taking our concerns into consideration. You are a great company.

  • Personally I hope they’ll stay away from the nerf-hammer FOR GOOD.

    The first game was repeatedly nerfed for no good reason to a point where they really screwed up so badly that they have to revert said skill back to their original states.

    Having played the demo I didn’t have time to see if Haze has their knockdown returned yet. That skill was a lifesaver even though it was hard to master bcos of the parry timing. But was stupidly nerfed when the first DLC dropped.

  • Nice,one of the few devs who improve their game based on the playas feedback,that’s something really worth of applause.I played the beta a lot…single playa was perfect to me in terms of how the game worked and all,gameplay was challenging and addictive in the right measure.But the Kamaitachi boss was extremely op with the dark realm…I think that the dark realm was a bad idea,challenging is great frustrating and unfair isn’t…y’all need to remember that.

    But the expeditions were a big disappointment,I’m not one to play co-op games but I have someone who loves it and she was completely new to these types of games (Souls-like).Felt extremely unfair and frustrating to not have checkpoints on the shrines like in the SP.I said that in the questionnaire hope y’all do something about it.

    • Just a quick comment about your issues with the coop. If you do not like the expeditions and want something closer to the sp, one of you should just invite the other to your sp game. you can put a password on when you summon/try to join someone to make sure you end up with your fiend.

  • I was in the Nioh 2 Beta, Its amazing but that boss is too hard. ☺

  • Player feedback might be the reason that Nioh went from a good action game into one of the greatest games I have ever played. Please continue listening to your fans and polish Nioh 2 as much as possible. The level of polish is the difference between good and excellent. Thank you again for your work!

  • Very happy to see the note about improving the switchglaive low stance. I loved the switchglaive but the low stance was way too weak.

  • The only way to improve the game would be not to make bosses so hard that most regular gamers give up in frustration. Give the masochists are hard mode, make normal playable by NORMAL people!

    • The masochists had hard mode, it’s called ng+. And by ‘regular gamers’ do you mean the ones that try the same approach over and over again and expect a different result? It’s an rpg at the end of the day, most challenges in the first playthrough could be overcome by level boosting. Just kill every enemy on the map, use a shrine and repeat until you can kill most enemies before they blink. On bosses play defensively at first and take note of the attacks that have the most recovery time, once you’re comfortable dodging just take advantage of that downtime to deal your damage. Skill is only part of the equation and you can’t expect to be godlike straight away.

  • I loved Nioh 1 but quit permanently when I couldn’t beat the first boss after a dozen tries. Even after looking at walkthroughs. It wasn’t even close.

  • Nioh was a blast, albeit it’s frustrating at times.

  • Thank you team ninja for adding me to the alpha playable demo list. But i was so upset when I missed out on the open beta demo as it was only out for ten days and I didn’t find out to the last I really wanted to try out for (Mark of the demon) rank. Please, please consider putting it up again before I purchase my deluxe edition from the store.

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