BoxVR Gets its Biggest Update Ever Today

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BoxVR Gets its Biggest Update Ever Today

40 new tracks and 12 workouts free to download starting today.

We’re thrilled to announce a massive new content update for BoxVR out today, adding 12 new workouts and over 140 minutes of brand new music. BoxVR is a boxing-inspired virtual reality game, that turns your PlayStation VR into a fat-burning personal trainer, challenging players to jab, weave, dodge, squat and uppercut during high-intensity workout routines.

Based on popular player requests, BoxVR will receive over 40 new music tracks spanning across a wealth of genres, including 80s Electro, Rock and Metal. Opening up voting to the game’s community, we asked our players what new types of music they wanted to work up a sweat to, and after a tremendous response on social media, the top picks are now being added in this major update.

These tracks will be introduced with 12 new, adrenaline-pumping workouts utilizing the music to create electrifying routines to burn it up. The workouts have been choreographed by professional fitness instructors to deliver a true workout from the convenience of your home

Ianthe, our Head of Fitness, has also crafted a fitness challenge for January. We will feature a new class each day — progressively getting harder and longer throughout the month. Keep an eye on our social channels to take part!

Designed to be used by players of a variety of fitness levels, BoxVR provides users the opportunity to workout from home, tackling an array of choreographed routines of varying lengths and intensity in single-player and with up to five other people in real-time challenges. Players can also create custom workouts, to further push their own limits and adding endless content to the game.

“BoxVR has made a powerful impact in virtual reality, expanding the horizons of the industry far beyond what many may have anticipated from the hardware. We have proven that not only is there a dedicated and vast community of players who are passionate about alternative fitness, but that VR’s potential is endless.” said Sameer Baroova, Co-founder of FitXR. “We are extremely excited to be working directly with the community and enhancing the core experience with new content, and we are eager to see how our players engage and train with it.”

BoxVR has been awarded Best VR Fitness Game of the Year by VR Fitness Insider and has grown to a community of over 100,000 customers looking to revolutionize their workout with VR.

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  • Great news! The game is heaps of fun and gets the heart pumping.

    Any possibility of additional trophies to have something—other than fitness—to strive for?

  • Looking forward to this, this game has gone well to balance my weight training, makes it easy to stay in shape!

  • any chance of more colour options for the gloves please?
    [don’t really want pink! … even if it’s just the ability to mix the current variants eg :- blue & yellow]
    & possibly a brightness adjust (as the yellow is too bright)

    but would love red /blue /green choice

  • A big thanks to the devs for this update. I just have a small request and that is to make the sound effect that states you missed a punch more distinctive from the sounds effect that bleeps when you go up a level. They are too similar and it takes me out of the zone while I check what happened.

  • Nice! I’ve added BoxVR to my workout mix with my bowflex and peloton. My only issues is the missed sound is too close to other sounds. I don’t really get why I get more points for some punches compared to others when they seem the same to me, and some of the side dodging doesn’t track right I think. I swear sometimes its like it hates me and other times I’m dodging just fine and I don’t feel like I really did anything different.

  • I would love to see a heavy bag mode. A static target would also help with glove setup as you would be able to fine tune the move controllers and your standing position to make contact with a specific point in virtual space.

    • Dear Sony,. As a loyal PlayStation consumer , I recently purchase the VR bundle and love it but I would like to ask if y’all can please just add an analog stick to the PlayStation move controllers that is the only gripe I have about it, is the “teleporting move system”. Thank you

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