Ghost of Tsushima Launches on PS4 Summer 2020

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Ghost of Tsushima Launches on PS4 Summer 2020

Watch the new trailer, just debuted at The Game Awards.

I am so excited to announce that Ghost of Tsushima is coming Summer 2020!

I joined Sucker Punch as the new communications manager back in March (nice to meet you all!) and I’ve spent my entire time at the studio so far dying for the opportunity to show off more of the game. Today it’s my pleasure to finally do exactly that. I know it’s been a long wait for everyone looking forward to playing, so I want to start by thanking you for your patience. This is a big game for our studio (like…really big) and we’re taking our time to get it right.

Today, we debuted a brand-new trailer that delves deeper into the identity our hero is forced to adopt in order to save his home: The Ghost. While Jin starts our game as a samurai, he’ll learn skills and adopt tactics that are decidedly not samurai-like, and you can get a small taste in the footage we revealed today. In the months ahead, we’ll share more about Jin, the threats he faces, the allies that help him along his journey, and what he’ll have to give up to become this new kind of warrior.

As I mentioned, Ghost of Tsushima is huge – the biggest game Sucker Punch has ever made by a wide margin. Our trailer includes some quick glimpses of the vibrant, diverse open world you’ll get to explore, but we’ve barely scratched the surface.

I’m also happy to reveal our box art today, featuring Jin in his Ghost armor as a growing storm looms behind him. You can also get a peek at some of the gear and upgrades Jin will acquire throughout his journey, which we’ll share many more details about next year.

Beyond our new trailer and box art today, we also have some brand-new Ghost of Tsushima merchandise to reveal. , you’ll find the first of many new pieces of merch that we’ll have as we get closer to launch. (Please note: unfortunately these new items will not be available for Christmas delivery.)

It is so exciting that Ghost of Tsushima will be in your hands next year, and there is still plenty more to share! You can get the latest info by finding your way to Sucker Punch’s , , and accounts, or on .

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  • please let me pre-order this now


  • Incredible! Assume this will be a 2 disc epic like tlou2 ?

  • I can’t wait for this Masterpiece! the Final send off of the PS4 Era!

  • From IGN to Gearbox now you’re at Sucker Punch?

  • Looks awesome!

  • PS4 backwards compatibility better be real on PS5. The Last of Us 2 and this (not to mention Dreams) all coming out in 2020 before the PS5. I wonder if patches will be possible to make them “next-gen”.

    • I think so to a great deal it should improve the framerate resolution anti aliasing the rough edges. That type of thing.

    • PS5 has to be backwards compatible with PS4 games, it’s a no brainer.

    • Well Cerny wouldn’t even mention it if it wasn’t there. But he did. Now the real question is. To what extend does it apply? Is it the full PS4 catalogue, or just a select few? We do know that exclusives bought on the PS4 will be playable on the ps5 and some will even receive visual enhancements through downloadable patches, enhancing the game so you don’t have to buy it twice.

  • Can’t wait for this. Please give us a SteelBook with that same art. It’s gorgeous. A collector’s edition would be great too. Oh and a Dynamic theme of that art with the leaves blowing.

  • Was hoping this would come to ps5. I guess not know.

  • What is the art style of this game? I take it, that the developers never indended of going with a realistic tone style with the game?

  • There better not be a PS5 version for this or Last of Us 2. I would hate to waste my money on this only to find out if I waited a few more months I coulda picked up the superior version on PS5. I did enough rebuying games from PS3 that I had and never played til they got rereleased on PS4. I dont wanna do that all over again on PS5

    You dont release high profile AAA games on an old console months before its successor hits. That would be like Nintendo releasing Zelda BoW on Switch months before whatever new console they’re having comes out and making ppl double dip on both

    • No one’s making you do anything. I highly disagree with your assertion that games shouldn’t be released on current consoles for months before next gen is about to arrive. Why do you want them to stop supporting the system for a year before it’s time comes? That’s what MS does as they have nothing major coming for 15 months between Gears 5 and Halo Infinite. We don’t need Sony following that route.

    • Yeah myself also I would hate for that to happen. Would rather have it on ps5 on release than get it on ps4 only for down the road to be remastered for ps5.

    • Dude what? PS5 will have backwards compatibility and PS4 has over 100 million owners, so they’re going to want to take advantage of that. Not to mention, a game will more likely be better coming out at the end of a console’s life cycle due to devs having a better understanding of how to utilize it to its limits. Launch titles are more risky to be good due to it being new hardware devs are unfamiliar with. And if there is a PS5 ver, who cares? You’re free to choose if you want to get it again just for improved visuals/performance.

    • I think there will be a PS5 version of both Ghosts and TLOU 2. The only difference is, that edition will come out on 1 Disc. I heard somewhere that all PS5 games will come on 100GB Blu Ray Discs which makes sense But I think they should use 250GB Discs.

      Anyhow don’t worry about buying both games on PS4, all it needs is a simple free patch to take advantage of PS5. If Microsoft can do it with Xbox One X Series Slim X Bone whatever It’s called, then Sony sure can with PS5..

    • Backwards compatibility is just playing a port if the old console game in the new console. So you cant use BC as an argument. Otherwise why release a PS5 version at all? Just release the PS4 version and anyone who wants to have it in ps5 can just play the PS4 version on their PS5 through BC.

      Now yes they COULD patch the PS4 version to be the PS5 version when played on PS5. But until they announce that that WILL be the case. I’m not gonna waste my money buying a PS4 version that’s just gonna be overshadowed by the superior graphic and running better PS5 version, I’m almost sure I’ve already made that mistake with Death Stranding (time will tell) I’m not gonna make it again.

  • “he’ll learn skills and adopt tactics that are decidedly not samurai-like”

    So in other words, a ninja.

  • Waited all show for this trailer. Was not disappointed. Well, a little disappointed as the orchestra got in the way of the rest of the Of course I went to the Playstation youtube channel and watched the rest. Such an amazing looking and awe inspiring game.

  • Cannot wait for this game, when can we pre-order?

  • Umm… where’s the actual link to the trailer?

  • Hi Andrew! Welcome to the big Playstation family!
    This game looks amazing and I really can’t wait to play it. This is my most anticipated 2020 title, more than Last of Us part 2 or Cyberpunk 2077.

    Please, please, please, will there be a collectors edition for it, with a Ghost statue, a map, disc soundtrack, steelbook and some other bonuses? If not, you should really conisder with the team to make a collectors edition for this game as it really deserves one.
    It will be a great way to end this console generation.

  • Wow! That box art is gorgeous!

  • Sucker Punch is amazing. Cannot wait for this game. On the side note: Would love to see Infamous 1/2 remaster from Sucker Punch and also a Sly Cooper Anthology.

  • The best part is seeing the comments on YouTube of people saying this will be takes on PC as well..

  • Looking forward to it!

  • Well done SP , will the ghost have a special ps4 pro edition with a special console? :) I’ve been waiting for this game since 2018 ^^

  • I’ll wait to play this on PS5.

  • I’m late but whatever…hype above the stratosphere…day 1 buy of course cant freaking wait !!!!…let us pre-order this bad boy.

    PS:What a fan-tas-tic boxart…perfect,couldn’t be better.

  • Hope to see a collector’s edition soon!

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