Celebrating Jak and Daxter and Worthy Causes

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Celebrating Jak and Daxter and Worthy Causes

Naughty Dog to donate all money received from Limited Run's sales of Jak and Daxter, Jak 2, Jak 3, and Jak X: Combat Racing to charitable organizations.

This year, we’re celebrating Naughty Dog’s 35th anniversary, and as we look back at the games we’ve made, the Jak and Daxter series holds a special place in our history. From the original Jak and Daxter to Jak X: Combat Racing, each game allowed us to try new ideas and evolve and grow as developers.

Over the last year, we’ve been thrilled to team up with Limited Run Games to preserve the original classics as physical releases for the PlayStation 4. The response from Jak fans has been incredible with Collector’s Editions selling out within hours and the Standard Editions within the first week.

However, we wanted to use this opportunity to not only celebrate the Jak franchise, but to support causes we believe in. Today, I’m excited to announce that we will donate all money received by Naughty Dog from Limited Run Games’ sales of Jak and Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X: Combat Racing to several incredible charitable organizations.

  • K9 for Warriors
  • Child’s Play
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • LGBT Center of Los Angeles
  • AbleGamers

We’re proud to lend our support to these groups advocating and advancing important work for accessibility, environmental conservation, veterans, the LGBTQ+ community, and children’s hospitals.

This wouldn’t be possible without you — our amazing fans — or our partners at Sony Interactive Entertainment and Limited Run Games, who have championed and supported this vision from the beginning.

Thank you!

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  • Impressive list of charitable organizations. Way to spread the love!

  • I was able to snag all four collector’s editions and am really proud to see the portion of those sales are going to some organizations. Thanks Naughty Dog for always being the best!

  • Got all 4 collector’s editions for these so just want to say thank you for making them possible. Glad to see the money will go towards good causes.

    • Aren’t they ports of the PS2 version?

      Would love a true remaster.

    • Yes, they are.

      A true-ish remaster already exist… on the PlayStation 3 platform. It’s fairly good, but it is among one of the more simplistic remasters that doesn’t include some of the rare and especially later fanservicey features found in other remasters, like cut content, photo-mode, the ability to exit a game to access another, etc. The remaster is fairly disappointing in enough areas to make a case out of it, and it bothers me heavily that “Youtubers” like DigitalFoundry constantly neglect the entire Jak franchise as if gave them a traumatic experience in the past. They can cover Ratchet & Clank games (Jak’s more than well known #1 rival series) and LITERALLY EVERY other Naughty Dog series (including re-releases—yes even the non-developed by Naughty Dog Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy), yet they excessively pretend as if Jak and Daxter doesn’t exist. The point im getting at with them is that they, without bias, could have pointed out some of the overlooked by fans oversights with the remaster, like seemingly inferior/lacking anti-aliasing and the “cool”-or-whatever graphics feature layered over the game that becomes apparent when compared side by side to the original.

      I appreciate the effort that actually did get put into the collection and its very existence, for various reasons, but it would have been great to see Jak and Daxter’s gameplay models improved to the extent later remasters did, a feature to exit an individual game to access another like in other remasters, fixed bugs like the absent music during Jak II’s credit and disappearing orb in the sewer level of the same game, among other things. I’d say a second true remaster, if not remake/re-imagining, is warranted enough. Not like other games haven’t double and even tripled dipped.

  • I’m indifferent about that.

    I purchased all the Collector’s Edition of all 4 Jak games, so i’m set. Jak and Daxter has been my favorite video game series and franchise for over a decade, with generations and other platforms of other video games never surpassing it, regardless of their quality. I have supported this series verbally, physically, financially, etc, for numerous years—as it is a fantastic series—am greatly appreciative of these releases.

    A Jak and/or Daxter stubbin (/plush) would be great to have, especially alongside my other PlayStation ones.

  • Good, Evan. Naughty Dog doesn’t deserve a single penny of revenue. You are one of the most malevolent gaming companies in existence. You think your company is uniquely special because you inject politics into your games? No. You are among the only gaming companies on the entire planet to do so because every single other company knows it is a heinous thing to do. You are exposing children and regular people that don’t want to hear you by forcing your own personal preconceptions down their throats. Other gaming companies realized a long time ago there was no heroism or courage in holding people hostage to your message only because they want to relax alongside a good game.

    Your fans only want to play games, and you as company have completely failed them in that regard. Perhaps you would know that if you didn’t maliciously censor your fans on multiple websites like an autocracy, desperately trying to tell you how wrong you have always been. Naughty Dog can’t pretend to be the hero when they have been the villain since the beginning.

    Prove. Me. Wrong.

    • Maybe I’m missing something but what did Naughty Dog do to get you upset?

    • The melee attacks in the Last of us are pretty gruesome. If you have the stomach to handle them, I would think you’d be able to watch a lesbian kiss without needing a public cry on the PlayStation blog comments.

      I’m genuinely curious. On what websites have Naughty Dog’s fan been censored? I would imagine that would be out of their power on any website they don’t own. I’ll withhold judgement if you can provide a single example.

      After all, the burden of proof is on you, the person making a claim. It’s not up to other people to “prove. You. Wrong.”

    • Lmao you do realize this is a work of FICTION right? If a video game can make you this upset because you don’t agree with its “message” or “politics” or whatever you wanna call it, then you really shouldn’t be playing this game or any other game for that matter. This wall of text was completely unnecessary.

      And no. No one is going to try to prove a whiner wrong.

  • Anyone remembering playing Naughty Dog as a kid? So glad to have it and to think back to it!

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