State of Play: The Complete Recap

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State of Play: The Complete Recap

All the big reveals from 2019's final episode.

That does it for our fourth episode of State of Play! We hope you enjoyed all the new reveals, whether you’re counting the days until the goose is set loose next week or marking your calendar for the April release of Predator: Hunting Grounds. Personally, I’m counting the hours until I can see the rest of Sucker Punch’s new Ghost of Tsushima trailer at The Game Awards — Keighley, you tease!

Capcom just had a banner year, but they aren’t taking it easy: Resident Evil 3 is officially official with a sooner-than-you-might-think release date. And a new action game collab between Square Enix and PlatinumGames? You didn’t even need to show me a trailer to sell me on that (but it helped).

I’m already scratching my head over Superliminal and coming up with spell names to shout at my TV when I boot up Spellbreak, and I’m looking forward to learning more about Paper Beast (from Another World creator Eric Chahi!) when it launches for PS VR.

I know this was an early one, so a special thanks to everyone who tuned in live — hit the comments and let us know which announcements tickled your fancy.

‘Til next time!

State of Play December 2019: All the Announcements

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  • Ghost of Tsushima!

  • What a great showing. Well done Justin to you and everyone else who put this together. So many dates which is always appreciated. Never thought RE3 would be this soon. Can’t wait to see more of Ghost in a couple days. Would be great if we got a date for it too.

  • Super excited for Resident Evil 3, but not much else exciting announced. Just release dates on some games.

  • One thing I would like to see in future State of Plays is a representative from PlayStation. Seeing Mr. Kutaragi on screen was a welcome change that gave the presentation some much needed charm. As it stands, the presentations feel a little dry despite the exciting game announcements. I feel the presence of say Shuhei Yoshida or Herman Hulst would be welcome upgrade.

  • I loved this final 2019 State of Play, though it definitely would have been a bigger impact if the Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind DLC trailer and Resident Evil 3 Remake had not been leaked last week.

    I’m also looking forward to more info about Ghost of Tsushima at The Game Awards 2020, and Babylon’s Fall sometime in Summer 2020.

    As for the other games that were covered, zero interest besides maybe Dreams?

  • I’m getting Dreams and Street Fighter Championship Edition on February 15th because it’s my birthday. Plaaaaaaystaastion!

  • This was a good day for state of play thank you ☺

  • Ah, nothing to celebrate Ape Escape’s 20th anniversary still? I thought there would be a Bluepoint Games announcement, but then again, apparently their next remake is for PS5 and not PS4.

  • I’m also looking forward to tomorrow & seeing the rest of the Tsushima trailer!! I liked that you aired it at 6a PST – first time I’ve gotten to watch it live instead of catching a replay later!!

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