State of Play Airs Live Tuesday December 10

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State of Play Airs Live Tuesday December 10

Tune in to 2019's final episode at 6am Pacific for new announcements and updates.

The year is almost over, but we’ve got one more State of Play to share with you!

It airs Tuesday, December 10 at 6:00am Pacific Time / 9:00am Eastern Time, and you can watch live on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

We’ve got around 20 minutes of new game reveals, release date announcements, new gameplay footage, PlayStation Worldwide Studios updates, and more. And it probably bears repeating: Don’t expect any updates related to our next-gen plans in this episode.

You can watch live on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, as usual. Can’t wait to see what you think! See you Tuesday!

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  • I hope we get some update on Ghost of Tsushima. It’s been more than a year since we heard about it.

  • Please Sony, release date for Ghost and demo. And a demo for FFVII Remake.

  • Tokyo Jungle 2, it’s time!

  • Mixer streaming support for PS4?

    • just get a cheap capture device and you can stream where you want. they are only like 90 dollars for a decent one.

  • Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost

  • I can’t wait!

  • Demon’s Souls remaster/remake please!

  • I hope we get no official teases before the actual SoP. Lets do this completely blind!

  • Mass Effect Andromeda 2: Actual Emotion?

  • Yeah, can’t wait to hear about PlayStation 5, and launch titles Gran Turismo with Full PSVR Support and Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Next week!!!!

    If not, I’ll be satisfied if we only here about Ghost of Tsushima and PS4/PSVR titles though.

    Dream Big, but Live in Reality.

  • I know everyone is excited to see more ghost, but I’m hoping for them to be working on another infamous from sucker punch. I hated that we only got one this generation…. hoping it’s for PS5 though, and they bring back Cole or another lighting user

    • Its very surprising that we haven’t got a new game from Sucker in nearly 6 years now. They are usually very swift with their development. Even the time between Infamous 2 and Second Son was less than 3 years AND that was with a jump to next gen too.

      You would think development would have been quicker on their next game since they were already familiar with PS4 development. Unless Ghost got a setback at some point and a year or 2 of development had to be canned, I don’t see why its taking so long to make.

    • @andrewsqual
      New IPs typically take a lot longer to develop as apposed to a sequel to a pre-existing franchise (Death Stranding being a rare exception). Take Rocksteady for example.

      Unless a studio has multiple teams working on different projects concurrently, it usually takes around 5 to 7 years for a brand new original property. This is likely the case with Sucker Punch and Ghost of Tsushima.

    • Not necessarily at all. A developer is usually fast at releasing games or they aren’t.

      Insomniac games are usually very fast at releasing games. They released Ratchet Into the Nexus in late 2013, then boom, Sunset Overdrive 10 months later.
      Naughty Dog released Uncharted 3 and only a year and 7 months later we got brand new IP The Last of Us. And no, as confirmed by ND many times, they are not 2 studios, every single person in ND works on any of the games they are making at one point or another.

    • @andrewsqual
      I used the word “typically”.

      Compare the credits for TLoU and Uncharted 3. You will notice that there are different names listed for the same roles. There is some overlap, but the point is these games were developed simultaneously until U3 wrapped production and the entire studio shifted focus to TLoU. Proof of this is the Easter egg that can be found in U3.

      When it comes to Insomniac, development on R&C was lead at their North Carolina studio, while Sunset Overdrive and Spiderman were lead in Burbank, CA.

      Finally, Sucker Punch claim they only work on 1 title at a time:

    • andrew games take time(years) , and games that come out “close” together like NaughtyDog and Insomniac either had a lot of pre production before announcement or was mostly done ahead of time.

    • I agree with Infamous.
      That was probably one of my favorite PS moments playing through Infamous and understanding the choices and story at the end.
      Last gen we got a game then a series of games. Infamous 1,2,festival . Ratchet Clank ToD, Q4B, ACiT FFA, A4O
      Uncharted 1-3.
      This gen is one game each . even with new IPs HZD, Spider-Man all get one game then next gen.

  • News of a Bluepoint Games acquisition, or at least whatever game they are working on, would be epic. Would love some FFVII new footage too but there is supposed to be something at Jump Festa on 20th Dec. Also a Ghost release date or ANY kind of update please.

    • You won’t hear about Bluepoint’s game b/c they already confirmed it’s a PS5 title. Likely see it at the PS5 reveal event next year. I also doubt you’ll get a date for Ghost as the game isn’t coming until the second half of 2020. Sony typically doesn’t give their games dates that early anymore.

  • Ghost of Tsushima release date please!!!

    • Not going to happen. Sony doesn’t announce dates until they are close now and Ghost is second half of 2020 at this point.

  • I new to the sony family haven’t even received my sony PS4 I ordered fro him but I have been pushed to limits this morning.
    Our PS4 shipped yesterday last night sony debted my card for the purchase. Since this morning they’ve charged my card or tried too 18 more times.
    Don’t bother in calling it takes 4 days for someone to call you back.
    My hope is someone will reach out and try to help.
    One thing I’ve learned you’ll never have this problem at Amazon 2000 plus transactions and never a problem.

  • Untitled goose game!

  • Mega Man Legends 3.

    • I wish Capcom would make it or put the first two on current systems. They’ve been bringing all the other Mega Man games over so why not Legends 1 and 2?

  • So Resistance series in VR?

  • Elden Ring … Ooooh Elden Ring!

  • Time to see what Bluepoint Games is working on. And if anything is happening with the Ape Escape 20th anniversary (perhaps they’re one and the same?). And I guess it’s too late for a PS2 Classic at this point for the holidays? I thought they might try to push it out the final year before PS5.

  • Please make a PS2 mini classic and Ghost of Tsushima release date

  • Is, Playstation Live no longer a thing? is an “unsecured” site. will there no longer be, “Quests” to unlock stuff

  • dead space collection remastered ….pleasee

  • I love these events! I cant wait to see what will happen in this.

  • Bring back PlayStation all star battle royals for ps4 , and also release ff7 demo.

  • Socom HD Collection TIME!
    PlayStation Allstar Battle Royale 2 TIME!
    PlayStation Home 2 TIME!

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