Players’ Choice: Death Stranding Voted November’s Best New Game

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Players’ Choice: Death Stranding Voted November’s Best New Game

Sam's journey to reconnect America clearly struck a chord with PS Blog readers -- congratulations to the team at Kojima Productions!

Pencils down — the November polls have officially closed, and the numbers don’t lie: Kojima Productions’ long-awaited, ambitious debut delivered. Death Stranding is November’s best new game, as voted by PlayStation.Blog readers. Congratulations to everyone at KojiPro!

One month left! As we wrap up 2019, help us decide November’s best new game by casting your vote in the poll below. Your choices are plentiful, including heavy hitters like Death Stranding, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Shenmue III, as well as smaller hits like Gris, Astroneer, and Sparklite. PS VR got a couple long-awaited releases in Golem, Audica, and Espire 1, too.

You have until Sunday night to get those votes in, so don’t dally!

Oh, and stay tuned. There will be another big poll coming up soon…

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  • Death Stranding for sure.

  • Death stranding!

  • Un juegazo, una historia cautivadora, le hace honor a su pasado, exigente y demas, así que definitivamente Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order!!

  • I personaly enjoy Civ6, but that’s on PC.

    So I go with the Star Wars game, as I’m a bit hestitant to give Kojima (even if it’s sound interesting) a free pass here.

  • Death Stranding.

  • Death Stranding :)

  • Death Stranding Is A Master Piece Without A Doubt

  • Death Stranding is amazing.

  • Definitely Death Stranding for me. So happy I picked it up, it’s been a great experience.

  • I want to give props to Respawn Entertainment for making a compelling Star Wars game a mere six years into EA’s 10-year license deal but I ended up voting for Death Stranding because–divisive as it is–it’s certainly one of the most unique releases of the month. It’s gameplay might not resonate with a lot of people but it did for me and quickly became a game I couldn’t put down. Also, on a technical level, I would consider it a masterpiece.

  • Of course a Hideo Kojima Game.

  • DS DS DS (^_^)

  • Death Stranding

    It is my Game of the Generation so far, and easily the best of the month.

    Other notables for me where Espire 1 VR Operative and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Both where enjoyable, but lacked the extreme polish of Death Stranding, in pacing, gameplay, story telling, and presentation.

    All in all, a very good month for PS4 and PSVR!

  • defently -Death Stranding- the game development by |Kojima Productions| was defently a “fresh air” the game media and consoles

  • Death Stranding.
    just finished it, it was an experience.

  • Death Stranding is temporal but Shenmue III its a classic.

  • Haven’t played a lot of Death Stranding, seems pretty good so far, as far as exploration goes which is what I’m usually after it’s got nothing on Shenmue 3 in that area.

  • Shenmue 3!!! A game to remember. Thank you!

  • My vote is definitely shenmue 3, Imagine if shenmue was invested 100mil like DS. Shenmue will even be much better. This game only took 6mil to make. Lol

  • My vote goes to shenmue 3

  • All are great ganes, but I have to vote Shenmue 3. I’m still addicted.

  • My vote goes for Star Wars! :) Love it

  • i give my vote to Death Stranding…

  • Death Stranding. De acá a Sebastopol. Originalidad hoy en día en videojuegos es algo digno de destacar y premiar.

  • Jedi Fallen Order. Glad EA stepped aside and let Respawn go to work.

  • Obvsiouly people will vote for Death Stranding, even though it’s extremely flawed in pretty much every regard, from narrative to gameplay. Hopefully Kojima does something better next time and not something that suffers from regressive design.

  • i love SHENMUE <3 <3 <3

  • Death Stranding for the win!

  • I was about to vote Jedi Fallen order but it’s game mechanics was done before, so I voted for Death Stranding! Not only the gameplay is fresh and innovative but the story is its beauty. I just can’t explain how in the world Kojima came up with such a complex yet beautiful story. I wonder if DS was his idea that got scrapped by konami before he left that company

  • Death Stranding :)

  • Valfaris!
    Why not on the list?
    This game is not talked about,it deserves more credit,it is a masterpiece of its kind.

    • Great game, but

      a.) it doesn’t hold up against giants like Death Stranding and Jedi Fallen Order

      b.) it came out in October…

  • a Hideo Kojima Game

  • Death Stranding – one of the most addictive games I ever played. Very complex but beautiful story as well.

  • Shenmue 3 <3

    Its a mitacle what they did with a small budged. I love this game.

  • I have to go with Shenmue 3.

    I’m enjoying it so much and so glad it even exists at all. So relaxing to spend time in that world.

  • I love the game because it’s something new on the game word and have very enjoyable story
    Thinks Hideo kojima for the game
    And thinks for all the worker how works with u

  • Hey Justin, where is the PlayStation Store: Top Downloads of November ? Thanks

  • Death Stranding had its flaws, but it was still fun enough that I sunk 126 hours into it without regret.

  • Death stranding!

  • I’ll go ahead and also say Death Stranding. I have to say I didn’t care about the game at all since the first trailer, and when I got it free on Zunos, I thought, “well, it’s free I’ll give it a try.” I did so with “days gone”, another game I didn’t care about but gave a try and only played it a total of 30 minutes before I didn’t care. Death Stranding had that same feeling at the start. I wasn’t impressed… but it actually started to get better. It is just a unique game. The story started slow like a lot of Kojima’s works do, but, also like they do, it got better. Now I’m playing it quite a bit.

  • I vote Luigis mansion 3 or pokemon sword / shield.

    as a primary Playstation game, and having a switch for my son, switch is offering more this year.

    Mario maker 2, playstation offers dreams beta lol

    Death stranding and to a lesser degree the other exclusives are ok to decent but they are all flawed. could you not have given him enough money to not push the monster energy immersion breaking garbage?

    many will drink the koolaid hard on ds and kojima specifically, i will not be surprised if it “wins” the advertising awards, game cough. However the game is incredibly even the storytelling is ponderous and essentially a repetitive jargon filled mini series. (mads is excellent despite the weak script) as for norman he just is him walking around not bridges like god.

    gameplay has very little difficulty it’s all about encumbrance and low roar playing at the “moment”

    i try and support all sony exclusives especially story ones, but this year has been super soft. The credit of god of war and spiderman is wearing off, id rather platinum spider man and new game plus god of war (platinumed already) then play generic days gone, and stilted death stranding, a game about sniffing farts if you are actually a cinema fan for decades like myself. concrete genie and medieval are embarrassing offerings up against Nintendo.

    Please get the ps5 right, offer a pro controller, and release better games next year that will just be better on ps5, versus milking fans needlessly.

  • Can we have the numbers for clarity reasons?

    I mean anyone can set up a poll, not give the numerical results and rig the entire thing.

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