No Man’s Sky “Synthesis” Update Drops Tomorrow

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No Man’s Sky “Synthesis” Update Drops Tomorrow

Hello Games' eighth free update adds fan-requested features.

Hello, today we are proud to announce that the Synthesis Update (our eighth free update) will launch tomorrow, November 28.

It’s been a couple of months since we launched our 2.0 update Beyond on PlayStation 4. Old fans and new players alike have been re-engaging with the No Man’s Sky universe anew: rediscovering the joys of exploration in VR; going on multiplayer missions together in our regular community events; building ever more elaborate bases with the hope of getting featured, and plenty more besides. Everyone, it seems, had their own unique thing which made Beyond the biggest update yet.

With such a large update from such a small team, there are always going to be things which need tidying up or fan-favorite features which, in the crazy run-up to release, are left on the cutting room floor. There are also brand-new things which the community have suggested since Beyond which, we agree, will only improve the experience.

And with Thanksgiving coming up for a large part of our community, we decided to collate as many of these things as we could together in a “Spring cleaning” update.

In it you will find, among many other things:

  • Multiple Multi-Tools: when one Multi-Tool is not enough!
  • Terrain Editor Enhancements: flatten or restore terrain at the press of a button.
  • VR Creature Riding: saddle up on your favorite pet in full Virtual Reality.
  • First Person Exocraft: now available to non-VR and VR players alike.

  • Personal Refiner: refine materials on the go, wherever you are.
  • Multiple Outfits: save a range of custom outfits to quick change into.
  • VR Photo Mode: see an amazing vista in PS VR? Shoot it and share it.
  • Starship Scrapping and Upgrading: trade in unwanted ships for valuable technologies or upgrade them.

  • New Technologies: long-distance inventory management; mid-air jetpack recharging; emergency warping to flee from combat.
  • New Base Parts: square is good, triangle is better!
  • Starship Space Map Enhancements: improved quality and clarity of the visuals.
  • …and much much more!

It’s a huge list, but here at the studio we are working on something even more impactful. We just couldn’t wait to release these key features that we knew so many folks in the community were crying out for.

We hope you enjoy the Synthesis Update and thank you sincerely for continuing to support No Man’s Sky. Our journey continues.

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  • My thanks to every one at Hello Games! No Mans Sky is truly Amazing.

  • Man, you gotta hand it to the devs. Sure the launch was rocky but they kept at it and are still being at it, trying to make it the best game possible. Kudos.

    • I personally don’t think the launch was rocky , I don’t blame Hello Games for the fact the some people didn’t know that the game would be an ongoing evolving experience, or that they thought procedural Generation would work how make everything look totally different. For people who understood these things, the launch was fine, and the game was fun from the get go…Hello games didn’t deserve the barrage of hate they received from the toxic idiot’s that troll social media. They worked hard to being us something different, something new. And they achieved that, and continue to support the game, even after the unwarranted abuse they got. The gaming community is full of whining children these days, who throw their toys out of the pram when they’re personal expectations aren’t met.

    • IceKoldX Gaming applauds you. This is a great Cinderella Story worth mentioning. One of the greatest comebacks of all time in my eyes. Keep doing the right thing and listening to your community. Doing so will ensure we buy in the future. Oh and just tell us the truth. The truth may hurt, but it will set you free and keep our respect. I support this game and will recommend it for buying.

  • Still very excited to pick up this game and play in VR! I just prefer to have all my VR games digitally. Is there a reason why NMS + Beyond was re-released on physical disc for $29.99, but the digital download is still $49.99?

    Either way, looks like a great update!

  • Thanks Sean and Hello Games for continuing to make No Man’s Sky better and better! :-)

    For a full list of features/fixes in the Synthesis Update, go here:

  • You guys are just amazing, the game has kept me entertained for so many hours and still keeps me amazed and with the updates the game has evolved so much and so we’ll it’s like you are growing up in the game. Thank you devs for delivering the promise.

  • How in the world is Apex Legends nominated for best ongoing game and best community support at the game awards over this? I guess a map, a couple characters, and a bunch of microtransaction cosmetic junk is more important. Really sad.

  • I had to read the article twice to be sure…. a semi-major update (cool) containing based on fan requests (great) that has some dedicated VR enhancements (awesome), but the patch still doesn’t add PS4 Pro support for VR mode!?

    It’s actually quite bizarre. I’ve seen this request a lot from VR fans, more than any other request, but we haven’t even heard if this is being worked on. I for one bought NMS after they released the VR patch (a sign of support), but I refuse to play it until they “fix” this glaring problem.

    I mean, developers often have to work super hard (as you have) to get the most out of the base hardware. So why is it difficult to make life easier using the abilities of the more advanced hardware (PS4 Pro) to make NMS look more presentable with cleaned up visuals in VR?

  • I love this game and have spent many hours playing it. Please continue with the fantastic updates!

  • Yeah I’m loving the support your giving psvr but please please guys at least say something about psvr pro patch. I know it would help pop ups so much along with maybe slight improvement to blurry effect. At least tell us if you are or aren’t going to do it so we can settle and live our lives lol

  • I wonder what this “More impactful” thing is?

  • I’d love to see these new VR enhancements for myself but somehow you’ve managed to completely disable VR mode. Congrats. Doesn’t work at all now. Now I just log in with my VR headset on and it’s a 2D screen with my game back in third person.

  • Wow. Hello Games is one of the most dedicated dev teams today. Much props for sticking with the game and working to make it become what it was envisioned to be

  • Thanks but add a PSVR Pro Patch please…

  • What about the feature (complaint) I’ve seen expressed since day one? GOOD space combat? Let’s make those battles more hectic and fun. Tighten up the controls, beef up the AI, agression a bit and speed up the pace and we can have battles that would make even Starfox jealous lol

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