No Man’s Sky “Synthesis” Update Drops Tomorrow

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No Man’s Sky “Synthesis” Update Drops Tomorrow

Hello Games' eighth free update adds fan-requested features.

Hello, today we are proud to announce that the Synthesis Update (our eighth free update) will launch tomorrow, November 28.

It’s been a couple of months since we launched our 2.0 update Beyond on PlayStation 4. Old fans and new players alike have been re-engaging with the No Man’s Sky universe anew: rediscovering the joys of exploration in VR; going on multiplayer missions together in our regular community events; building ever more elaborate bases with the hope of getting featured, and plenty more besides. Everyone, it seems, had their own unique thing which made Beyond the biggest update yet.

With such a large update from such a small team, there are always going to be things which need tidying up or fan-favorite features which, in the crazy run-up to release, are left on the cutting room floor. There are also brand-new things which the community have suggested since Beyond which, we agree, will only improve the experience.

And with Thanksgiving coming up for a large part of our community, we decided to collate as many of these things as we could together in a “Spring cleaning” update.

In it you will find, among many other things:

  • Multiple Multi-Tools: when one Multi-Tool is not enough!
  • Terrain Editor Enhancements: flatten or restore terrain at the press of a button.
  • VR Creature Riding: saddle up on your favorite pet in full Virtual Reality.
  • First Person Exocraft: now available to non-VR and VR players alike.

  • Personal Refiner: refine materials on the go, wherever you are.
  • Multiple Outfits: save a range of custom outfits to quick change into.
  • VR Photo Mode: see an amazing vista in PS VR? Shoot it and share it.
  • Starship Scrapping and Upgrading: trade in unwanted ships for valuable technologies or upgrade them.

  • New Technologies: long-distance inventory management; mid-air jetpack recharging; emergency warping to flee from combat.
  • New Base Parts: square is good, triangle is better!
  • Starship Space Map Enhancements: improved quality and clarity of the visuals.
  • …and much much more!

It’s a huge list, but here at the studio we are working on something even more impactful. We just couldn’t wait to release these key features that we knew so many folks in the community were crying out for.

We hope you enjoy the Synthesis Update and thank you sincerely for continuing to support No Man’s Sky. Our journey continues.

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