New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screens Feature Cloud, Combat and More

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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screens Feature Cloud, Combat and More

Summon chocobos, master Materia and throw some darts with 20+ new images

For many longtime PlayStation fans, the original Final Fantasy VII was a groundbreaking, genre-defining experience. We’re naturally eager to learn more about the fully reimagined Final Fantasy VII Remake, which dramatically updates both the gameplay and the storytelling of the beloved original.

So when we received this latest batch of screens we asked our friends at Square Enix if they could provide some context for a few of them. Take a peek at the captions below these screenshots, then browse the full gallery below.

Each weapon has its own unique weapon abilities that increase in proficiency the more they are used. When an ability’s proficiency level reaches the maximum, that ability is then learned by the wielder and can be used when wielding any weapon.

Here we see Cloud’s Buster Sword upgrade screen. The different options allow you to improve the wielder’s status or increase the number of Materia slots available.

Classic Mode can be activated by selecting “CLASSIC” from the difficulty menu. In Classic Mode, party members will act automatically, with the ATB gauge filling up as they do so. In this mode, the player only needs to select which abilities, magic, and items they will use their ATB charges for. This brings the feel of the gameplay closer to the menu-based battles from the original FFVII but with the amazing immersive graphics of the remake.

It is also possible to revert to direct control at any time during Classic Mode by pushing buttons on the controller.

The triangle button activates each character’s unique ability. Cloud’s unique ability is to switch between different fighting styles. He can switch between “Operator Mode” which has a good balance between attack and defense, and “Punisher Mode” [pictured] which is geared heavily towards offense. In Punisher Mode, Cloud’s movement speed is reduced, but his basic square button attacks are upgraded to even mightier blows.

Chocobo & Moogle use their special move “Stampede” to run down the enemy with a herd of chocobos.

While equipping Summon Materia, you will be able to summon a powerful ally once the special summon gauge fills up. Summons will fight alongside you automatically on the battlefield, but you can also use your own ATB charges to have them perform special abilities. Just before they leave the fight, your ally will unleash a powerful special move!

Assess – Materia that allows you to use the Assess ability. When you use Assess on an enemy, you can see their resistances and weaknesses, making it easier to defeat them in battle.

You can play darts at the dartboard in Seventh Heaven.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake arrives on PS4 March 3, 2020.

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  • OMG stop teasing!!! Still got about 3 months to go!

  • If you zoom in real close to the pic of Aerith’s house you can see Cloud standing in T pose lol

  • Took me forever to remember what that spot was. I hardly remember being there.

    • So far I have placed every scene in a very limited part 1. The deep Canyon I just went bonkers for. The flower garden is monumental. Square has had so many failures I still cringe at them touching the Legendary- but bring it on. Cannot wait to see Bahamut and Red 7. (My Doggie.)

  • Nomura please deliver, you just gotta.

  • The hype… is REAL!

    • I’m going to be honest here.
      I’m a bit disappointed that the traditional command mode is set within the difficulty option as opposed to being a separate option. I was hoping for a challenging difficulty option that a command style mode would benefit more from. Hopefully there is a different proper difficulty option to chose.

  • Beyond stoked for this game!!! The original was one of the first games my brother and I played multiple times through. A true classic in and of itself.

  • I’m still going to be disappointed if $60 just gets us the Midgar portion of the game.

    That’s not a “full game”… that’s like 5 hours.

  • I love how Cloud’s Blade Beam Limit Break looks like Inuyasha’s Wind Scar attack.

  • Ommfg…reunion…

  • tl:dr – we reskinned a game and called it ff7

  • I’m really excited for this remake … and it better not be a let down … as of how long it took … with that said also better have all playable characters … … GoodLuck even though there is no more square soft …. Bring it

  • Does anyone know the pricing structure yet? Is it going to be $59.99 for each release? Other than that, I am super psyched about this game.

  • SUPER EXCITED about this game! I will get the digital version but I hope once all episodes are completed there will be a physical box set I can purchase. This looks like possible game of the year nomination. But the game is not complete until all episodes are released, so…
    Also it will be extra spectacular if there is a PS5 version

  • I cannot wait!

  • Just like with every modern final fantasy, this game does not deserve the final fantasy name.

  • GTA Final Fantasy 7? When you’re not busy doing missions just head back to the slums to play some darts with your AI buddies!

  • This game gonna be awesome! The graphic is looking impressive.

  • Looks gorgeous! You’ve changed my mind, I’ll play it one more time :)

    One minor concern: Although the screens look quite readable on my desktop screen, I can see myself struggling with some of the smaller text (e.g.: the Options screen subtitle) on my living room TV.

  • WOWEE ZOWEE,the graphics,the gameplay,WOWEE ZOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cannot wait, i love the combat system

  • ive never played final fantasy 7, ive always wanted to… the others was fantasy, so would be 7 …dream fantasy… for sony playstation final fantasy would be there dream. S.p. dream…

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