Worlds Collide – A Santa Monica Studio Limited Podcast Miniseries

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Worlds Collide – A Santa Monica Studio Limited Podcast Miniseries

Santa Monica Studio takes over the Blogcast! Get an inside peek at the studio that brought us God of War.

If you watched our full-length documentary, , you got a glimpse into our journey reinventing the God of War franchise. It should be no surprise, we have plenty of intriguing, untold stories left to tell that dig deeper into the development of God of War. Thus, we’re proud to announce in partnership with the PlayStation Blogcast, a Santa Monica Studio limited podcast miniseries, Worlds Collide.

In each episode of Worlds Collide, we’ll bring together developers from different departments across our team, who collaborated on a feature that helped evolve God of War. These conversations will shine the Light of Alfheim on our studio culture and game development processes as if you’re right on the ground floor with us.

Episode 1: “Fitting A Side Quest in Anywhere”

The development of the Witch Bones quest and others were designed so they could be played at any point in the game. Developers Luis Sanchez (Lead Level Designer), Anthony DiMento (Senior Systems Designer), and Adam Dolin (Narrative Designer) break down how this was made possible across level, system, and narrative design.

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Additionally, this year marks the 20th Anniversary of Santa Monica Studio. To honor this milestone, starting this Sunday, the PlayStation Store will have a beautiful showcase of our studio that not only will take you on a journey of games (on sale as well) that have helped define our legacy, but also (10) PlayStation 4 games our team hand-selected that have inspired us to no end.

To learn more about our studio, hit up . Enjoy the show!

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  • Excited t listen, what’s happening with Cory though?

  • Wow! Amazing can’t wait to listen

  • Awesome! I love all this behind the scenes material.

    If anyone is interested in another amazing podcast about the game look for…

    ‘The Lost Pages of Norse Myth’

    The podcast starts each episode with a Norse story narrated by the interviewer, and he does an excellent job. The second half of each episode is an interview with various members of the development team.

    It’s well worth the listen. In fact, I was sad it didn’t have more episodes. I’d also love to hear the host narrate more of the Norse myths. He really did do an excellent job.

  • LOVE the wallpaper image of Kratey & progeny up top. Found a hi-res version of it online LOVE IT. Thank you Santa Monica

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