Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Announced, Pre-Order Starts Monday

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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Announced, Pre-Order Starts Monday

40 characters, 34 stages, 200+ costumes… one game.

Get ready to rule the ring with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition! This action-packed new version was just announced for PlayStation 4 and includes all content (excluding Fighting Chance costumes, brand collaboration costumes and Capcom Pro Tour DLC) from both the original release and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. It also includes each character, stage and costume that released after Arcade Edition and that will release with Champion Edition. With 40 characters, 34 stages and over 200 costumes, Champion Edition is the most robust version of Street Fighter V yet!

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition will be available physically and digitally on PS4 for MSRP $29.99 beginning on February 14, 2020. Anyone who pre-orders Champion Edition on PS4 in North America (other territories may vary) will receive a static theme (digital purchase only) and a fierce-looking new costume color for each character. For current owners of any version of Street Fighter V, an Upgrade Kit for MSRP $24.99 grants you instant access to all available Champion Edition content as it becomes available leading up to the launch date.

As always, all game mode additions and balance updates are free for owners of any Street Fighter V version. In fact, all-new V-Skills (V-Skill II) are being added for each character and, along with a new balance update, will be available for free to current players in December. All DLC characters can still be purchased separately or earned free-of-charge by completing various in-game challenges and receiving Fight Money.


Champion Edition also heralds the return of Gill, a master of both Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis who is able to control fire and ice with perfect elemental balance (hence his outward appearance). All of his heavy normal attacks, and all but one of his special moves, have an elemental alignment. When Gill throws out a fierce punch, it’ll be engulfed in flames, and when he lets fly with a standing roundhouse, it’ll hit opponents with a frozen force. Gill is ready to reveal himself to the world as part of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition on February 14, 2020, or he can be acquired separately starting in December for MSRP $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money.

Happy holidays and enjoy the street fights!

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  • A bit pricey…especially considering that I’ve gotta alot of the extra content so far…but if I really think about it, i could pay $15 for the extra characters that they recently added, or for $10 more, just get all of the remaining stuff, including stages. I definitely think I’ll pick this up when it comes out. Hope we get more characters.

  • It would be nice if the price to upgrade went down with the more stuff you already have unlocked. I’m not gonna lie I liked how SF4 did new stuff better with all the characters and everything up front.

    • I agree with this. Would make me feel less like buying the things I already have to be a waste.

    • SF4 made you re-buy the game over and over again if you wanted to play the most updated version. SF5 doesn’t do that..

      Even this Champion Edition update isn’t required. The new v-skills and balance changes and extra modes are totally free for everyone who already has the game. If you don’t buy CE, you can still play the game against everyone.

      Champion Edition is just for people who want all the characters, costumes, and stages they might not have unlocked yet.

      There’s no way the SF4 system is better than that.

  • If I get the Upgrade Kit, will I get the static theme as well_

  • If I get the Upgrade Kit, will I get the static theme as well?

  • This is great and all, but why is the upgrade price so high considering how much people have already paid for the majority of content?

  • Will all the DLC be on disk?

    • Sadly, no, its going to be, similar to AE, a DLC code inside the case. Also, its not all DLC, there’s a few exceptions as its mentioned above.

  • Too expensive for those who have SF4 AE

  • i got the pc version, so i’m good.

  • So, I have this on disc. Can I still pre-order an upgrade to CE online, or do I have to buy a whole new disc?

  • This whole franchise has been nothing but a huge money grab for years now.

    • And the announcement of yet another edition is nothing but they saying they won’t stop anytime soon.

    • You don’t HAVE to buy this update to continue playing the game. The new vskills and balances patches are free.

      This is basically just a “Game of the Year” discount package for newcomers or people who want to get all the released DLC in one place.

  • How many more SF5 Editions are we going to tolerate? What BS Capcom! You know it’s finally over when Ultra SF5 makes it’s debut. Probably on GamePass no doubt. Yeah still feeling a bit salty on launch day. LoL

    • What’s bad is that they specifically said they weren’t going to do this.

    • That was why I brought it up. Yeah, I remember they said there wouldn’t be more editions that everything could be earned in game. Then they nerfed what all the fight money was worth. What a waste of time!

      Also all the stuff I bought with fight money disappeared when I upgraded my hdd later during the Arcade edition nonsense.

    • No they said you wouldn’t need to buy new editions to unlock new content. As far as I know you can still get everything with the first edition of the game.

    • Nothing bad about doing this. It is cheaper to have everything this way. Do the math or simply do not buy it.

    • There are no “editions” of SF5.

      If you bought the original SF5, your copy automatically updated to Arcade Edition. And, whn Champion Edition comes out, it will automatically updated to Champion Edition. There aren’t “different” editions of SF5 like there were with SF4.

      This Champion Edition package is just “Game of the Year” version will all the past DLC unlocked. But, it’s not required to continue playing the game.

      I feel like people are getting confused in this comment section…

  • So Just to be clear if I already own SF V AE Digitally and buy the $25 Upgrade I get all the previously released DLC Characters and Stages etc automatically without having to get them separately with Fight Money and I will also get Gill included?

    • Yes, but with some exceptions, as mentioned above, Fighting Chance costumes aren’t included, CPT DLC that includes the “Ring of…”stages and costumes, along with Brand Collabs (like the Red Bull costumes) are not part of CE.

      However, yes, you will get Gill, the character after him, and anything release up until CE comes out on 2/14/2020.

    • I was able to get the newly released Holiday Costumes and Stage with the SFV Champion Edition Upgrade Kit.

      And Everything After November 2019 will be unlocked before it is released.

  • I pre ordered but don’t see the static theme. How do we get it?

  • I love physical copies that include all digital content; they’re the best. Please keep ’em coming. Finally! I will purchase this 100% and I am already waiting to pre-order it.

  • What happened to when SF5 came out Capcom specifically said “there wont be any other versions of this, this will be the only one” yet we got Arcade Edition and now Champion edition

  • Lol funny as hell,you guys dunno limits…am I safe to buy it now or there will be yet another version?…haha the only time when you’re safe to buy SF is when the next gen comes out,was like that with 4 seems that it will be the same with 5.I’m glad I’m no SF fan so I can wait…not gonna lie though $30 is a good price and well there’s fight money for those who supported this early but still what a joke capcom.

    “With 40 characters,34 stages and over 200 costumes Champion Edition is the most complete version of Street Fighter V for now!!”…there fixed for ya haha.

  • Great value for money
    Join the best dojo in SFV; ProperTwelve :)

  • The Upgrade kit should be lower the price. $24.99 is kinda to much for digital version.

  • So yeah, I bypassed all the **** surrounding that stupid Fight Money scheme by preordering the upgrade kit and now I can finally play as Kage.

    Also, I recall I’m supposed to get a new PS4 theme along with the upgrade kit preorder, but where is it?

  • Do you have to buy the original game as well?

  • I only see the Upgrade Kit available for pre-order on PSN, not the full Champion Edition. Am I missing something? If you don’t have the game already you can’t get the pre-order colors, etc. digitally?

  • So if i preorder does it upgrade all my psn accounts ? Or only for the master account?

  • I pre ordered but I did not get all the costumes yet? I pre ordered upgrade kit on PS4

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