Share of the Week: Spooky

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Share of the Week: Spooky

Spooky season never ends with these games.

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean things won’t get a bit spooky. Last week we asked you to share spine-tingling moments from your favorite games. From undead heroes to haunted settings, here are this week’s highlights:

themarkplumb wades through a pit of grasping horrors in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

There’s always a spooky corner to share in Bloodborne, like this one from tidymice.

Gnarled trees frame Deacon in this Days Gone share from Virtual__vp.

JRPyznar shares the realm of the dead in God of War.

Sir Dan keeps things spooky in this MediEvil share from Michael_Jambor.

scojer13 shares a hair-raising moment from Evil Within 2.

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Theme: Death Stranding
Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, November 20

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  • Cool that my God of War shot won, but i was shocked that my MediEvil and Bloodborne pictures didn’t make it. Congratulations to everyone.

    • You must think you’re the best photo taker out there.

    • Killzone Mercenary09

      There are many talented game photographers out there, i’m just one of them.

      The Days Gone pic is better than any of them, including mine. Credit where it’s due.

      I just want to promote games and have my work noticed.

  • Was hoping my Last of Us pics would make it but I’ll definitely try to get some good shots for Death Stranding

  • Death Stranding is the new theme, but doesn’t even have photo mode :/

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