You’re Invited: The Art of Death Stranding Gallery Event

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You’re Invited: The Art of Death Stranding Gallery Event

Visit the Fractured Worlds space November 6 through 9 in New York City.

In the scattered world of Death Stranding, it stands to reason there aren’t many occasions to meet up and discuss art, games, and shared experiences. Thankfully, for us in the real world, the apocalyptic imagery that fuels the game is used to pull us together rather than push us apart.

Fans are encouraged to visit Fractured Worlds: The Art of Death Stranding, a gallery in New York City loaded with behind-the-scenes production info, official artwork, and fan art inspired by the game. Get a peek inside the gallery with these photos, which I snapped from within its very walls:

The space is open from 11:30AM-9:30PM, November 6-9, with a limited number of walk-up guests admitted each day. Reserve your space by .

Our shared mission to reconnect America begins this Friday. Are you up for the journey?

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  • Weeeeeee (^_^) !

  • I am trying to submit an application for an invitation for the Seoul event, end of November and dead line is NOV 15th. There IS NO LINK on the official Playstation website US. I keep being re-directed here by playstation Asia. Can someone help?

  • Quick question why you guys dont update your Countdown To Launch page. There has only been a Days Gone event this year and was anticipating more for Death Stranding, Call of Duty, etc..

  • Damn wish I could go…but while I can’t,counting the hours now…the hype is real,can’t believe it’s already time.Feels like it was yesterday that I was crazy over the 3rd trailer making theories…well not really but time flies.

  • I saw the art at your event and noticed unoriginal altered photographs! I thought the event was for unique pieces and drawings. The original artist has been copied. Do you not check? Its simple to reverse image search on google.
    You really should have made a correction publically and credit the original and true artist not someone who has stolen and defrauded your event. For anyone who didnt attend the event and saw the obvious manipulation for themselves, it’s the skull man and hand clutching Sam’s face.

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