Sony Interactive Entertainment to Shut Down PlayStation Vue

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Sony Interactive Entertainment to Shut Down PlayStation Vue

PlayStation fans can continue to access movie and TV content through the PlayStation Store on PS4 and via our partnerships with top entertainment apps.

Over four years ago, we made a bold decision to change the rules and revolutionize the traditional TV-viewing experience in the U.S. with PlayStation Vue. We set the bar high and sought to innovate an established industry by delivering a modern TV experience. By completely rethinking live and on demand television, we offered an incredible user experience that allowed viewers to discover and watch content in completely new ways.

Today we are announcing that we will shut down the PlayStation Vue service on January 30, 2020. Unfortunately, the highly competitive Pay TV industry, with expensive content and network deals, has been slower to change than we expected. Because of this, we have decided to remain focused on our core gaming business.

PlayStation fans can continue to access movie and TV content through the PlayStation Store on PS4 and via our partnerships with top entertainment apps. With 100 million PlayStation 4s in the market today, our community continues to grow and thrive. We will continue to deliver the best entertainment experiences across the network, along with other key gaming services, including PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus.

We are very proud of what PlayStation Vue was able to accomplish. We had ambitious goals for how our service could change how people watch TV, showcasing PlayStation’s ability to innovate in a brand-new category within the Pay TV industry. We want to thank all of our customers, some of whom have been with us since PlayStation Vue’s launch in 2015.

We appreciate your continued support as we move through this transitional period and look toward the future.

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  • Quiero saber cuando van a publicar en PlayStation Blog los anuncios de la PlayStation 5.

    • Sad to see it go, loved every second of it. I’m hoping maybe a new partnership akin to PlayStation Music x Spotify can take its place. Also, I’d love to see 4K movie content introduced on the PlayStation Store. There’s still plenty of innovation left!

    • Great product, bad marketing and communication.

      The thinkers at Sony are brilliant, but the doers are not. Sony always has brilliant and forward thinking ideas, but they communicate and push them so poorly. They came out with PS Now years before Gamepass yet now they are playing catch-up to Google and MS.

      I just don’t understand, and it manifests itself everywhere. How on earth do you announce Death Stranding for PC a week before launch? Even PS Move and 3D on PS3 were great products, but they weren’t pushed correctly. Vita TV is a prime example as well. No communication as to what it even does.

      Sony makes great products but they won’t even brag about what they can do.

    • Nooooo!!!
      I really love the PlayStation Vue! I even got a few friends on it by telling them how awesome it is. When was the last time you bragged about how awesome your cable service is?

    • I have been delaying dropping any and all ATT cable or satellite services. DirecTv Now has been my goto because of the user guide interface. I had tried Vue a couple years ago and dropped it over the I/F. Reading recent reviews about Vue I signed up again last month. Vue is now my favored cutting the cable alternative, and I am so very disappointed in your decision. If I may be presumpous, please don’t let your superior product disappear. At worst case, give it away to someone that will keep it going – maybe for deferred pmts or royalties on future profits. Writing it off does have some positive tax implications, but for the sake of your excellent product development, please find a way for your customer base to stay with it. I know my personal respect for Sony would be maintained untarnished. Keep thinking of your customers first – a reputation built this way is priceless, and keeps us coming back again and again – for all products that have Sony name attached!

    • I am very sad to see PlayStation Vue go. I have had it since day 1, and dropped DTV as soon as it was available. It’s a great deal if you really think about it, look at all of the DTV charges. Rental fees for the box, service charges, local channel charges, equipment insurance fees….and on and on. Hulu/sling don’t provide half the options the Vue has, and have half the sports channels (both charge extra for ESPN). I pray everyday that someone will jump in and buy the rights to the Vue and keep us alive because there are 600k of us paying monthly 50*600k=$30mil a month (quick math). But I know it probably won’t happen, but there is no way in hell I am going back to DTV, I rather have nothing.

    • I like to see games like nba 2k 20 for free.

    • The marketing department at Sony failed to get the pulse of the market and should be fired. The job of marketing is to push available products and services, not push an internal narrative. The playstation trademark being removed from the name would have probably gotten someone a raise. XBOX fans would have been more open to the product without playstation in the name. I just started seeing ads just in the last few months. I have been with playstation since the beginning and have VUE on my pc, firetv, android devices and playstation 4. Now I either pay $60 more a month for the same channels or try to find another app. I wish that Sony would rethink and try harder. Like have customer referrals that get a customer a free month for a referral. Sony never said a magic number that would allow the service to continue. This is another item that Sony has allowed to fail on their playstation platform. Since it was a standalone product it should have been treated like one and nurtured as one, but, included with all Sony products. Oh well, the boardroom is a fickled mistress. If I could save VUE I would.

  • That sucks. Broadcast networks are doing the one thing we didn’t want them to do.

    • I loved PS Vue, but I couldn’t figure out why they were adding local TV networks. Seems a waste of money to watch channels you can watch for free with an antenna.

    • It was going well and growing steadily.
      But they made one huge mistake and that was adding CNN as part of the package.
      I cut down all my cable subscription just to get rid of CNN and their non-stop insane false conspiracy theories.
      Yes, CNN and other garbage media is ruining Cable TV and people stopped watching. Too political.
      People wanted to watch TV to get away from the bad things that are happening in the world, not be bombarded by it.
      Not your fault Sony, PlayStation.
      Sad to see that option go away.

    • I love CNN because they’re not afraid to go against fox and tell the truth with the video to prove it!

    • ArcoQui, I don’t get the broadcast channels without a massive old school antenna, and even then not all of them. So, the broadcast channels are important to some of us.

  • Does this mean the PS4 is gonna get the YouTube TV app now?

    • I sure hope so. And it would be no ce for Sony to at least let us know what our options will be on the PlayStation.

    • I really hope so. It’s the only other streaming service like Sonys that I like. You know YouTube TV will be getting a lot of new subscribers soon. This is so disappointing. This was another reason i prefer my ps4 over my xbox.

    • YoutubeTV is likely coming Disney Plus says they’ll be on on PS4 on launch day.

    • I hope so…Otherwise, XBOX here I come!

    • That was my first thought as well. I don’t really want to add yet another device to my current set up just to get YTTV. It was so nice to be able to run everything through the PS4.

    • I feel like they’re not and were gonna have to buy other things like a fire stick or whatever to use live tv streaming services… I only have psvue because I don’t have a TV to stream live TV or a fire stick I only have ps4… I wish these articles included their future plans or what they’ll make available to playstation users.

    • I hope so and I’ll add updating the Hulu app to include live TV. I really enjoyed PS Vue sad to see it go.

    • Probably. I am doing a trial with You Tube TV. While I really like it, PS Vue is much better. I will miss it.

    • I really hope that Sony makes YouTube TV available. It’s the only alternative I like.

    • Well… that sucks. Was looking to sign back up. Had been giving everyone else their turn, and literally was going to sign back up at the end of our billing cycle on 11/27.

  • This is extremely disappointing news. I have tried all of Vue’s competitors, and Vue is hands down the best option.

    At any rate, I will not go back to Cable/Satilite, or add another device to all of my rooms. If you could do one thing to ease this blow to the consumers that supported the service on PS4, please allow other Live TV Streaming Services to take Vue’s place. Ideally, allow all of them to put their service on the system, and let us choose the best suitable downgrade from the bunch.

    This is not a great look for the future of Sony’s Networked Services, and the future of PlayStation. PlayStation Vue and Music Unlimited really needed to be supported for the long term. This will have negative effects on PlayStation Now’s ability to ever gain any traction. So far Sony is 0-2 in supporting streaming services.

    • Adding to this.

      Since Hulu is already available on PS4, I think allowing Hulu with Live TV would be a great place to start. It is also the only service that is available on all of the other devices I currently use.

      Since you are yanking the rug out from under us, it would at least be nice to have a soft place to land.

    • I completely agree.

    • For those of us who specifically bought a PS4 to use Vue what is the plan? Will you be refunding and returning this hardware that is now of no use to me? Unfortunately without Vue there’s no reason for PS4 given my interests. I’m sure the plan was to leave the useless hardware with your loyal customers and tell them too bad, but I figured it was worth asking given this feels like a scam to sell more ps4’s to folks who will then not have a use for it when you quit providing Vue.

    • elchivo206, kinda odd that you’d buy a PS4, just for Vue, when it’s app is/was available on cheaper streaming devices like the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc.

    • I could not agree more. I too tried everything. I loved everything about it. Stream multiple content at once. Pull up on my computer/phone/ps4. Even had all the sports channels i wanted including all 4 nba/nhl/nfl/mlb channels. They did a poor job advertising and the name playstation scares people away. Should have called in Sony vue or something. Everyone kept telling me theyd like to havs psvue but they dont have a ps4. Literally plays on all devices including its on amazon and roku devices. Sigh very dissapointing. I guess ill have to go to youtube tv even though they dont have nfl network. I loved unlimted dvr. Watching whatever I want too. Most channels just play reruns of the same thing so the dvr comes in really handy. Playstation makes enough money you think theyd be finding ways to get more subscribers instead of giving up so easily.

    • FuboTV is really good, I used to use Vue until I switched to them

    • Agree with all, sorry to see this go. Sony really did have the best product out there, but IMHO, not communicated well. So many folks I talked to thought they couldn’t use it because they didn’t have a Playstation. Also, I believe there is an untapped market of people who need a nudge and a bit of education to start streaming. A little bit of effort and Sony could have grown the base if they truly wanted too. Over the past 2-3 months, I had 6 friends/family convert and they had really liked PSVue and the nice interface. Sony PS Vue, you really did have a nice product, great interface and good line up. Sorry to see you go.

    • This is exact what I’m worried about. The best option for me outside of PS Vue is Hulu TV, but currently the PlayStation does not allow other live tv streaming services. I would love not to have to buy an Apple TV, or other device, as I have everything else I need on the console. I really hope that Sony pulls their head out of their butt and allows us to use other streaming services!

    • The Playstation Pro will be the last thing I ever buy from sony. If I really liked getting kicked in the teeth, I would have stayed with dtv. If sony had any integrity at all, they would have tried to keep Vue alive by marketing to someone else. I’d like to tell sony where they could put my PS4 Pro, but I may want to finish a game first.

    • I could tell this wasn’t going well when they dropped decent channels and added BabyFirst as a replacement. This was followed by a crazy system update that makes channel navigation Chunky and slow.

      In a final lack of class, they announce it in their online Blog but don’t have the courtesy to email all their customers personally.

      It’s one thing to make a tough financial decision. However how you handle it shows the true character of the people involved.

    • I’m not very tech-savvy, so forgive me if this is a silly question. With PlayStation VUE going away, does that effect the online gaming part of our account with PlayStation? Thanks.

    • In addition all the alternatives that are available are only available either on PC, Tablet, or Xbox One. This will be the end of the Sony era as we know it. You provided a fantastic service that freed us from Cable, and was 100 times better.

      I for one am not purchasing another device simply to have it for Cable TV. Those of us who purchase the Playstation 4 Pro are now just sitting on an 800.00 paperweight. Thanks Sony, you didn’t offer backwards compatibility for the PS4 series to 3, then you make up for it with Vue, and now you take it away, leaving is with no alternatives other than to buy your competitor’s products.

      This will be the demise of Sony, and their PS5 sales will fall well below what they anticipated. You’ve become just another console. This is a sad day.

  • I loved PlayStation Vue. I was subscribed since the begining. Thank you, Sony for providing an amazing service.

  • ” By completely rethinking live and on demand television”

    You failed really hard on this. I think the first mistake was leaning to hard on live and on demand. No one likes “On Demand” as it is executed or what it implies. We want full access to a season without any strings or BS attached. You messed up here and limiting the amount of “cloud recordings” just left me wondering why I should bother. I can’t just swoop in and watch. Better to just buy a season off of amazon streaming and watch at my own convenience. Live TV options and packages didn’t make sense 30 years ago and they don’t make sense today. why did you do this? Why didn’t any one ask me these questions when I tried your service.

    The pricing structure is just bad. The amount it cost me to get PS Vue would literally be the difference in cost with my cable company. You weren’t competitive. The options were some how more scant. You restricted my viewing to boot, first to sony devices and then by region. Would have happily subscribed in florida where it was competitive, not so much in california where it wasn’t.

    You could have revolutionized, instead you just made the same mistake’s of the past Sony. Hulu was a better offer combined with other services like netflix or Amazon prime. No effort was made to bundle Vue with Plus, Now, or PS Store Movies and Music.

    Too late now I guess.

    • They also hurt themselves by tying it in name to the playstation. Too many people thought you had to buy the console to get the service. Calling it Sony Vue would have helped, I believe.

    • Doesn’t really sound like you even had the service. I knew i recognized your name though, you’re the troll that on every single post on N4G for YEARS! When are you going to grow up?

      First: You say they lean to hard on Live and On Demand

      – If it’s not Live or On Demand, how else are you getting content to watch? please tell me? does it fall out of the sky? because any example you would follow that up with is literally either one of them.

      Second: You say you want full access to a season with no strings attached.

      – That’s exactly what PS Video is for, not Vue, use that and buy it. Duh.

      Third: They limited the Cloud Recording

      – How exactly? They stay there for a month, if you haven’t watched what you recorded by then, you just don’t wont to and shouldn’t be complaining about nonsense you yourself choose to put off.

      Fourth: Better to just buy seasons of Amazon

      – Do that, that’s got nothing to do with Vue’s Live service direction.

      Fifth: Live TV doesn’t make sense

      – Live TV packages DO make sense and they always will. Not everyone is a child bent on instant gratification and bingeing

      Sixth: Pricing structure is the same as cable

      – It’s really not, cable is still more expensive (outside the sucker 1/2 year first time contracts). It sucks that Vue’ prices have continued to go up with it’s initial $30, but at the $50 it’s at now, its still cheaper than cable. If you want to talk about the other packages outside “Access”, all of those include premium channels (and useless fluff channels) that you’d have to pay extra for as well.

      Seventh: Restricted viewing

      – Why wouldn’t they make their own service for their own console first to build it up under their millions of PS3/4 owners? it’s a no brainer… they even expanding it to literally all the other popular devices as well. Regions locking makes complete sense in this case, what’s wrong with you? If you subscribed in Florida and you lived in California, if anything you definitely aren’t getting your California local channels and everything you’d watch would be on 3 hours later than your usual California time. Do you really not understand how regions work?

      Eight: You could have revolutionized

      – They did, it’s because of them that you even have any of the other options you’re seeing now. They started this whole Internet TV thing so be thankful. You can Google and maybe find some obscure service no one on the planet every heard of if there was one but you and I both know even if there was, They still started it this entire trend.

      Extra Notes: Hulu is terrible. There is literally ZERO reason for them to bundle them to do any of that and they’d lose a good chunk of money from that. They are sitting on unlimited funds like their competition would can throw away money on things like GamePass, which is a great deal for the customers but awful for the developers who aren’t first party. How tf would you even bundle Vue with the PlayStation Store……?

      You’re age really shows here, think about the nonsense you post.

    • @shadysaiyanz

      good call lmao i recognize him as the overly-negative N4G troll too

      You’re famous Kaze!

  • Vue is (was) the perfect option for me when I recently cut the cord. The only people to blame here are the marketing & branding department and the people who pay them. EVERY single person I told about PS Vue says “…but I don’t have a Playstation”. Go read Reddit or any other cord cutting message boards. The same exact statement is repeated over & over. Why not call it “Sony Vue”? It made ZERO sense to brand it with the Playstation name. And what about marketing? I see none, no attempt to even take on subscribers. A perfect example how NOT to grow a service.

    • So sorry to hear this. Vue has been flawless for us for 2.5 years when we dumped DirecTV satellite.
      You are correct in that Sony missed the boat in the marketing and branding of Vue. We had the same question when we were researching – Do we need the PS gaming console? That was Sony’s marketing teams first error. The name insinuates you do. Communication is not the best. I often heard about rate hikes in the PS Vue FB group and not from Sony. If I’m giving you my money it’d be nice if Sony actually communicated to ME. Just like finding out this news I found out from the PS Vue FB page via a 3rd party article that was posted. This should have come from Sony.
      Sony never took the time to market the product. This was a good product but with a little more effort on Sony’s part it could have been a GREAT product.
      PS Vue has offered most everything we wanted in a streaming service – unlimited DVR, all our local stations, Longhorn Network(no other service has it). Now to start the process all over again.

    • I agree completely!!! We’ve only have Playstation Vue for 3 months and we love it for the most part. I did tons of research and it’s hands down way better than anything else out there. I tried to get family and friends to confer and the first thing they said was “ I don’t have a PlayStation.” I agree why didn’t Sony change the name? Why was there zero marketing? I heard hundreds of those Hulu Live commercials and not one about Vue. Lots of mistakes were made here. I feel like Sony never fully invested in the Vue and it shows. Sad to see it go we loved the channels offered.

  • That sucks. I really like Vue.

  • Wow I’m glad I convinced my parents to buy a PS4 just so they could have Vue….

    • I feel your pain.

    • And this goes to show you another issue was that you *DIDN’T NEED* a PS4 to access Vue. @Sony really missed the boat…should have been called “Sony Vue” from the beginning and I imagine this blog post would never have been made.

    • Why did they buy a PS4? Could have bought an Amazon fire stick, or a Roku box for a fraction of the price.
      Another big reason Vue failed, which they won’t mention in the blog. Extremely poor branding/marketing. Every person I told how awesome Vue was responded the same way. “I don’t have a Playstation and don’t want to buy one.”
      Which is sad, because Vue is the best streaming live TV service available.
      Oh well, hopefully the YouTube PS4 app will allow me to stream YouTube TV soon.

    • You realize all you needed for psvue was a roku device or amazon fire stick for it right? Heck even just a computer will work thats what i use most the time cause im so busy.

  • PS Vue was great for what I needed a couple years back as it allowed me to “cut the cable” as it were and save about $60/mo on my bill, but then at the end of last year when the pay increases kept hitting, I started looking around for something different. I eventually settled on PHILO a month ago after stopping VUE in August. It is markedly cheaper and had the channels from VUE I cared about, mostly the Nickelodeon Channels and AMC in the basic package.

    As others have mentioned, it would be neat to see some of these apps integrated into the PS service like Netflix and Hulu, etc.

    Thanks for the service when I used it, but I can’t say that I will miss it.

  • So glad I ditched Direct TV a few months back to switch to vue……..

  • Does this mean we can start using apps like slingtv on ps4 soon? The whole “only vue for tv on ps4” thing was pretty old on day one.

    • Probably not sling because its xbox but youtube tv and disney will be comming.

    • Sling isn’t a Microsoft product – it’s from Dish. No reason to keep it off the Playstation. It’s no more “Xbox” than Youtube TV is.

    • Both the Sling TV and Youtube TV are already on the XB1, and yet neither is on the PS4. So something’s going on……..

      Maybe Sony didn’t want those on the PS4 since they’re competition to their own PS Vue. But now that Vue is gone, then maybe…………..

      Then again, the XB1 has been more media center-friendly than the PS4. For example, the PS3 had a very good media remote control, yet it took Sony awhile to make a version for the PS4. It’s like media center has been an afterthought for them.

  • I love Vue and have been a subscriber since the beginning. Back to an antenna, I guess.

  • Trying not to be a jerk but heard not to be a whopping month after bei BF sold on cutting the cable and got NC with Vue.

    Now with that out of my system, please answer the following question. Which competitors that you’ve blocked out for competitive reason (YouTube TV for instance) will you allow on your network and how soon?

    Please don’t be a jerk by not responding.

    • Thanks for the comment. I really hope they give us some answers. It is the least they could do.

      Honestly, they should have had alternatives ready on the store today, so people could get on with it, and not have this question looming about the future of their TV service.

      I know I would like to be able to get signed up with Hulu or YouTube, and not have to think about this again.

  • This is extremely disappointing. My wife and I have been on Vue since the its Beta, we were fortunate enough to try the program and we’ve been so happy with it. We literally watch it every day, which I can say we never did with regular cable. We have grumbled through price changes and line-up changes, but with the idea that Sony was trying to cater and create the last viable alternative to cable TV. Now I feel that my faith was misplaced. After the sony hack which gave my identity away, after the multiple sony server crashes which ruined my save cloud data, and even the arbitrary lockdown on your PSN name, I still was an avid Sony fan. Vue won’t break the camel’s back, but maybe the next thing will, either way, I am super disappointed.

    • I have also been in since the beta. best streaming service out there. I loved the multi view feature. I tried Hulu Live and didn’t like it much. Now im giving YouTube TV a try. Much better than Hulu and it feels more like PS VUE.

  • I was actually about to do some major cord-cutting and try Vue. I will re-think this now.

  • Are we getting Disney + app on PS4 at launch please?

  • Sucks, was a nice, easy to use service, and no extra cost on the DVR. The others are too expensive or charge crazy add on prices for things like DVR. Probably will not go back to live TV at all after this.

  • This is really disappointing. As a current Vue subscriber, I don’t know where else I can go to for that same type DVR recording service/interface. I love being able to start watching a game that has already started and start from the beginning.

    Sony, please make your technology to someone else via sale. Also, whomever gets that tech/know how should be made available on the PS4 via app. Now that Vue is going to be shut down, you should allow another provider to be made available for streaming TV.

    For people who like sports, streaming TV is the only way to go (besides cable/satellite) because you can’t get that via Netflix, Prime, PS store, etc.

    One last thing: I don’t think we ever got the promised a la carte pricing that was originally planned.

  • Been a subscriber since the start. Ehh… Please add YouTube TV app in it’s place. Thanks for a great service.

    • Maybe if Sony would’ve brought back original content like “The Tester”, PS Vue might have lasted longer….

  • This is a bummer for sports fans. No other service offers as many sports channels. Either missing ESPN or NFL Network or other college networks like Big Ten or ACC, etc.

  • Man this is disappointing I was there from the beginning also,i loved my PlayStation Vue man I hate Sony sometimes.

  • Instantly cancelled after reading this. I struggle so much with PS vs PC when it comes to money spent on games and other accessories; another notch in the PC category. Does Sony just want to destroy PlayStation or what?

    • I was 16 when the Sony PlayStation came out and have been only PlayStation since then; over 20 years. I just don’t know.

  • Sad news, I’ve been a really happy customer after years in AT&T/DirecTV Now hell.

    If I may, this should never have been marketed as a “Playstation” product. People are dumb, assume as much when you market to them.

  • I dumped DirecTV for Vue years ago, and never looked back! Tried Hulu and Sling as well, but Vue was always had the best channels selection and features at a price that was tolerable. In fact…I WOULD’VE PAID MORE! Also, I totally agree with all the comments saying it should’ve been branded differently. I tried evangelizing Playstation Vue to anyone that would listen, and what did I hear? “…but I don’t have a Playstation.”. Grrrrr!!! Anyway, it was great while it lasted. Please consider relaunching in the future!

    • Sony did the same thing with mini disc, it would have replaced CD if they wouldn’t have given up. They need a better marketing department. I feel this is their real issue.

  • Wow, this is a surprise. So bummed out, been a subscriber from early on. At least it’ll save me some money.

  • I hope sony can change there minds i really like there live tv im gonna miss it i think we should start a petition and have a vote i dont think they should get rid of it whos with me

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This is the very disappointing. My family loves this service and uses it as our primary entertainment! It was affordable, reliable and I personally loved all the sports channels I got. This reaaaaaaaally makes me sad. I have been praising this service and convincing people to get it.

  • as lots of others said, vue was by far the best streaming service out there. the issue was the price kept going up and up and up. i went back to cable and even with a dvr box and more channels, its still cheaper than vue. the whole point of vue was to cut the cable for a decent price..not price it as high and in my case more than cable itself..

  • This is so sad! Vue was one of the reasons I preferred Playstation over Xbox, I will absolutely be switching to Microsoft now as all the other major streaming services (all of which are worse than Vue) are on Xbox! So disappointed in Sony!!!!!

  • Well this terrible news. I really enjoyed Playstation Vue. It was far cheaper than cable, provided me more channels, usable on my phone, and best of all when traveled to visit family I could take it with me. Not going back to cable. I guess I’ll have to go to YouTube TV….but they don’t have the NFL Network and PS Vue does. :-(

  • Dang, I sure hate to see you go! I’ve been with you since the start and I sure am gonna miss ya’ll! You may want to reconsider re-brand to Sony Vue and advertise it, like the other guys do (U-tube). Heck they are even sponsoring the World Series, while people are thinking that they must have a playstation to have PSV. Thank you for a great service.


  • Im confused my ps4 doesnt wanna work it keeps saying “connect USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 7.00 or later you can download the update file for reinstallation from”
    What do i do

  • Like stated many times above, if Playstation, or Sony do not provide another 3rd party app for their customers to stream live TV on very soon, Xbox stock will go through the roof! Been a loyal PS customer since the original, but seriously will drop Sony like a hot rock if this is not addressed. Ready to switch services now, but nothing else is available. Listening to your customers could possibly have saved the service. On Demand is a costly mistake for Sony and quite unnecessary with DVR.

  • Did anyone ever figure out why on earth they ever thought it was a good idea to tie this service to the PlayStation brand? Most people hear a name like “PlayStation Vue” and think it’s something gaming-related, or think that it’s something that requires PlayStation hardware, when neither is the case at all. Brain-dead marketing decision.

    • The marketing department should be fired. Most of this lays directly at their feet. Who would ever decide to put PlayStation in the title. That was 80% of your problem right there. Next, you never advertised. Hulu advertisements are Everywhere!! None from PS Vue

  • Fail Sony. Fail. I am old enough to remember when Sony was IT. Whether it was stereo equipment, video equipment, or gaming…Sony was the quality product. Then Sony made one bad decision after another. They only thing they kept was gaming and barely at that as Microsoft and Nintendo got back in the ring. Then it seemed Sony was going to make a comeback. Their digital camera became excellent being the first to do mirror-less. I even went to Sony being a long time Nikon fan. Then Playstation Vue came out and I thought for sure they were on a come back. Vue was the best in the business. I tried them all and it had the best channels, cloud DVR, and video quality. Here we go again. First they should have sold it under the Sony name, so many people that you had to have a Playstation to use it which with it being in the name who could blame them. Fail. Then they had membership issues (getting new sign ons) and they still didn’t rebrand. Fail again. Sadly with this fail, it not only hurts Sony’s name but the Playstation name as well. Sony’s cameras are now so overpriced people are running back to NIkon and Cannon now that they have gone Mirror-less and are cheaper with just as good if not better quality. Sony this is the last fail for me. I am out. You lost me as a fan and a customer.

  • Well that came out of no were…PSVUE is the best internet based tv out there, had it since the beginning.

  • I started using PSVUE few years ago after cutting the cord completely for nearly ten years. With wi-fi speeds improving to the point streaming video was reliable I was thrilled to get the sports and news coverage I really wanted at a reasonable price. I was even “ok” with the expected fees creeping up and just last month actually upped my service tier one level to get additional NHL coverage. Thank you, SONY, for providing a pretty reliable service, on multiple platforms, and allowing multiple streams. I am really sorry to see you go, and am pretty much resigned to going back to the “dark ages” of limited viewing options. At 68 years old, I am getting a little too old for new tricks, and really should probably spend my time more productively. Anyhow, just wanted to jump in and say “thanks.” Hate to see you go.

  • We really love PS Vue! Sad to see it go. We would love to be able to still watch live TV using our PS4 and PS3 but according to what I have read, live TV is only available using PS Vue. Any chance Sony will support a live TV app like YouTube Live or Hulu live when PS Vue goes away?

    I literally just un-subscribed last week haha
    It got too expensive & i only used it for a few things..

  • Sad news. PSVue was the best streaming service. 5 streams, all my local broadcast channels, lots of sports. I’d gladly pay more not to have to find another service. I tried Sling before I found PSVue, and the stream limitations were terrible. I don’t want to give any more data to Google, so no YoutubeTV for me. I guess I’ll have to relook at Sling, look at DirectTV, Hulu, Fubo. Anyone else?

  • Are there any other live local TV streaming services with a DVR, that are in existence?

  • This truly sad news since Streaming is the Future. I don’t know if anyone else noticed how Streaming is not being Upgraded and there are Less improvements. I’ll never go back to Cable ever again. I’ll stick with Sling and Hulu. Would love to use AT&T because they have the Best Streaming but I’m not paying $300 a month, I was doing that with Cable. I’ll Stream Pluto TV and watch Local TV from my antenna and Stop paying services period. It would not surprise me to hear other Streaming companies dropping service so Cable can thrive again. Also some Companies are concerned that Passwords are being shared with others and keeping them from gaining New customers which is a Joke when services are being Paid for. Sadly Greed is Out of Control with All Entertainment.

    • Sounds like a great example of free market, the cable companies interests being forced back on to us. Cute move Sony, and by cute I mean gross!!!!

  • This is good news in a way. I thought Vue was pretty dang awesome but I would rather see the PlayStation brand focus more on the gaming side of things. Perhaps some of the saved revenue can go into the new Sony / PlayStation handheld! :D

  • For those of us who specifically bought a PS4 to use Vue what is the plan? Will you be refunding and returning this hardware that is now of no use to me? Unfortunately without Vue there’s no reason for PS4 given my interests. I’m sure the plan was to leave the useless hardware with your loyal customers and tell them too bad, but I figured it was worth asking given this feels like a scam to sell more ps4’s to folks who will then not have a use for it when you quit providing Vue.

    • Considering you don’t need a PS4 to use Vue, I don’t see how this is Sony’s responsibility.

    • Kind of ridiculous to buy a gaming console for the sole purpose of just using it as a streaming device. Should have bought a Roku instead. It’s not Sony’s fault you bought it only to stream on.. First and foremost It’s meant to play games, streaming is a secondary option / perk / feature, it should not be the main feature of the device.

    • There is no way you bought an entire PS4 just to use with PS VUE. there is no way!

    • Sony’s advertising makes it clear that Vue is supported on multiple platforms. If some people assumed that a game console was needed, then they weren’t paying attention. If you don’t own a Roku or Amazon Fire, you might find (as I did) that streaming services such as Netflix, CBS All Access, and others work better on a game console than they do on a computer. I also use my PS3 and PS4 for watching movies, as the playback quality seems to be better. My game consoles are the only means I have for playing Blu-ray discs, as my other optical drives don’t support that format. A game console can also be used for web browsing, e-mail, etc. By applying some imagination, you might find that your PS4 is not money wasted.

    • Keep in mind people that you got an extra dedicated stream available for using the PS4 device. Maybe they needed the 4th device available for their situation? I used the PS4 for this as well since I found that the PS4 interface was the most “advanced” provided compared to what was offered in the Fire/Roku devices.

  • I understand why they did it, but branding this PlayStation Vue was a critical error. And attempting to fix the error consumed all of the marketing budget (and still didn’t work – should have rebranded as Sony Vue). It’s a shame, since it is the best cable-like streaming service out there. Some people at Sony need to do a serious post-mortem on Vue and learn from the mistakes.

    • It’s ridiculous that the hands-down best streaming service (PlayStation Vue) is quitting the business. The BEST product should win, not declare defeat and run away.

      I agree with the many comments that the brand name was a HUGE problem. The brand name should have been a simple “Vue TV” (or Vue TV by Sony).

      I hope Sony will sell the technology platform and the subscriber list to another company that want’s to win the market share battle for streaming service that are an alternative to cable/satellite. If AT&T were smart (they aren’t) it would acquire PlayStation Vue and migrate all of its ATT TV Now/DIRECTV Now customers onto the Vue service. With ATT’s deep pockets selling the superior Vue product, they would eventually become the winner.

  • i’m disappointed customer to hear this news as i like this service because its pretty good,now i cut the cord i wont have a viable way to watch my local sports team =/

    thanks for the warning though.i will miss this service greatly

  • Vita, PS TV, and now Vue. Gotta love Sony marketing

  • You mean, mini disc, Vita, PS TV, and now Vue. Gotta love Sony marketing

  • Really enjoyed the service, sad to see it go. Guess I’ll just switch to streaming only.

    • I just barely cut the cord and PS VUE has been a wonderful experience. It’s nice watching EVERYTHING on my PS4; I even bought your PS4 remote control. If you’re going to do this to me, at least allow YouTubeTV on your system.

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