How Bosslogic Created the Free New Mortal Kombat 11 PS4 Theme

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How Bosslogic Created the Free New Mortal Kombat 11 PS4 Theme

The prolific designer grew up with MK, so designing a new PS4 Theme celebrating the series was an easy ask.

Hello, PlayStation fans! I’m Bosslogic, an artist from Melbourne, Australia. I studied photography for four years, but I transitioned to digital art when I started to edit images in Photoshop and fell in love with it.

Video games are life and Mortal Kombat has been a mainstay for me. Sadly, I have less and less time to play these days — that’s why I play fighting games: they’re quick and fun. I love MK, I love Street Fighter, Tekken… these got me through some tough times. So when Sony and WB reached out to see if I could help design a new PS4 Theme to celebrate the release of Terminator and the MK Kommunity, I was onboard instantly.

Designing this Theme was an easy process. I started with the Terminator. When I think of Terminator, I think dark, post-apocalyptic world. I generally prefer stylization & simplicity, and I wanted the focus to be on Arnold. WB loved the piece so much, they asked for a second one featuring the iconic original MK characters. I decided to make Scorpion the focus of this one, with Raiden and Sub-Zero featured as well. I originally had others in there, like Noob Saibot, but it didn’t work for the Theme. I love the distinctive, bright imagery and I wanted to capture each character’s personality using their iconic colors. My favorite part was putting Scorpion on a mound of skulls. To me, that just screams vengeance.

I’m excited for the future of MK. It’s always held a special place in my heart. Sindel, Joker, and Spawn should all be instant klassics too. I can’t wait to see them.

It was an honor to create this free theme for the MK kommunity. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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