Control Gets Photo Mode Tomorrow, New Info on Expeditions Update

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Control Gets Photo Mode Tomorrow, New Info on Expeditions Update

Take control... of the camera.

Control has been out for a little while now and we are so grateful for how enthusiastic everyone has been about the game. Such an overwhelmingly positive response from our community, our friends at game development studios worldwide, and our friends and families has exceeded all our expectations. You even liked the duck, and the plants! Thank you so much! It has been wonderful to see such support across the board for our weird game. You inspire us to be better and work harder every day.

Control‘s journey isn’t over, though. We have new content in the pipeline, but before that, the first thing the next game update will have is the much requested Photo Mode, which we’ll be bringing to you in update 1.04. The best news is that this update will be out tomorrow, October 16!

With its Brutalist hallways, big open spaces and strange things creeping in from other dimensions, Control has a very striking aesthetic. Every Sector of the Bureau has a unique look and color palette. Not to mention that Jesse’s supernatural abilities can leave a devastating effect on the environment and the Hiss-corrupted enemies. Considering all these strong visuals, there was no question that a Photo Mode was something we needed to do for Control. It’s a chance for you to express your creativity, and put your mark on the world we’ve built by capturing the moments that matter to you.

Photo Mode can be accessed through the Options Menu.

To control how the camera moves, use the Left and Right Thumb Sticks. The L2 and R2 buttons will pan it up or down. The Photo Mode menu has two tabs, one that lets you change some specific options that you would find in a regular camera, and another where you can select different filters or hide Jesse or other characters from the world.

In the Camera tab, you can:

  • Roll the camera by degrees while pointing it at the same subject
  • Broaden or tighten the Field of View
  • Change the Focus Distance
  • Adjust the Aperture and determine the depth of field

In the Filters tab, you can hide Jesse or hide all other characters (or both!), or use any of the ten different filters that come with the Photo Mode. You can also reset the shot by pressing Square, and hide the UI by pressing Triangle. We can’t wait to see the shots you create! Share them with us on social media using the #ControlRemedy hashtag.

What’s next for Control?

Like we said, we are working on new content and we couldn’t leave you hanging like that, so… at the end of this year we’ll be releasing a free gameplay mode for all our players. Everyone who owns Control will be getting the challenging Expeditions mode, in which Jesse will need to complete different objectives within a set time to get powerful rewards. But be on your guard – every Expedition that Jesse undertakes will come with different modifiers that make the encounter extra tricky. Have a sneak peek at what Expeditions will look like below…

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  • I’ll definitely try out the Photo mode. I already have the Platinum trophy, so it’ll give me an excuse to go back to this awesome game.

    The Expeditions mode doesn’t sound like my kind of thing. Not a fan of time limits, or ultra hard challenges. (It took me way too many tries to beat Mr. Tomassi.) Will this mode have extra trophies? I don’t like that Spider-Man added a trophy for Hard mode, ruining my 100% trophy collection, even though I already had the Platinum.

    Still looking forward to the paid DLC, though. Can’t wait to have more story content to play through.

    • Hello I have broblem I buy the game for ps4 and I unboxing it but when I enter the code for the content it does not working please help I need the weapon and costumes

    • @yousef_yousefout If you’re sure that the code hasn’t been used before, then I’d bet your PSN account region is different from the game’s region. You’ll need to play it on an account that’s the same region.

  • Any word on whehter this update will include any further performance updates? Looking forward to it either way! Appreciate all the awesome work Remedy is doing.

  • This is so cool and great game btw, extra check points un the clear the syphons part would be welcome, I can’t get past that.

  • Can’t wait for the free update and the season pass, the name for one of the dlcs is very promising <3 AWE <3

  • I really love this game since it’s so awesome and pretty. However, hopefully the new update patch will fix the glitch side mission called old friends since Remus would not appear at all in NSC Energy Converters area. I have other 5 enemies defeated on that side mission and only missing one left is Remus. I also have beat the game all the way to the end as well plus still having trouble getting Remus to appear. Please help ASAP.

  • One of the best games of the year so far. Looking forward to taking pictures with Photo mode and the future content.

  • Hoping for a new game plus!

  • Bro fix the servers I wanna play fortnite

  • I won’t be buying or playing this game until the PS5 releases. I can’t be doing with inconsistent framerate issues.

  • While I’m quite happy that the photo mode is finally out, I’m a bit disappointed that the mission bug with collecting spore samples is still hindering me from obtaining the platinum trophy. I really hoped that would’ve get fixed…

  • I doubt anyone at Remedy is reading this, but I hope that performance issues are addressed sooner than later. Prolonged loading times and stuttering are preventing this from going from “like” to “love.” Great game, but I just wish I could access the content in a more consistent manner.

  • Nobody reads theses messages I totally wish that they would though

  • I was not expecting this game.
    Just beat it. Almost have a platinum
    Very good game!
    Waiting on the DLC

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