Inside the Music of Concrete Genie, Soundtrack Out Now

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Inside the Music of Concrete Genie, Soundtrack Out Now

PixelOpus' inspiring new adventure features a whimsical soundtrack starring flutes, cellos, and analog synths.

Greetings everyone! It’s your old pal Sam Marshall, Composer of the music of Concrete Genie. With Concrete Genie recently releasing on PlayStation 4, I’d like to share a few fun facts about the music in this wonderful game.

The Musical Themes

In the early days of the project, I went through a concept music phase much like the artists and designers on the Pixelopus team. After a lot of experimentation and some great discussions with the creative leads at Pixelopus, I decided to identify 3 narrative and emotional themes that I wanted to represent with the music. Childhood, Maturity and MAGIC! I then assigned each theme a specific musical instrument and used this palette to create the entire soundtrack.

Childhood – The Joy of Creativity


I thought to myself, what’s the most youthful instrument I can think of? The flute! It just screams childhood. It’s playful and fun but also very delicate and emotional. When you listen to the soundtrack see if you can notice how the flute’s role shifts throughout. At times, the flute is bright and joyful while other parts it cries out from the abyss to emote the feeling of Ash being forced to make some very important decisions.

Maturity – Struggle – Doing the Right Thing


The cello is an extremely mature instrument. It has a wide emotional range. It can be hopeful, sad, scary and heroic all in a single melody. The cello is the grounding emotional force of Concrete Genie and connects all of the deep emotional moments throughout the game. You might hear the same cello melody and have it ignite very different feelings in the soundtrack.

MAGIC! – The Living Paint / Nostalgia

Analog Synths

Our game is influenced by classic, coming-of-age 80s movies. Using analog synths was a great way to nod to these classic influences without getting toooo 80s. The warm analog synths turned out to be a great contrast to the very worldly sounds (and emotional themes) of the flute and cello. Just like the magic in our story, it is the glue that binds the whole experience together.

Brush Chimes

One last thing I want to mention is something we call The Brush Chimes. In the same way that we want everyone to feel like an artist, we also wanted to give the player the power to play music! All of our brush designs have unique musical instruments that play while you paint! The Brush Chimes will play nicely with the game’s main music as well — they’ll always play in the right key and in time with the score. They range from soft and pretty to weird and whacky! Be sure to try them all.

Were you able to notice the relationship between the instruments? We’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!

I hope you have a blast with Concrete Genie! You’ll definitely want to check out the Digital Deluxe version of Concrete Genie as it includes a digital soundtrack application and the amazing digital art book.

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  • The audio in Concrete Genie is sublime. Perks of working at San Mateo.

    Concrete Genie is incredible because of everything surrounding the game. The score, the visuals, art style, and effects all lull you into a cradle of artful bliss. The art and sound design and truly spectacular and imo both deserve recognition on the awards circuit.

    Concrete Genie is a stunning artistic vision come to life from the hands of 14 dedicated people and i personally am thrilled with the result. Playing this with my Platinum PlayStation headset and 3D audio/VSS on has been one of the best audio experiences i’ve had in gaming or media in general.

    After i platinum the game i plan on firing up my PSVR to explore the 2 VR modes and attain the extra VR trophies. If you have a PS4 Pro, PSVR, and a Platinum, Gold, or high quality headset this game will attack your senses in the most pleasant of ways. 4K on Pro, 2 PSVR modes, and surreal audio.

  • I noticed the brush chimes and i loved the way it added to the experience. It’s almost as if you are making music as you paint. I had no idea that was part of the experience, but it’s nice to make music while you create art and it helps identify the personality of each brush.

    I agree, the chimes play extremely well with the ambient music while painting. The background music that plays while you paint is wonderful as well.

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