Introducing the New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4 Pro Bundle

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Introducing the New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4 Pro Bundle

Experience the epic reimagining of the iconic Modern Warfare series with an all-new 1TB PS4 Pro bundle designed to optimize your games on 4K HDR or 1080p HD TVs.

As we count down the days until the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the sixteenth installment of the epic series, we are thrilled to reveal a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4 Pro bundle launching alongside it on October 25.

Arriving just in time for the holiday season, this new bundle features a jet-black 1TB PS4 Pro system, alongside a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller, and a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Blu-Ray Disc.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare the stakes have never been higher, as players take on the role of lethal Tier One operators in a heart-racing saga that will affect the global balance of power. Players can also enjoy a variety of gameplay options, ranging from a visceral and dramatic single-player story campaign, to classic multiplayer, or cooperative play through a collection of elite operations accessible to all skill levels.

With PlayStation 4 Pro, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans can look forward to a number of features to help bring the most photorealistic environments in franchise history to life. 4K TV owners will appreciate 4K resolution using temporal anti-aliasing with dynamic up-sampling, while HD TV players will benefit from increased image clarity through supersampling when playing on PS4 Pro, compared to PS4. Lastly, players with HDR displays can enjoy grounded combat and fast-paced action with high dynamic range color as well.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4 Pro Bundle will be available on October 25 at select retail stores across the US and CAN for $399.99 USD (MSRP) / $499.99 CAD (MSRP).

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  • PS4, Scuf, Doritos, Mountain Dew, Totino’s.. Activision knows they have something special with Modern Warfare this year with all this promotion! I’ve never been this excited for Call of Duty before but the beta was amazing.

  • I’ve been waiting so long for a Last of Us 2 themed PS4 pro console, and you show up with a lame handprint Death Stranding white one. I was willing to accept that, but this is too much. If you can’t give this console a proper swan song and give us the console theme we deserve, then maybe I just won’t buy your crummy console. See you in a few years. IF you get your act together for PS5.

    • It’s most likely going to be announced closer to the release of the game just like they did with the Death Stranding one…

    • A console designed with a theme that represents the game their designed after usually is really good, especially for triple a games. If the Death Stranding one is lame to you then please explain how you think it should look.

      Even if it were to look better. Who cares and what average person would buy it? That goes for all new PS4 consoles including a LOU2 one. They cost more, just for crazy dedicated fans and collectors, and at the end of the day. They’re of a game you’d get over later on as you move on to another game that’s just as good. Having a console designed after a game is just you having an expensive reminder on your shelf letting you know you played that game and liked it.

      As for a LOU2 one, that game looks next gen so they’ll probably make one for the PS5…so there you go.

    • brn_dn
      I sure hope so.

      It is lame to me because anybody can slap black paint on their hands and do the same design. I feel like they could’ve done better. Put that golden mask thing from the game on it, or even just the Kojima Productions logo. At least the controller was different. If someone else likes it, more power to them. I’m happy for them.

      If it did look good, I would buy it. Along with many other average people. If you mean they cost the producer more, then that is probably true. If you mean the consumer, then that’s not entirely true. A base Pro cost the same as the Death Stranding Pro, but comes with the game.
      Some people like the reminder. We all have a favorite game we go back to or always like to remember. Ever met anybody with a gaming related tattoo?

  • Hola amigos,quisiera saber si el call of duty black ops4 el k dice paquete que cuesta 21.77 dólares es el juego en modo historia o es solo para jugar online,xl quiero comprarlo y estoy en la duda x si alguien lo compro xfa menduele decir si lo es,gracias.

  • I have the death stranding ps4 pro on pre order thinking about switching to this one instead….will it be pre orderable or just launching when the game launches? Any answer would be appreciated

    • You can pre-order it. It’s on Best Buy’s website right now. I’d recommend keeping your pre-order for the Death Stranding one though since it’s a limited edition release and will be much more valuable than this one in the future.

  • Honestly, it’s a fair bundle but I think they should add more incentives just for buying the call of Duty bundle like the digital weapons pick announced a while ago or an operator skins pack.

  • Wish there was a themed PS4 Pro in the bundle instead of just the standard Pro.

    • I had the same idea. Maybe you could be a cool camo skin, or paint and customize it yourself. I have no regrets about preordering the Death Stranding LE Pro, it’s absolutely epic.

  • Thank you for waiting this long to announce this rather than along with all of the other preorders. I definitely did not want to save money or anything. I am so happy to support these kinds of inconsiderate tactics. A+ effort Sony.

  • Heck yes! I can’t get enough COD in my life.

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