MediEvil: A Bonehead’s Guide to Gallowmere – Volume 4

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MediEvil: A Bonehead’s Guide to Gallowmere – Volume 4

Prepare for Sir Dan’s undead adventure with a bone-rattling new series of instructional videos.

Brave soldiers of Gallowmere,

Every kingdom has its share of threats, and the ones you’re about to face seem to have a bone to pick with you! If you think you might have trouble parsing through zombie parts, demolishing demons and mashing these monsters, we’ve got just the trick.

For those slightly fuzzy on the ways of the land (and who wouldn’t be after a few decades?) I present to you the Bonehead’s Guide to Gallowmere – four episodes of a new weekly video series to remind every loyal knight, new or old, of the essential skills needed to defend the kingdom. No more skulking in the shadows for you!

So pay close attention – the lessons within might just be what you need to win the day. We’ll update this post with the latest info as we rattle closer to launch, so stay tuned!

MediEvil launches on October 25, 2019.

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  • This is a terrifically cheeky little video. The demo is fun too. My daughter had a blast playing in on Vita through remote play. MediEvil was one of favourite PS1 games for sure!

  • This reminds me of the Jameson marketing campaign leading up to the launch of Spider-Man. Considering how little coverage MediEvil has gotten, this is definitely a great idea, and the personality of this video was great. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • MediEvil looks awesome, the demo is incredible. The visuals are gorgeous on PS4 Pro and $29 is a steal.

    GT Sport SPEC II – out today
    Concrete Genie – October 8th
    MediEvil Remake – October 25th
    Death Stranding – November 8th
    The Last of Us II – February 21st

    PS4 is loaded this holiday. ReadySet Heroes and GT SPEC II just released. Iron Man VR and Dreams are on the horizon as well.

  • This game is visually stunning. I hope we can get more remastered classics like this!

  • Loving it. Just cant find out how to save my game? Any help?

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