PlayStation Now: Everything You Need to Know

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PlayStation Now: Everything You Need to Know

The game streaming and downloading service gets some big changes starting today.

Today we announced some big news for PlayStation Now. We know you may have questions, so we put together a handy guide to tell you everything you need to know about streaming and downloading games on PS Now.

Let’s get right to it.

In a nutshell, how is PS Now changing?
Starting October 1, the following top blockbuster games will be added to the PS Now service: God of War, Grand Theft Auto V*, Infamous Second Son and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. These games will be available starting on October 1 until January 2, 2020 for you to stream to your PS4 system or PC, or download to your PS4 system.

Additionally we are offering PS Now at a new lower price, keeping it line with pricing of other entertainment streaming services. Here are the prices starting today:

  • US: $9.99 – monthly / $24.99 – quarterly / $59.99 – yearly (from $19.99/ $44.99/ $99.99)
  • CAN: $12.99 – monthly / $34.99 – quarterly / $79.99 – yearly (from $19.99/ $44.99/ $99.99)
  • EU: €9.99 – monthly / €24.99 – quarterly/ €59.99 – yearly (from €14.99/ (N/A)/ €99.99)
  • UK: £8.99 – monthly / £22.99 – quarterly/ £49.99 – yearly (from £12.99 / (N/A) / £84.99)
  • JP: ¥1,180 – monthly / ¥2,980 – quarterly / ¥6,980 yearly (from ¥2,500 / ¥5,900 / (NA)

I’m an existing 12-month subscriber. What will change for me?
You will see the new reduced price reflected on your next billing cycle. You’ll also have access to the newly announced blockbuster titles on the service. Otherwise, your service will remain the same, and you can continue to enjoy the hundreds of games currently available.

How often will new titles be introduced to the PS Now catalog?
Each month, the service will add a selection of popular games that will be available for a limited period. This is on top of the existing offering of popular evergreen titles that are added to PS Now on a regular basis.

Will I still be able to stream or download PS Now games included in the subscription plan?
Yes. PlayStation Now enables you to stream more than 800** PS4, PS3 and PS2 games on your PS4 and PC, and download more than 300** PS4 games to play on your PS4.

Downloaded and recently streamed games will sit in your PS4 library alongside any other games you’ve purchased from PS Store, or any recently played disc-based games on the homescreen. It’s easy to switch between streamed or downloaded games.

PS4 offers both download and streaming support. On PC, only streamed games are supported.

How do I download PS Now games?
On your PS4 system, you can browse the PS4 title you want to play on the PS Now service. There, you will see a streaming or download option. Just hit the download option and you are good to go. Otherwise if you are browsing through the PlayStation Store you’ll see a PS Now button on any title included in the service, so you can choose to download or stream.

PS Now games downloaded to your PS4 will appear in your library just like any game you purchase from PlayStation Store. Downloads are only compatible on PS4 or PS4 Pro, and are not supported on PC.

What’s the difference between playing a downloaded game and streamed version?
Games downloaded from PS Now run locally on your PS4 console at their native graphic quality and sound output modes, so the quality can increase up 4K (with a PS4 Pro) if the game and your TV supports it. Downloaded games with PS VR support are also playable using your PS VR system.

Additionally, some online features, such as add-ons and online mode, will only be accessible through the downloaded version of the game. Streaming quality will vary depending on your internet speeds and bandwidth, requiring a minimum of 5Mbps.

How many games can I download from PS Now?
There is no limit to the number of games you can download from the PS Now service, as long as you have sufficient hard drive space.

When I’m offline, can I play games I’ve downloaded?
Yes. However, when playing a downloaded game, you’ll need to connect to PSN every seven days to validate your PS Now subscription and maintain your access to the game.

Do DLC and add-ons work with downloaded games?
Yes. You can purchase and use any DLC and add-on content with games downloaded from PlayStation Now. If your PlayStation Now subscription expires, or if the limited time game content leaves the PS Now service, you’ll also lose access to the DLC and add-on content associated with that game. However, should you re-subscribe to PlayStation Now, or purchase the game from PlayStation Store, you’ll be able to use your purchased DLC and add-on content again.

What about PS VR? Are you adding any PS VR titles to PlayStation Now?
We don’t currently have any plans for PS VR games to be added to the service for streaming. However, any games you download from PS Now that have PS VR support will work just as well as if you downloaded them from PlayStation Store.

Can I use PS VR or other peripherals with games downloaded from PS Now?
As with all games downloaded from PlayStation Store or installed via disc, games downloaded via PlayStation Now will allow you to use any peripherals the game supports. Streamed games will not support PS VR.

Will games from the next-generation console eventually be made available through PS Now?
PlayStation Now focuses on bringing to you the best games from the PS2, PS3 and PS4 libraries. We have no plans to discuss next-generation games right now.

Do games in the PS Now service have Trophies?
Yes, games in the service supports trophies just like a disc or downloaded version of the game. Trophies are unlocked in real time and sync to your account. PS4 gameplay activity and trophy unlocks appear in your activity feed seen by other players on the PS4 dashboard.

Does PS Now support multiplayer for both PS4 and PC?
Yes, games in the PlayStation Now library support multiplayer, just like the retail versions of the game. Multiplayer invites can also be sent and received, just like normal.

In addition, you can enjoy PS4 and PS3 multiplayer games online through PS Now without a PlayStation Plus subscription. PS Plus is required for online multiplayer access for PS4 and PS3 games outside of the PS Now service.

Is there a combined PS Now & PS Plus subscription offering?
No. PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus are available as separate subscription plans.

What devices can I use to play games with my PlayStation Now subscription?
PlayStation Now is currently supported on the following devices:

  • PlayStation 4 – Streaming and game downloads
  • PC – Streaming only

Is there a PS Now app for Mac?
No. PS Now is only supported on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

Can I play PS Now games on my smart TV, smartphone, or tablet?
PS Now is only available on PS4 and PC. It is not currently supported by smart TVs, smartphones or tablets.

What happens if I cancel my PS Now subscription? Will I be able to retain my save progress or other data?
Downloaded games will store their save progress onto the PS4 console automatically, just make sure you don’t delete the saved data if you’d like to return to your progress either through PS Now or through buying the game on PS Store.. Also, if your PS Now subscription expires, you’ll lose access to your save progress associated with that game. However, should you re-subscribe to PS Now, or purchase the game from PS Store, you’ll be able to access your saved data again.

Streamed games will store their data in PS Now cloud storage. You can download this saved data to your console, or to PS Plus cloud storage (if you have a PS Plus subscription). You’ll need a PS Now subscription to access the PS Now cloud storage.

Can I request a refund of my existing PS Now subscription?
Please see our cancellation policy here.

What kind of internet connection do I need to stream games on PS Now?
As a minimum broadband speed, we recommend 5Mbps. We also recommend using a wired connection and limiting the use of other network connected devices to get the best experience.

For downloadable games, you just need a stable connection to the internet to start downloading.

What are the minimum requirements for PlayStation Now on PC?

  • Windows 7 (SP 1), 8.1 or 10
  • Core i3 2.0 GHz
  • 300 MB of available storage
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Sound card; USB port

However for optimal performance, the following specs are recommended:

  • Windows 7 (SP 1), 8.1 or 10
  • 3.5 GHz Intel Core i3 or 3.8 GHz AMD A10 or faster
  • 300 MB or more of available storage
  • 2 GB or more of RAM
  • Sound card; USB port

Can users connect controllers to their Windows PC to play?
Yes, users can connect their DualShock 4 via USB.

Can users connect their Bluetooth audio to PC while playing on PS Now?
Yes, as long as the audio device is compatible with the PC unit, gamers will be able to enjoy the audio from PS Now games through their PC-supported audio device.

Can I use third-party controllers?
If the controller supports PlayStation 4 systems, then you can play PlayStation Now on PS4. The Windows PC app is built to work only with DualShock 4. Third party controllers are not supported on PC.

Can I use PlayStation Now to stream to other devices via Remote Play?
This feature isn’t supported.

For more information about PS Now, please visit our webpage.

* Grand Theft Auto V is available to download and stream via PS Now at launch; Grand Theft Auto Online and Rockstar Games Social Club will be available for users that download GTAV at launch. Online features, including Grand Theft Auto Online and Rockstar Games Social Club, are currently only available in the downloaded version. Update: Online features are now available for the streaming version of Grand Theft Auto V. However, the Diamond Casino mode is currently only available in the downloaded version.
**Game availability will vary by country

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  • When will the games be added. I just logged in and nothing new

    • I know right?

    • Is Sony working on an Android/Android TV version of PS Now? The PC version is way too buggy and uses too much CPU.

      If Sony doesn’t make an Android version soon I may just not renew my one year subscription.

      At the moment I’m forced to use a Windows 10 VM to use it. I spent hours figuring out how to configure GVT-g with QEMU and got it working at 60 FPS but the high CPU usage makes it pixelated sometimes.

  • LATAM when?

  • “PS Plus is required for online multiplayer access for PS4 and PS3 games outside of the PS Now service.”

    It is not true to say PS+ is required for PS3 games and when it comes to PS4, it depends on the game (basically only if it uses PSN for its online features)

    • 1. Add every older PlayStation exclusive
      2. Add more PS4 versions of PS3 games
      3. More complete and special editions of games (Games with their DLC included)
      4. 1080p Streaming
      5. PS Now mobile app for android and iOS smart phones and tablets (PS Now and 5G)
      Every PlayStation exclusive that’s at least a few years old should be PS Now. Not saying brand new titles have to be there. But there’s no reason why all of PlayStation’s legacy titles arent on PlayStation’s service. Games like:
      Jak & Daxter, Jak 2, Jak 3, Jak X (PS4 Versions)
      Ratchet & Clank Collection and Deadlocked
      PS All Stars Battle Royale
      Twisted Metal Black
      Resistance 1 & 2
      Gran Turismo 6
      The Order: 1886
      Uncharted Lost Legacy
      Fat Princess

  • Given that I already have 667 digital PS4 games and I do not take advantage of PS+ games, PS Now isn’t for me (neither is Xbox Game Pass). However, I can admit that PS Now just got a little better.

    For a long time the PS3 version of God of War 3 was on PS Now but wasn’t available to buy digitally on the PS3 PS Store. Please allow PS3 users to buy the PS3 version of God of War 3 digitally from the PS3 PS Store. I believe if a PS3 game is on PS Now, then I should be able to buy it digitally on the PS3.

    • True Strike!

    • People are still complains about GOW3? Look man, it’s not a big deal. And there are multiple solutions. Especially if you have a ps4.

      -You can easily find a new or used physical copy of GOW3 for the ps3.

      -you can buy the remastered GOW 3 digitally for ps4

      -you can buy the physical version of the remastered GOW3 for ps4.

      It’s really not a huge deal. Have you not played it yet?

  • PS Now is getting better and better!

  • Its Oct 1 already why cant i find uncharted 4 or GoW in ps now??

  • So will there still be lesser indie style games being added to the roster monthly as well? I usually own all the main stream games anyway but like the variety of the smaller add-ons..

  • Stop trying to compete with others. Just keep doing your own thing.

  • Hey Sid, Awesome news, but I’m a little confused about the 12 month subscription on my account. Will there be some sort of rebate for the rest of our 12 month subscriptions? Or do I just wait until it renews? It says the the new price will be reflected at the end of the billing cycle, but can you explain that a little more? I checked my renewal date and it says I will be charged 0 dollars on 9/22/20. So I’m not sure what is going on.

    Like, if you buy an item full price before a sale, I know that’s just bad luck (which I have a ton of). Is that the case here as well? Except, if I bought 12 months subscription an hour before the new prices I will be paying about 40% more per month. Will I be receiving a 40% in store rebate on the unused portion of my service, rounded down to the nearest month, and the rebate is to only be credited to PS Now? That sounds fair, but I’ll be happy with nothing either way.

    Also I see I can cancel within 14 days of my subscription and receive a refund for the rest of the unused service. Would I have to do this to get back the 40%? I can’t get internet service at my new place until around January, so I’ll probably cancel and renew then anyways. Many thanks.

  • Awesome news, now bring it to other places, iOS maybe, and macOS !? .. PS exclusives alone are killerapps in comparison to any other streaming platform.

  • Nothing about streaming at higher resolutions? Still going to be 720p? I have fast enough internet, I could stream 4k 60fps no problem.

  • How about Brazil? Don’t we deserve it? Should we move to Xbox + GamePass on Next Gen?

  • I’ll sub when the first party games are added day one.

    • Yeah like Xbox does. Imagine Sony put up every game that gets released day 1 onto PS Now as a downloadable version.

  • Well I’ll be cancelling game pass ultimate and subscribing to this when I get off work today. I’ve always preferred PlayStation and at $9.99 it blows gamepass out of the water

  • Perfect pricing. Just resubscribed.

  • Now if they can only bring the PS Vue back down in price. Ended up switching to Philo TV for now since it is $30 less and has some of the channels that PS Vue just moved to the upper tiers.

  • Nice FAQ for new users. So happy to see such a dramatic improvement to the Pricing and Catalog. Like I said in the other Article, I already felt bad about all the Download and Streaming Content I was getting at $19.99 a month, at $9.99 this just feels wrong.

    This is all great news for the service, and I look forward to many new users joining us long time users.

    One thing I have to address is the lack of Mobile support. As an early supporter of PS Now, the best device I ever used it on was the PS Vita. I actually used to teather my Vita to my Phone so I could play PS Now anywhere on the Vita. I even used to force it to allow me to play over 3G. The Vita would connect over 3G and drop a flash screen that wifi was required, but if you kept backing out of the flash screen, and got a game running, it would stop giving the prompt, and the games worked great.

    Ideally, having a new PlayStation Mobile with native playback of PS4 games, and 5G for calling,texting, and streaming would be the best thing possible. However, since Sony seems uninterested in that gold mine, it would be nice if we could stream to iOS considering the new DualShock 4 update. Being able to D/L and Stream these games at home is great, but Mobile really needs a shot in the arm.

  • This is the correct price point, now to just do tiers. How nice would it be to offer PlayStation Platinum at $90 or $100 and have that include Now and Plus? I am talked into subscribing, but it might not be until the PS5 comes out so I can retire the PS3 and PS4.

    • For 80 a year with plus and now included I might join if it was bundled. 90 or 100 might be pricey for some especially people in middle or high school who probably dont work.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen…You have a deal!!!! Good job.

  • This is better than before but we still need improvement. All new exclusives on release day on ps now. Trials every season for people to try for example a 2 month sub for dollars or 1 month for one dollar. This way you can experience ps now and think if this is something for you. Clean up the mess of tbe ps now section eveything is scrambled around very difficult to navigate. Should have filters in place for ps4 ps3 games, exclusive, streaming and non streaming all in seperate categories.

    • That’s actually a terrible idea. Microsoft can do that cause they can throw money at everything and expenses don’t matter to them, even if ti’s a stupid idea. This service has made sense for a older games because they’ll still generate revenue of some kind somehow. If you put first party games on it day 1, your losing a guaranteed $60 or more from people actually looking to buy it rather than getting some portion of that $10 a month. it’s simple. Also if you read the FAQ up top, you’ll see that games you play online with PS Now don’t require PS+. If new releases were part of PS Now and were multiplayer, it would make PS+ pointless. All-in-all resulting in PS Now becoming the main service Definitely going back up significantly more than it was before. Think about it.

      $100 for a whole year is not alot to even someone in high school
      (Referring to your reply a few posts up)

    • Yeaaa no that’s dumb. Why put your biggest titles that make millions of dollars on your streaming service day 1… The answer is to sell your service and give people a reason to get your console. PS does not need to do that. They release hit after hit Xbox does gamepass because there is no content to play on xbox, you have to convince people to get your console some way.

  • My year subscription just renewed on September 7th….and then this…

    I’ll be calling you Sony … I’ll be calling. Little upset there’s no refund or partial refund option for those who just had their subs just renew say within the last 6 months. We should see a form of credit or at least get something additional.

  • Seems like people are missing the Jan 2nd 2020 expiration date on these new titles.

    • If you downloaded it, it’s nothing to worry about as it’ll still work with a valid subscription. It’ll just be removed from people getting it in the Now service at that time.

  • I’ve had the service for a year now and it is totally worth it. If you travel a lot for work or going on holiday vacations it really helps.

  • I like the idea of a cheaper PS NOW, but Canada got shafted. US gets 40-50% price drop and Canada only gets 20-30%?

    • I like the idea of Chase Bank forgiving everyone’s credit card debt, but the USA got shafted. Chase forgave the debt of all Canadian cardholders, and US cardholders got nothing.

    • @TSTina, Only because Chase had already closed operations in Canada. Closing some outstanding accounts was done to complete their exit. It wasn’t as if a credit card company suddenly decided to be generous, not that such would be a bad idea.

  • Where can I test to see if my internet can stream games on PS Now?


    • @Emerald_Swords
      I have more than the recommended, but last time I tried it wouldn’t work. But now they removed the test in the PS Now app, so unless I pay and try it I cannot make sure it will work. I probably had high latency when I first tried, but I would like to try it now that it’s cheaper.

  • Love the price drop and adding the limited time offerings on newer games but will you still be adding permanent older games to the library too on a monthly basis? Or, is it going to just be 3-4 new games each month that expire after a few months.

  • Apple TV now supports PS4 controllers. Please…add the service to Apple TV and make all my dreams come true.

  • Add macOS or iOS to the supported platforms list for PS Now and you’ll get my $60. Til then, I’m paying the same price for less functionality than I want.

  • This is awesome!

  • Much much better pricing. I still wish Sony would offer a premium PS+ package that includes PS Now, something like $99/year would probably hit a sweet spot. But this is a major improvement.

    Now if we could just get PS1 and PS2 games on the service…

  • So no more permanent releases? Just limited time offerings like Xbox Game Pass and Netflix? I’m very disappointed.

    • Each month, the service will add a selection of popular games that will be available for a limited period. This is on top of the existing offering of popular evergreen titles that are added to PS Now on a regular basis.

      Based on what they are saying, it looks like they are still doing the monthly permanent games.

    • They saud it still regular games gwtting late into ovtober and i have beaten those 4 new ps4 now game
      Where the regular ones sony sheesh

  • Hey Sony, could you please make it possible for PSNow to download PS3 titles to a PS3 console? I have both a PS3 and PS4 and I prefer to install games locally rather than streaming. My household has a 1TB bandwidth limit which I share with 3 other roommates, so that’s 250GB for each of us. If I streamed everything, it wouldn’t take long to burn through that 250GB. PLEASE let PS3 owners install games locally! Thank you!

    • Definitely look for other providers

    • Hey KindledHearts91, I wish I could get another provider, but Xfinity (Comcast) is the only cable provider in town. There are other providers for DSL or Satellite, but those are significantly slower. We don’t have any fiber-optic providers in my area. If they offered Verizon fios here I’d switch in a heartbeat.

  • is there anyway to bypass the stream ping?
    I really want play here in brazil, my internet is 50mbps but give a delay error, i’m sure is just the ping,
    i don’t care if i play with bad response time, i just want play :(

    • Hi there I’m from Colombia and I had the same error but I finally find a method to bypass the stream ping, it consist in set your router in bridge mode so you can reach the ps now servers with a non-routed IP (public IP directly ) but remember that you need to have access to your router and it should have that feature, if you don’t know what the heck is the bridge mode thing just google it. This method maybe is a little complicated but trust me it works. btw i have a 10 mbps connection and it works perfectly.

  • Does this mean Sony is ready to rerelease the Dual Shock 4 Wireless USB adapter? Glad I grabbed 2 when I did. They are 60+ dollars now.

  • So this is bad news for my brother, his PS Now subscription just renewed a few days ago at the old $100 price.

  • There actually are a few devices that support PSnow that Sony offers

  • This is an amazing service, apart from the very annoying fact that I can’t purchase games from the Store that just so happen to be in the PSNow lineup.

    Maybe I want to capitalise on a sale for a particular game and actually own it. I feel like this consideration should be fairly obvious to Sony.

    • Preach it. It’s the same thing with PS Plus. Once you accept a PS Plus game, you can’t buy it. That’s an incredibly silly policy. Microsoft, by contrast, is more than happy to sell you a digital copy to “forever” own for Games with Gold and Game Pass.

  • GTA 5 stopped working on my account!!!

  • Sad that you did’nt include PSN Hong Kong or PSN Singapore to the list of regions that will have PSN Now. Us guys in asia can’t subscribe to it because it needs a cc from that region where it’s available.Why can’t it be like gamepass ultimate. even though i’m in asia i still can subscribe to gamepass using my asian cc on my US xbox account. Hoping you’ll consider adding HongKong PSN to the PS Now list very soon! I’ll sub to a 12 month plan right away on day one if that happens!

  • While I like the price drop (even though my sub renewed two weeks ago), I’m not horribly impressed with the new trend of 4 popular games for a temp time vs 10 new games in an evergreen group including lesser titles I might not otherwise pick up. Granted there are usually only 2-3 a month that interest me but the odds are better with more games that some will catch my eye. Additionally, if I can’t access the big games after 3 months, I definitely won’t be picking up any of the DLC for them that aren’t included with the base game download since the game will be gone and the DLC sitting there.

    Big name titles are games I generally buy early if I’m interested in them. What I generally grab from Now are smaller titles that I didn’t want to cough up for or some niche titles (Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Daybreak for example) which didn’t get sale prices that I felt warranted purchase. Hopefully they will still add evergreen titles in addition to the temps during the outside months (say Nov/Dec while waiting for the big games to be replaced in Jan) but there are still enough titles on my list that I’ll stay busy while new titles that I either already own or weren’t interested in come and go. It will take a while for me to decide whether this new trend is a good or bad thing.

  • why they don’t added subscription from wallet funds.. i dont have credit card or paypal… adding game is no benefits if other players dont have any option to subscribe it even if they want to… adding funds in wallet is easy with gift cards who dont have CC or PP.. they should enable this for us too :(

  • I just wish PS Now goes global!

  • What happends after 2 January
    Cant we play games like uncharted 4 or infamous second son
    If so does downloading it help

  • Can you add bayonetta, yakuza 3, No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise

  • I want ps now too but I live in Brazil :(

  • What about PlayStation move controller support for games like Resident Evil umbrella, and darkside Chronicles,House of the Dead 3 and 4 and Overkill.

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