Dauntless’ Aether Unbound Update Lands on PS4 Today

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Dauntless’ Aether Unbound Update Lands on PS4 Today

Including a new weapon, new Behemoth, new Bounty system, new Hunt Pass, and more.

Hello, Slayers! Today we’re talking about Dauntless’ next (and biggest!) update: Aether Unbound. This massive patch features a ton of great content. It also coincides with Dauntless leaving early access and going full 1.0. We’re big on feedback at Phoenix Labs so we can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Aether Unbound heralds the arrival of a fearsome new Behemoth, Tempestborne Stormclaw. This particularly nasty version of Stormclaw boasts shocking (pun intended) new attacks that will challenge even the most veteran of Slayers. Deadly storm clouds, lightning attacks, and electric traps that restrict the battlefield are just a few of the weapons in its varied arsenal.

To help combat this savage threat a new ally called the Scarred Master has arrived in Ramsgate. She brings with her a powerful new weapon: the aether strikers. The strikers are a fast-paced, up-close, personal weapon, and they feature some new systems that are among our deepest and most rewarding yet.

On the surface, aether strikers may appear to be mere gauntlets, but make no mistake: The strikers turn Slayers into living weapons. As you dish out damage and perform specific combos, you’ll charge up Mantras. Every time you charge a Mantra you’ll get access to the Surge attack — a dashing punch that allows a Slayer to pass through their target and reposition themselves in the heat of battle.

Consuming Mantras in the heat of combat will allow you to perform different techniques, such as Tempest Form, Karma Breaker, and my personal favorite, Adamant Bolt. This mighty attack unleashes a powerful blast of energy that consumes all your Mantras and gains bonus damage for keeping all your other Techniques active. To maximize your damage output you’ll have to manage your combat resources extremely carefully!

Aether Unbound also marks the release of our latest Hunt Pass: Way of the Fist. Inspired by the Scarred Master and her disciples, Way of the Fist provides Slayers with 50 levels of unlockable content and cosmetic rewards. This Hunt Pass also features our first upgradeable armour set, one that levels up as you complete your Hunt Pass.

Slayers can earn experience points for their Hunt Pass by gathering collectibles in the city and completing bounties acquired through Dauntless’ new Bounty system.

Bounties are a new way to slay — providing Slayer with flexible challenges that they get to choose. Slayers can have up to four bounties active at any given time, and can draft new ones by spending tokens. Tokens are unlocked in a variety of ways. Some are granted automatically, for example you get two per day for free. Others can be looted from hunts and unlocked in Hunt Passes. Bounties will provide Slayers will valuable Hunt Pass experience, and come in a couple varieties – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each with increasing degrees of difficulty but also rewards.

We’re very excited to share Aether Unbound with Slayers everywhere and we can’t wait to hear your feedback. We hope you enjoy the update and we’ll see you in the Shattered Isles.

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