Code Vein Out Tomorrow: 5 Tips to Get Battle-Ready

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Code Vein Out Tomorrow: 5 Tips to Get Battle-Ready

Even a skilled Revenant needs to brush up on the basics.

Eat or be eaten — the world of Code Vein is harsh and unforgiving. As a Revenant, you’re able to choose different Blood Codes, Blood Veils, Gifts, and weapons in a myriad of combos that give you distinct advantages in battle. Add strategic attacks and coordination with your partner into the mix, and you have an endless number of options to explore in your battle strategy.
Not quite sure where to begin in your fight for survival? Don’t worry — we’re giving you some helpful tips to use on your impending journey.

Secret Codes

Throughout the Code Vein experience, there is a considerable amount of branching paths with hidden areas to explore. Keep a close eye out for those sparkling item identifiers in the field or markers on your mini map. They could be Vestiges — fragments of Blood Codes — that can be used to unlock memories and Gifts. Some gifts require multiple Vestiges to unlock, so be on the lookout. If you’re having trouble, there are also specific Gifts that can help identify items in a larger vicinity.

“Rez me!”

In Code Vein, there is no shame in dying. Dying is a great way of trying out different skills and tactics to overcome difficult situations. Having a partner with you in your adventures is a great asset, as they have the ability to resurrect you within a short window after losing all your health, just as you can for them; but just like you, their ability to revive you also has a cooldown.

When fighting bosses or mobs, it’s imperative to pay close attention to your partner’s icon since it will indicate if they can revive you again. If they’re still in a cooldown phase, it might be best to back away and take things carefully until your partner can cast once more.

Prepare for the Next Battle

Prior to entering a fight with a boss, certain preparations can be made to give you an extra advantage at the beginning of battle. Prior to entering the field and triggering the boss fight, examine which buff gifts would be advantageous for you fight such as additional fortification or elemental weapon enhancements. Though they begin to deplete from the moment you cast, they will be active as you enter your fight, giving you a chance to play aggressively from the start.

Additionally, if you can strike your foe with a Drain Attack first, you can get two additional Ichor stock from the get-go, giving you additional flexibility with more casting opportunities during your battle.

The Definition of Insanity

There’s an old saying that the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions yet expecting a different outcome. Throughout the game, there are many points where you may hit a difficulty wall. Due to the fact that you can effectively change your character class via your Blood Code at any time, it’s in your best interest to change things up from time to time and see if you have better success.

Changing your Blood Code (or class) can affect your strength, speed, proficiency in Gift types, base Ichor stock, and the like. Additionally, you can change your partner NPC, weapon, Gift Set, and Blood Veil, all of which can be exactly what you need to take down that formidable foe. Give it a shot; what’s the worst that can happen?

Sweet Relief

To relieve yourself of your ailments, you have a couple options. Using a consumable is a quick way to rid yourself of a status change, though it comes at a cost to purchase from the shop. Additionally, a consumable will only remove the status from yourself, leaving your partner unaffected.

Alternatively, you can use the correct Blood Code with the appropriate Gift to remove the status. Just like Gifts that buff your character, Gifts that remove status ailments will cast on both you and your partner character.

Remember these tips and tricks to gain a strong edge in your battles against the Lost. The beginning of your journey is nearly here, and we’re excited for you to take on the formidable challenges in Code Vein!

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