Purchase PS4 Consoles, Accessories, Games Directly from PlayStation Starting Today

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Purchase PS4 Consoles, Accessories, Games Directly from PlayStation Starting Today

Buy a new PlayStation... from PlayStation!

Hi PlayStation fans, today we’re launching to offer PS4 consoles, accessories, games, and more directly from PlayStation for fans and gift-givers in the US, who can visit a single destination.

Integrated within the PlayStation.com website, you can now easily navigate from hardware and game product information pages directly to purchasing these PlayStation products from our store, ranging from PS4, PS4 Pro and PS VR systems and bundles, as well as headsets, DualShock 4 Wireless Controllers, PS VR accessories, a selection of physical games, and voucher codes for PS Plus subscriptions.

With plans to expand down the line, the store’s initial selection of physical disc games includes titles such as:

  • Astro Bot: Rescue Mission
  • Blood & Truth
  • Bloodborne
  • Days Gone
  • God of War 3 Remastered
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition
  • MLB The Show 19
  • Quantic Dream Collection
  • Ratchet & Clank
  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

This site not only provides our fans in the US with the option to purchase these items directly from PlayStation, but is also intended to help gift givers easily find the right product for their friends or family. Fans will find that prices on the new store align with those found at other retailers.

The new online store is open now exclusively in the United States, with a limited time launch promotion ending on October 31, 2019, for two bundles, including:

  • PlayStation 4 + a 12-month subscription of PS Plus for $339.99 USD (regularly $359.98 USD)
  • PlayStation 4 Pro + a 12-month subscription of PS Plus for $429.99 USD (regularly $459.98 USD)

PlayStation Plus members who are signed in are also eligible for Free 1-Day Express Shipping.
Visit to check it out today, and be sure to come back often as we continue to expand with new products and promotions down the line.

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  • No Puerto Rico? Come on We are a Domestic US Territory.

  • This is a good idea. I hope you reprint both Gravity Rush game for the fans to purchase!

  • Hope this gets expanded in other NA Markets.

  • I don’t see why this is better than hitting a local retail store or one of the big outfits that will ship to you in 1 or 2 days for free, already.

    Most of the time you’ll probably get a better deal somewhere else. I’ll wait to see if they offer any decent sales (especially since I just picked up a new Pro for less than this, and I’m sitting on a Plus code waiting for the right free games to show up to make me want to redeem it).

    • newegg sells fake controllers, amazon 3rd parties sell fake controllers, playstation will not.

    • They could at least lower prices all around due to not having to deal with another retail company. Same old $ony greed.

    • @BettyBlueGT

      It’s not that simple. There’s a law called Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) that you should Google.

    • 1) Minimum Advertised Price is for ADVERTISED prices in ads

      2) they are the manufacturer in most cases not a retailer

    • It would be awesome if Sony knocked the price down a bit, but now they are hiring extra staff to handle distribution, management of site, customer service, and I presume storage across the country to make the 1 day delivery more practical. Sony are taking on extra costs in place of retailers. Sure part of the standard price accounts for retailer profit on top of Sony’s profit, but this is a large investment and obviously it would be a pointless project if it doesn’t improve their profits existing distribution methods. Sony making more money helps the fans in the end, so awesome if they can do that without us paying an extra cent.

      The 1 day shipping is a solid draw, but not good enough on its own to attract any major portion of sales. I’d like to see this integrated with console stores. Nevermind 1 day shipping. Even if the only advantage were being able to browse/buy directly from PS4/PS5 store, it would be my go to purchase method. VR accessories especially would be nice to browse next gen, so I don’t have to look for news on what accessories are coming out. The console store would get way more attention than a website you have to visit on a separate device.

      Physical sales through console store would also allow for digital games bundled with hardware, like Farpoint digital copy with the PS Aim controller.

    • Prices aren’t lower because they don’t want to upset retail partners, same reason why DD versions of games aren’t lower than physical and publishers are fine with it since it means more money for them anyway.

  • This is Awesome keep up the great work PlayStation!

  • Would love to be able to buy PSP batteries.

  • This is great news!
    However, I guess 1 con would be not being able to tell if you’re going to get a Greatest Hits version of a game or not.
    I would venture a guess and say that it’ll all be Greatest Hits versions?

    Personally (and I’m sure others feel the same way), I prefer to buy the original, ‘black label’ version of PlayStation games.
    I suppose if it’s an older game, the best way to ensure that is to buy it through like eBay since we know for sure what version of the game we’re getting.

    However, for buying hardware, I think this would be great to buy directly from PlayStation.
    If you guys can offer discounts for PS+ members, and also offer next day express delivery for PS+ members, that would be great, and a great incentive to sign up to be and stay a PS+ member on top of the benefits we get like cloud save back ups, automatic cloud save back ups, discounts on stuff purchased on PS Store, free games every month, etc.

  • Good move, the free 1 day shipping for plus members is a real game changer. It would be a good idea to do the same with the gear store, and maybe integrate the two sites more closely.

  • This sounds awesome!
    Really hope Sony EU does the same thing in the future. :)

  • Great news, now we just need this and the Gear Store to be intergrated into the PlayStation Store, so we have a true one stop shop for everything PlayStation. What better place to have everything than right on the dashboard of all 100+ Million PS4 owners.

    At any rate, I look forward to Pre-Ordering my PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 5 Pro directly from PlayStation next year!

  • Nice way to preserve exclusive games on the physical format. Too bad I’m a PS fan in Canada…

  • There’s absolutely no reason why this couldn’t be accessible to Canadian customers, too…

  • Please, trade in. Allow us to trade in our consoles. Take my Ps4 Pro Battlefront II Edition for $300 like new.

  • I’d care about this if they dropped their prices due to not dealing with the middle man aka stores. But no.. So no thanks.

    • That doesn’t make any sense. If you wanna feel that way, tell it to literally every other developer who has a storefront. Nintendo, Microsoft, etc. You’re being the greedy one here. Just wait for a sale or buy stuff somewhere else if you’re going to be so picky.

  • This is a pretty awesome thing, PS+ 1 day shipping is pretty sweet too. I’d hope it’ll be a place where you can still get Limited Edition hardware when they get replenished. Don’t go the route of Apple though, where you hoard all your limited stock product to yourself instead of actually shipping them out to stores like you’re supposed to. I’ll use this site if we Plus members get those exclusive discounts ( Like even an extra 5-10 bucks off software and 20-30+ for hardware would be fine). Hope there’s not bogus processing fees.

  • I’d like to exchange my gifted physical RDR2 discs for digital. Microsoft lets you do that…. if you’re anywhere near a MS store, which I’m not anyways.

  • Redundant, unless this store does something special for long term customers and plans to actually compete.

    • It will be much more awesome if they start selling through the PS4/PS5 store. Browse and buy games, headsets, controllers, VR accessories, etc… right from your console.

      1 day shipping on physical games is pretty sweet too, if that’s how you want to live your life

  • Just PS4 games? Be cool to get some old PlayStation stuff down the line too

  • Be better if the consoles were cheaper coming straight from Sony. Though it matters little as I already own both PS4 and Pro. But I’ll have to check it out down the line when the PS5 launches.

  • Super stoked about this! PlayStation can redirect profits from retailers back to them with the hopes of that profit being put back into the company and future development and we get closer to the PlayStation we deserve.

  • Will things go on sale? or same retail price all the time?

  • Really cool news! I think it’s a great idea and it has the potential to, if expanded upon, add gift-giving options for PSN. I know with PS Direct it’s only PS+ subs now that can be sold as a digital code, but maybe in the future you can be browsing the PS Store see a game you want to gift for a friend, click a button to gift and it switches you over to PS Direct instead to purchase a sharable digital code copy of that game instead. Oh, and the free express shipping for PS+ is pretty rad too.

  • No deals to commemorate this occasion? For shame!

    Anyhow, cool. I am glad to see this. Would love to have a gift-giving option as well!

  • Amazon prices on physical games are always shifting. Why buy from PS directly unless there’s a hook? To be fair, sometimes I order from Microsoft directly. They’ve had some crazy deep discounts on physical games, even best-sellers (well, at least for other consoles hehe).

  • Big improvement, this looks cool optional way to get things ^-^

  • Probably should have mentioned this during State of Play even tho its US only for now. Also, I would like a PayPal option(or something like that eventually but I can understand the hesitance of allowing Paypal due to Paypal’s new policy going into effect soon).

  • Smart move considering Microshaft has been offering it for some time. Hopefully, you’ll offer the same Persona 5 Limited Edition products as Asia, too.


  • I think this is a fantastic move for Playstation! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been disappointed at retail stores due to the game either not being in stock or getting it in a generic case that looks a 2 year old designed it! Why that might not be a big deal to some it is to me because I like having my game collection displayed in horizontal rows and the generic cases are never the same size and it throws a monkey wrench into my OCD showroom floor collection of games! They are never labeled on the spine either so you overlook the title of the game when you’re browsing! It’s the little things in life that affect our big decisions on a daily basis! Playstation never fails to amaze me so buckle up cause once they hit ’88 miles per hour ‘ they’ve taken us to the future with all the other competitors left in the past!

  • I can’t seem to log into this store page. I can log into my account on playatation.com, PS4 and everywhere else, but when I try to log in here I get an error and can’t seem to log in. Dumb. I’ll stick to Amazon/Best Buy

  • Hey, I just signed up yesterday. My mom ordered me a PlayStation 4 online, we set it up and it is amazing! We have Centurylink, I’m trying to connect my PS4 to the internet. We don’t have a LAN cable, but we have the modem. I copied the following on a piece of paper. The SS-id, Keypassphrase, WPS pin, and something else. And what is the AOSS/WPS button?

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