DayZ Gets its Second Official Map Soon

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DayZ Gets its Second Official Map Soon

163km2, lush green landscapes, dense forestry, serene lakes, winding rivers, and bears!

Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce the upcoming release of the first official DLC for their hit hardcore survival game. DayZ’s second official map, Livonia, will be available to purchase soon on PS4, and is showcased in our new trailer.

Based on the recently released map from the Arma 3 Contact spin-off expansion, the Livonia region brings a fresh new experience to the post-apocalyptic world of DayZ. With vast green landscapes, dense expansive forests, serene lakes, and winding rivers, the 163km2 Livonia map offers the perfect backdrop for any survivor lost in the wild.

The landscape, however, won’t be the only change of pace for DayZ players. The temperate late summer climate of Livonia will bring frequent rainfall and thunderstorms, providing players with additional environmental challenges during their travels – and making protective gear and shelter more important than ever. And, of course, with a new wilderness comes new wildlife. Most prominently, there is a new predator roaming the forests of Livonia – bears! – and they won’t take kindly to human-shaped threats. Survivors will have to be well-equipped to effectively deal with these grizzly foes.

Arriving in tandem with the 1.06 update, the new map will be premium DLC and bring hundreds of new assets for the community to make use of – assets which will be available to everyone for free without the purchase of the Livonia map.Whether you plan to embrace this new challenge of survival with allies or face it as a lone wolf, the picturesque-yet-unforgiving backdrop of Livonia awaits you soon on PS4.

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  • They should fix all the bugs first come on ps4 you can put pressure on them why you let them release a broken game what a shame

  • I’m the same, paid content for a broken game? Also we already dropped 40$ for this game with almost no content to start. Fix lag issues or the fact a car can hit some unknown object sending it flying into space( or the fact that the smallest bump brakes the car) this should be free to make up for… I guess what you can call a game. I mean you barely update the game anyway why put more content in somthing your not going to manage afterwards.

  • If you buy this add-on knowing full well they havent even sorted out the main game, then you are asking for trouble. Vote with your wallets, people.

  • I know this game has bugs that I think they are aware and working on. The part of the team that made this premium DLC is separate from the people working on bug fixes. I have a lot of fun playing this game even with the issues it may have. The whole community gets 100+ new assets and I personally would mind paying a reasonable price for this DLC.

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