State of Play September 2019: The Complete Recap

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State of Play September 2019: The Complete Recap

The Last of Us Part II! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare! Humanity! Arise! And so much more.

And that’s a wrap on our third episode of State of Play! We put a lot of work into this one, giving the show a visual overhaul and implementing feedback you’ve given us on past episodes. We think it’s culminated in our best episode yet — we hope you agree.

We kicked off with the reveal of Humanity, a mysterious new title being developed by tha ltd. and Enhance, coming to PS4 next year with optional PS VR support. Then, we launched into a deluge of new reveals and updates on long-awaited games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, MediEvil (demo out today!), Civilization VI (finally coming to PS4!), and Arise: A Simple Story. We also revealed October’s PlayStation Plus lineup, featuring The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19.

If you’re in the market for a new PS4 Pro, we’ve got good news: Kojima Productions’ upcoming Death Stranding is getting a beautiful limited-edition bundle featuring a 1TB PS4 Pro console and an eye-catching translucent orange DualShock 4, mirroring the style of the game’s BB Pod. You can pick yours up on the game’s release date: November 8, 2019.

We also gave you a sneak preview of some upcoming PlayStation VR games, including Gorn, Espire 1: VR Operative, After the Fall, LA Noire: The VR Case Files, and Space Channel 5: Kinda Funky News Flash. Ooh la la!

Finally, we ended the episode with a new trailer for The Last of Us Part II. I think that one speaks for itself.

We’re pretty proud of this one, but we’re always watching to see how you like each episode. You are, of course, the reason we started State of Play.

So, what did you think?

State of Play September 2019: All the Announcements

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  • I love playstation but this was bad…. you showed a few indie games, some blockbusters that we already know about, and a release date for the only game people came to see? You guys skipped E3 and this is all we get? I really hope you blow our minds at the playstation experience cause this was subpar.

  • Underwhelmed. Still waiting on a game that will sell me a PSVR.

    • Have you tried a VR game though? Depending on what you’re into, Superhot VR, Farpoint, and Blood and Truth are action VR games that are system sellers. And then there’s Astro Bot, Ghost Giant, Trover Saves the Universe. Beat Saber is better on a platform that allows you to download your own songs.

  • Loved it!! Nice looking games coming up and TLOU2!!! Future is definitely bright for Sony/PlayStation.. Can’t wait!!!

  • No PSX announcement :(

    • I think it’s safe to say we’re not getting one. PSX 2017 was announced in June that year, and we’re only two months away from when the event normally takes place.

  • I’m probably going to come off sounding like an @$$, and my apologies for this, but I felt this wasn’t even necessary.

    I realize that we’re at the end of the generation and the ramp up for the PS5 will be soon enough, but this was severely underwhelming.

    I’ll just start working on my backlog and look forward to the PS5 reveal. Nothing to see here.

  • So nothing is being done for Ape Escape’s 20th anniversary? A PS4 remake trilogy would’ve been amazing. What is Bluepoint games working on? And perhaps I shouldn’t ask where games such as Deep Down, Wild, and Agent are….

  • I thought that there would be a new Batman Court of Owls game announced from WB Montreal . Even Batman origins remaster would have been great to announce . Kind of disappointed .

  • Tlou remastered on PS plus is pretty great. I haven’t played it since the ps3 so I might have to give it another play through before tlou2 on PS4 pro

  • I do think this was the best iteration of State of Play yet. Really liked the visual style of this, and I think it was paced well. I know a lot of people will be upset it “wasn’t enough” but I think we have to keep in mind we’re in-between generations right now. I don’t see a big E3 press conference having been worth it, and it’s nice to have some regular touch-base every now and then. I don’t think this is all reflective of State of Play as it is so much the “state of where we are” in the generational timeline.

    As far as feedback, no doubt the standout trailers are going to be a hit (and there ABSOLUTELY were some!) and those are important to keep doing, but I think people respond well to some of the “news” related stuff too, such as the PS+ games announcement for October. Going forward, if there are opportunities for more news related things (such as new system software update news or new features coming to PSN) I think that it can add some depth to the event. I would prefer stuff like that to sizzle reels for example (for me personally, a sizzle reel doesn’t do a whole lot.)

    Great work and cheers!

    • Oh hey…to follow-up my post from yesterday on “other news items” that could add some depth to the SoP event, I think the PS Direct announcement today is a perfect example.

      I think announcing the PS Direct store in yesterday’s SoP would have been a cool thing to add some variety to the type of things being announced, and since they were literally 1 day apart, I feel like it could have happened. Anyways, that’s just the best example I can give considering how close in proximity the 2 events were.

  • Funny how nobody realizes this State of Play was done solely for TLoU 2 and to announce its release date…right in the week of TLoU day…they didn’t even care about the rest.

  • I’m assuming the big guns are being saved for when the PS5 info comes out? This was a bit underwhelming.

    And the Last of us Part 2 coming out just in time so you can charge us another $60 for a PS5 copy in Holiday 2020? Classic Sony.

  • This was honestly average at best since beforehand, we all had a good idea of what was going to be shown.
    It was a little disappointing that some of the more anticipated games were not shown like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ghost of Tsushima, etc.


    From the games shown I will be getting:
    – Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019)
    – Death Stranding
    – MediEvil
    – The Last of Us Part II

    I think most people will agree those 4 games were the best ones shown?
    Hopefully through the rest of 2019 and through 2020, we get a lot more games, remasters, ports, compilations, etc.

    Thank you PlayStation for being the best place to play games since the original PlayStation in 1995.

    • Yup. I’m so stoked for MediEvil. I hope they remake more games like that and/or make sequels. They are why I became a PlaYStation fan in the first place.

  • I’m on the fence about the whole State of Play. I understand that, being between console cycles, we aren’t going to get a huge slew of games. Most of the big third party studios are working on titles for the PS5. I really want to play TLOU2, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in saying that I really don’t want to buy it in February, just to have Sony release it as a remaster for the PS5! State of Play reminds me of the old Qore magazine that Sony used to put out in the early days of the PS3. The only plus is, I don’t have to download it. While the format is nice, it’s a bit underwhelming seeing trailers for games. Sony might want to do a world premiere of trailers for games for State of Play. Either way, keep them coming. This is better than not hearing from Sony at all.

  • I feel like I’m not surprised by this State of Play. We’re at the end of a generation here, and they probably don’t want to reveal PS5 until after holiday season anyways, which makes sense if they’re trying to move PS4 units.

    One thing I will say is: I personally did not like the aesthetic of this State of Play. I actually thought the graphical presentation they brought with the last two was better than this one. Somehow I feel like we’ve regressed. Perhaps if the “visual packaging” of these games was more appealing I’d be more excited for them. Could we get a mascot (Polygon Man would be so fun to see) or an actual person to introduce some of this stuff? It just needs more warmth to it, more pizzazz and color. Does anyone from Sony read these comments. Social Media Manager Justin: tell them I want Polygon Man!!

  • I vote for that Medieval demo because i played Medieval demo disc when i was a little kid, i had PS1, PS2, PSP, various gameboys like gameboy color, gameboy advance, gameboy sp, gameboy, etc, played gamecube, have PS3, PS Vita and PS4, but the PS Plus October 2019 lineup announcement is good aswell, thank you!

  • You haven’t shown a single game with “anime” style in these presentations. Taking into account what your competitor is showcasing, I’m starting to think you avoid games with a certain visual style.

  • At the end of the SoP, you said that you wanted feedback.

    I was pretty disappointed by this showing. I think part of my issue is that it didn’t seem like anything more than a YouTube playlist. You should use the time more. Go longer. You already have our attention.

    For the number of games you showed, you could have easily made this 40 minutes long by selecting a few games to give more attention to with a little bit of gameplay and/or developer interviews. If you want us to be excited for an upcoming game, make us excited. A rapid-fire array of 90 second trailers can’t do that.

  • Two Words… Part. 2.

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