The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Demo Available Today

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Demo Available Today

Get a head start and carry over your save data from the demo to the full game.

We’ve brought all around the world, starting from the first English build at MCM London Comic Con to being playable at Gamescom in Germany, E3 and Anime Expo in California, Japan Expo in France, and PAX West in Washington. Finally, we’re excited to finally bring the highly-anticipated demo right to your home!

Available today at PlayStation Store, this demo contains the entire prologue and carries over save data to the full game. In Trails of Cold Steel III, you play as Rean Schwarzer, a graduate from Thors Military Academy who’s starting his new life as an instructor at the academy’s branch campus. Heralded as a war hero, he and his peers of the renowned Class VII played a pivotal role in the empire’s civil war a few years prior. Now, the peace is disturbed once again and Rean must lead his students — the new generation of Class VII — through this darkness to find a brighter future.

From left to right: The new Class VII consists of Juna Crawford, Altina Orion, and Kurt Vander.

The demo also contains an in-game library with information on the previous two installments, along with character bios and other terminology — perfect for both a veteran’s refresher or a beginner’s first look. So anyone can jump into Trails of Cold Steel III with confidence and without missing a beat!

Aside from familiar mechanics like fishing, new features are brought to the table such as the Vantage Masters mini-game. The combat system has also been improved, thanks to the addition of Brave Orders and the Break System. Brave Orders provide party-wide buffs to give an upper hand for a certain number of turns, and are specific to each character. The Break System is shown as a blue bar underneath the enemy’s health. Damaging the enemies will decrease their Break meter until it’s depleted to zero, to which they become “Broken.” A “Broken” enemy drops its items, is more susceptible to damage, has their buffs cancelled, and is unbalanced by all attacks and crafts!

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of this exclusive deal for PS Plus members: preorder the Digital Deluxe Edition for 25% off an awesome set of the full game and the Premium Cosmetic Bundle, along with Juna’s Lloyd Bannings costume and Rean’s Unspeakable costume. This offer is available until Trails of Cold Steel III releases for PS4 on October 22.

Now that you’ve got the rundown, download the demo today and let the legend of Class VII begin anew!

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  • Finally, the one game I’m looking forward to all year!

  • For those of us who have not yet played the first 2 games, is this demo spoiler-free?

    • If you’re 100% set on playing the first two games sometime, I’d avoid the demo. I’ll just say that the Cold Steel series are fantastic.

      If you’re on the fence about jumping into this massive series, it wouldn’t hurt to try the demo but don’t read the Story Summary because it’s definitely spoilers.

      If you’re just curious about it, then by all means read up about it and play the demo to get a feel of the turn based combat and the flow of the story.

  • “Nextgen Sandbox” is out too. Hope people give it a go an support some of these idie guys. Game got some “Minecraft/7 Days to Die” vibe.

  • I’m working my way through the first game on Steam currently. I’m fully engrossed in the story. This game has an well written narrative, including a class system with likeable characters. It has a combat link system akin to social links in the Persona series. There’s also a ton to read in the game. To these points, I think I prefer Trails of Cold Steel over Persona. The game is very lengthy like Persona too.

    I’ll be starting Cold Steel 2 on PS4 immeadiately after I complete the first one. After that, I’ll be ready to engage Cold Steel 3. As a result, I won’t be playing this demo. I already preordered it. But, it’s a good idea for those who want to skip the prequels.

    • This is very nice to hear. While Persona are great series on its own with its over the top stylishness, the world building in Trails are like nothing else. There’s so much dialogue, which have been both a blessing and a curse. It takes so much to localize these games due to the sheer amount of text and manpower needed for translation, which is why we’ve been behind forever, yet it’s also those that makes the game so good.

      Erebonia is a fascinating setting. An empire divided by class system of nobility and commoners, currently in the middle of modernization due to reformists expanding railway network across major cities. Each province is governed by the Four Great Houses, who don’t always see eye to eye with the Railway Military Police. And the empire as a whole have endured tensions with the neighboring country to the east for years and war could break at any moment. In the first game, through the newly formed Class VII of Thors Military Academy, we see first hand the state of the empire.

      So much things happened since then, so I recommend everyone to play the first two games, and preorder the Cold Steel III Digital Deluxe with PS Plus now, because it comes with many premium DLC costumes at regular MSRP.

  • Been waiting for this

  • I’d like to buy all 3 games, give me a super deal someday.

  • Loved all the Kiseki games but the Cold Steel series is definitely my favorite! I’ve played the first two titles, like, 5 times already. Nothing grabbed me like this. I even have a document where I manage all I know about the lore and hints about what might still come. Already arranged my vacation around the release date and can’t WAIT to finally get my claws on the 3rd part!

  • Games so fun, completed the trophies for both games! Planning on doing it again!

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