Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Out Now on PS4

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Out Now on PS4

Download the huge new expansion at PlayStation Store and embark on a new hunt.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is finally here! After many months of anticipation, exciting reveals and thrilling teasers at the end of each trailer, it’s time to gather together and start hunting some of the fiercest monsters out there. This all-new journey kicks off with the research commission following the path of some mysterious new monster behavior.

But hey, that’s just the in-game story, and while that has a clear beginning, middle and end, we’re very curious to hear more about your story, as a hunter, and… “why do you hunt?”

When we were looking at Iceborne as a whole, we learned a couple of key things:

  1. It’s jam-packed with content (new features, monsters, gear, etc.)!
  2. Different aspects of the game resonate with different people.

And that’s the line of thinking that got us to our “Why Do You Hunt?” launch ads.

So let’s break down some of the types of hunter motivations here:

Starting with our first, sophisticated hunter, they seem to have quite the appreciation for weapons, both crafting and mastering them. In Iceborne, we’ve expanded upon nearly every weapon tree in the game, added some new customization options and entirely new combos and moves.

Next up is our team player, with a strong sense of leadership. While Monster Hunter doesn’t technically set players into given roles (tank, support, etc.), a well-oiled and diverse hunting party can conquer even the toughest challenges we have to offer. These folks can also be great mentors to new hunters with Iceborne’s new Hunter Helper feature which offers rewards to incentivize helping even more.

Then, comes the fashion expert. Everyone wants to look good while taking down majestic beasts, but pulling it off is a separate skill altogether. Layered Armor sets make it a bit easier to match form and function, but matching the perfect combination of armor set, colors and your favorite weapon is still very satisfying, especially when you line up the perfect shot with the game’s new View Mode.

And last in our video is the hunter who just loves the light-hearted cute and fun side of Monster Hunter. Between all the Palico customization options, new gadgets and mini-games, there’s a ton of content to “aww” at in Iceborne. And that’s not even all of it; there’s a world of cuteness beyond our Felyne friends, including the classic Poogie and all-new endemic life.

Of course, there are also preferences we didn’t get to cover in the video, like the monster fanatics—be it experts on a single monster, usually a favorite, knowing the ins-and-outs of hunting them and all the gear associated with them; or those that admire all life forms. By the way, monster admirers will have a field day with all the new monsters and learning about how some of the returning favorites fit into the New World!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is available now on PlayStation 4 and definitely has something for every type of hunter out there. So… why do you hunt? It could be one or more of what we’ve mentioned here, or something else entirely. Either way, we’d love to hear it; leave a comment and let us know!

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