10 Key Details About GreedFall, Hitting PS4 September 10

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10 Key Details About GreedFall, Hitting PS4 September 10

Monsters, magic, companions to romance, and more on the Island of Teer Fradee.

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! Our latest RPG, GreedFall, launches soon, and we’re humbled by the tremendous response we’ve received already. We hope you’re looking forward to adventuring on the island of Teer Fradee. For those planning to make the voyage, we’ve put together 10 things you need to know about GreedFall.

GreedFall is a Completely New World

In a time heavy with sequels, it’s always refreshing to see new IPs with original settings appear. The world of GreedFall is inspired by 17th century history, and the sense of wonder and exploration that permeated society due to new discoveries in countless fields. The game has echoes of colonial themes, yet it doesn’t mirror history in this respect — what happens is up to you.

The world of GreedFall is full of different people and factions, quests and creatures, and everything has a history and a reason for being there. Whether you delve into these mysteries or not is your choice.

Teer Fradee is an Island Full of Promises

In GreedFall, you embark from the old continent to the Island of Teer Fradee – the new world – full of wilderness and new environments to explore. Forests, mountains, swamps, and cities will draw you in, but keep a wary eye out for the many strange creatures that prowl there.

De Sardet is Your Hero

You are De Sardet, a noble on a journey to find a cure for The Malichor, a deadly disease ravaging the continent. To do this, you travel to the Island of Teer Fradee as a diplomat for the Merchant Congregation. A deep character creator exists to make De Sardet your own hero. Pick your gender, origin, look, and clothing, as well as your starting talents and skills.

Companions Are Important

In GreedFall, there are five companions which you can take on your journey, two of which you can have in your party at once. Each with their own archetypal style, they will help you out in combat and on diplomatic missions. They all have their own opinions and faction they are linked to, so it would be wise to consider their personality and loyalties before you act. Develop your relationship further and perhaps your friendship will blossom to romance!

Explore a land trapped in conflict and fragile peace

A long history of domination has ruled the Old Continent and now endanger Teer Fradee. Conflicts between factions are not unusual, and these also threaten native clans who used to live in harmony. Some factions have been at war for ages, while peace between others hangs by a thread. Faith, economy, and culture all affect the diplomatic game, and it’s up to you how you tip the scales in any particular direction.

There Are Multiple Endings

Choice is one of the main pillars of GreedFall. Approach quests in various ways depending on what talents you choose, and consider the possible results of your actions, since they can affect the world around you and people‘s perception of you, and ultimately, which of the multiple endings you experience.

So Many Skills

Customize your abilities from a large skill tree of over 80 skills, choosing between crushing your enemies with giant weapons, luring them into traps, crippling them with poisoned blades, blasting them with magic, or a mix that suits your playstyle.

Your talents allow you to engage with and explore the world around you, be it through lockpicking, diplomacy, or athletics. If you prefer to focus on your equipment, you can also decide to put points into crafting, or your ability to find special items in the wild. GreedFall is all about choice.


The world of GreedFall is steeped in magic. Some people (including you) channel it through the use of special rings, of which there are many kinds, giving access to various spells. Some spells don’t require the rings however, such as Stasis, which briefly locks foes in time. Although you are familiar with magic, the Island of Teer Fradee is ripe with strange power unheard of in your homeland.

Magic varies depending on where you are from. On the old continent magic is centered around light and shadow, whereas Teer Fradee’s magic is rooted in nature, and holds a mysterious connection to some of the strange creatures that prowl the island.

Difficulty Changes Everything

GreedFall encourages you to play your own way. There are four game difficulties that significantly alter the kind of experience you can expect. On one end you have the more story-driven experience, focusing on the characters and diplomacy over combat, and on the other you have a more combat-focused mode for stat-heads and RPG experts.


Put points into crafting and you will be able to customize and enhance several aspects of each piece of equipment, from blade, to hilt, to pommel, changing both the way the item looks and its stats.

Using materials found in the wild and in cities, you can also use science to craft potions, traps, and poisons for an assortment of no doubt devious purposes.

We hope this information helps on your expedition into the brave new world of GreedFall. Your journey begins when the game sets sail on PS4 September 10.

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