Ryu Hayabusa Joins the Fight in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

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Ryu Hayabusa Joins the Fight in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

The legendary Ninja Gaiden hero takes on thousands of enemies in a new hack-and-slash adventure.

From his legendary Ninja Gaiden quests to his lightning-fast fists and kicks in the Dead or Alive franchise, Ryu Hayabusa is undoubtedly a true Koei Tecmo icon. That’s why the producers of Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate are proud to announce Hayabusa’s inclusion in our upcoming game, as he returns to the Warriors Orochi series after a five-year hiatus to join over 170 playable characters, including others like Joan of Arc and the goddess Gaia, in a 1 vs. 1,000 over-the-top action experience.

The latest in Koei Tecmo’s killer crossover series features characters from Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and the gods of ancient history (including Zeus and Ares) joining together in an all-out fight against swarms of enemies as they seek the truth of why they were reunited to battle in this new mysterious world. All new storylines (and even a new ending) will be explored in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate as gamers finally uncover why Zeus formed his anti-Odin coalition and the true purpose of Loki. Throughout the new narrative and side stories, gamers will discover a host of fantastical new magic abilities and Sacred Treasures to light up every level as history’s greatest warriors take on swarm after swarm of fearless enemies.

Will the addition of Ryu Hayabusa help sway the balance of power in the heroes’ direction?

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate will be available in February 2020, and will be sold as a digital upgrade pack for those gamers who already own Warriors Orochi 4, or as a complete bundle for anyone looking to step up to this epic fight for the first time.

Look for more information dropping in the coming months, including word on new game modes and even more Koei Tecmo All-Star characters being added to the mix.

Until then, enjoy the first look at our favorite ninja in action in this exclusive new video, and remember: “Nothing is stronger than Hayabusa Style Ninjutsu!”

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  • Cool. Ninja Gaiden 4 coming, guys! Or a Ninja Gaiden collection ala Uncharted collection on PS4 with updated controls and graphics.

    • In order for a Ninja Gaiden 4 to come out, they’d have to make:

      Ninja Gaiden Collection
      – Ninja Gaiden Sigma
      – Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
      – Ninja Gaiden 3 Razer’s Edge

      Hopefully it gets made and released physically and digitally.

      I also hope we get Warriors Orochi Z Ultimate.
      Warriors Orochi Z is a Japan-exclusive entry that combines the first 2 games and was released on PS3.
      It was supposed to get a US release but it never did.
      So I think it’d be a perfect chance to do so; for completion purposes and for the fans.

  • Please add Ayanne!

  • With Ryu Haybusa being added, I think this leads to a lot of us wanting a physical & digital release for:

    1. Warriors Orochi Z Ultimate (PS4 port of Warriors Orochi Z which is a PS3 compilation of 1 & 2 that only got a release in Japan)
    2. Ninja Gaiden Collection
    – Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    – Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
    – Ninja Gaiden 3 Razer’s Edge

    Please!!!!! Please make it happen!

    • Well I don’t know if I want Sigma 2. Maybe just NG2 with some of the improvements. But keep the blood, no purple mist, and keep the amount of enemy waves from the original.

  • For a second there I thought he would be announced for Smash.. lol all I saw was Ryu Hayabusa & Ultimate… but it’s great that he’s getting more recognition!

    PS: I still hope he’s coming to Smash…

  • I would love it if the PS5 GPU could be removed and upgraded, that way, unlike buying a whole new console, you could sell a significant boost of a GPU at a lower cost while giving much higher performance. Also add Ram slots to boost the performance even higher.

    If next gen is all about graphics, then boosting your console would bring a lot of PC elitist to consoles given how fragmented the PC market store is.

  • Give us a NInja Gaiden Trilogy Collection!

    • I’d buy that. I already have all 3, some on multiple consoles, but I don’t have all 3 on same console yet and this would be good way to have that happen.

      Especially if the spruce up the collection with added content / improved graphics, etc.

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