Harmonix’s Rhythm Shooter Audica Comes to PS VR This Fall

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Harmonix’s Rhythm Shooter Audica Comes to PS VR This Fall

The breathtaking new experience from the maestros at Harmonix is coming to PlayStation VR.

When Harmonix first announced its VR rhythm shooter, Audica, earlier this year, we got one question more than any other: when is this coming to PSVR? Well, I’m excited to say that the wait is almost over! This fall, PlayStation VR players will be able to enter the arena, raise their blasters, and shoot to the beat of a stellar soundtrack featuring some of the hottest artists in the pop and EDM space. Audica is a game about precision, about becoming one with the music, and about texting your friends to gloat when you leap past them on the leaderboards. With the perfect combination of rhythmic timing and aim, you could even find yourself topping the global leaderboards.

At launch, Audica will include four visually stunning arenas, a variety of blasters, a suite of customization options to personalize your gameplay experience, and a campaign to guide you through the 30+ song soundtrack. You can spend your time seeking a trance-like flow state with the music, creating your own local target maps, or using practice mode in your pursuit of FC glory and that coveted #1 spot on the leaderboards. Whatever your reason for donning the headset, you’ll quickly find the real world disappears, leaving only you, the ethereal world of Audica, and the music.

Audica has been a been a passion project created by a small team of dreamers within Harmonix who set out to answer one very important question: Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel like an action movie star with the coolest soundtrack choreographing everything you do?

The world of Audica itself is anything but a quick background to the action, though. Four arenas provide a fully immersive and musically-reactive environment, each one providing a little more insight into this mysterious world you’ve entered. We can’t promise you won’t be left with some questions about where and who and what happened, but we do hope to captivate you along the way.

A music game worthy of the genre deserves a best-in-class soundtrack. In true Harmonix style, the soundtrack is carefully cultivated for the gameplay, including a blend of songs right off the charts and new songs crafted specifically for Audica. Here’s a look at what’s been announced so far:

We’re excited for our return to the platform with Audica later this fall, and will have more details about exact date, price, and full soundtrack in the coming months. Stay tuned to PS Blog and Harmonix’s channels for all the latest!

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