Four New DualShock 4 Wireless Controller Colors, New Gold Headset Design Coming This Fall

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Four New DualShock 4 Wireless Controller Colors, New Gold Headset Design Coming This Fall

Check out the new Electric Purple, Red Camouflage, Titanium Blue, and Rose Gold DS4 colors for the first time ever!

The DualShock 4 Wireless Controller family has grown so much since its launch almost six years ago, as we’ve introduced more than 25 colors, ranging from classic Jet Black and Wave Blue to the eclectic Sunset Orange and Red Crystal.

Today, we’re excited to reveal four new stylish colors being added to our growing lineup to help you play in style starting this Fall, including:

Electric Purple

This vibrant new color features a two-tone purple design with white PlayStation shapes for added contrast.

Red Camouflage

Black, red and brown take on the iconic controller camouflage pattern paired with silver detailing for extra flare.

Titanium Blue

A metallic top cover with light blue detailing is complemented by a matte blue back with this new addition to our metallic line.

Rose Gold

A gold metallic finish and subtle rose hue offers a sleek and sophisticated metallic option.

And if you like the look of the Rose Gold controller, then get ready, because we’re also revealing a Rose Gold Edition headset, coming later in November. This headset offers the same Gold Wireless Headset audio features players have come to love, but boasts a Rose Gold metallic finish on the headband, with embossed PS Shapes on the inside. Check out the Rose Gold collection below in our new video.

All DualShock 4 wireless controllers will be available for purchase this September, at participating retailers across the US and Canada for $64.99 USD (MSRP) / $74.99 CAN (MSRP). Meanwhile, the headset will be available for $99.99 USD (MSRP) / $119.99 CAN (MSRP), a bit later this Fall, 2019.

Learn more about the controllers here and headsets here. Otherwise, let us know what colors you’re planning on picking up in the comments below!

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  • Those new controller colors are awesome! Getting the purple one for sure

  • Is it going to be like the sunset orange ones where they all sell out within a week and are never made again or can only be found at ridiculous prices.

    Hopefully I can grab a purple one before that happens!

    • Right!? Both sunset orange and alpine green we’re here and gone too soon. I liked both of them a lot and really want them, but not at those prices.

  • Thanks for finally releasing a purple PlayStation controller!
    I agree that hopefully these aren’t limited time only. The blue one is smooth, too. I would have liked the pink one, but not a fan of the white bottom half. The electric purple looks great!!

  • Ecstatic about the continuing color pallette of controllers. My wife has been waiting for a Purple controller forever, that I was going to buy a white one to spray paint.

    This just saved me the hassle, time and potential mess. The rose gold is nice too. More options fof the ladies is always good.

  • Jesus. I feel like ive waited 5 years for pink. I already have enough controllers and I’m not sure I want to spend $65+ again when the PS5 is around the corner.

  • The Purple one reminds me of the GameCube

  • Yeah! A purple controller! I will get 2 for sure. All we need now is the ability to add our PSN name on the controller. Thank you Playstation.

  • *Look at his 4 PS4 controllers, look at the Electric Purple*

    f it, I’m still buying it!

  • Would of hoped the controllers to drop in price maybe to 40 bucks. With a new console supposedly coming fall 2020 65 at this point feels like too much when I already own 3 controllers. And also I never saw a fix on the rubber for the joysticks over time they all disintegrate.

    • Buy new joysticks…they come in all kinds of colors and are cheap enough plus you can customize your controllers in a whole different way.

  • Those metallic controllers look good but the colors rub off. I have one of the dark steel grey controllers and it’s turning black. Just saying. Also the purple one is dope.

  • I must have the purple one!!!

  • Purple looks so good with the white icons!! Thank you for bringing back a “pink” controller, my girlfriend has been waiting for it since we got a PS4 to go with her Candy Pink DS3 controller.

  • Please, please, PLEASE tell me that we can get these in the UK too!
    I need that purple controller in my life!!

  • Looks amazing! The headset will be available in Mexico?

  • Yeah, I’m gonna need that purple yo

  • Purple is going to sell out so fast. I hope they made more purple than the other colors because that’s clearly most popular.

  • Been Waiting 4Green & Purple Controllers 4Ever.‍♂️
    Disappointed it Took So Long , But i’m Glad They Decided
    2Go & Make Them After All This Time

  • I have three already but I might need the Electric Purple…

  • That red one is absolutely on fire!
    Thank you Playstation.

  • Finally, a pink controller for my wife!
    You took WAY too long to release a pink controller. I’d even say it’s a bit irrelevant now with the PS5 so close.

  • I wish the purple was a bit darker, but eff it, purple Dualshock 4. I don’t really need another controller, my black one that came with my Pro and my transparent one have been working just fine, but like….it’s purple.

    You want me to buy a new controller? Give me purple. MS just pulled the same trick on me lol

  • I was so hype for the purple on until I saw they will only be available in US and Canada… :(

  • New controllers are looking great! I need to know when they will be released in the UK?
    My fiancee loves the Rose Gold and i would love to surprise her for her birthday.

  • Nice one Sony…the blue one is awesome,buying it eventually.

  • We need some more multi color like blueberry and sunset orange! Those are the best colors. Also something in lime green! Purple looks rad tho.

  • i might get the Electric Purple when i have the time!

  • Will get the purple one for sure guaranteed!

  • Love that purple, and the blue..Don’t really need a new controller but it’s not like I wouldn’t use it.

  • Those purple ones are gonna go fast! They look amazing!

  • Purple is the way to play…I love it

  • I hate that these colors come out so late in the console’s life cycle when next gen is right around the corner. Hoping that a bunch of colors release sooner than later for the PS5.

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