Dark Fantasy Witching Tower VR Haunts PS VR This Fall

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Dark Fantasy Witching Tower VR Haunts PS VR This Fall

Feel impressive visuals, breathtaking environments and explore the world of dark fantasy.

I’m Artem Severin of Daily Magic Productions, and I’m here to announce that Daily Magic is bringing Witching Tower VR to PlayStation VR this fall. Of all of the titles we’ve developed, I’ve never been as excited for anything as I have for this.

The Witching Tower is a VR action-adventure set in an original dark fantasy universe. You will take the role of Anna, a prisoner in the tower, as she discovers she has a talent for controlling the dead. Fight and puzzle your way through the foreboding fortress tower, unraveling each level’s mysteries. The Witching Tower VR is an unparalleled experience with breathtaking visuals and environments.

Witching Tower VR is not a short-term experience, but a full-featured game built for VR from the ground up. From the very beginning of development, our goal has been to give players reasons and rewards for exploring. Each level will present you with fresh challenges and unique story experiences.

As Anna, you have a number of powers and tools at your disposal. You can fence with your enemies, snipe them with an enchanted bow, or unleash your magic. Study your enemies, block their strikes, and counterattack with a crushing blow or a headshot.

You can also develop your magic powers:

  • Necromancy: take control of undead warriors and pit them against your enemies, or use them as pawns to help you defeat the tower’s numerous traps and puzzles.
  • Sight: your magic will show you a world others cannot see, and reveal invisible objects.
  • Manipulation: summon a magical lasso that can grab and control objects from afar, collapse architecture, and crush your enemies.

On one level, you will explore a dungeon that housed the tower’s other prisoners, long since tortured to death. They were once wizards, magicians, and enchanters hunted for the powers that you possess. Their sad ghosts linger, and will share their memories of the tower and its dark mistress. On another, you’ll crawl hand-over-hand across the tower’s exterior, dangling over a frozen mountain gorge. For players’ convenience and comfort, Witching Tower VR will have a choice of user-configurable movement options: teleportation and locomotion.

The PS VR version of Witching Tower VR is in its final stages of development, and we are looking forward to showing it to the public!

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  • This sounds awesome! Please include a Platinum trophy with it.

  • Sounds cool! Can’t wait to play it on PS VR2 and PS5. (I’m a VR believer, but at this stage I can wait)

    • Probably a good idea. It’s going to be a lot more fun when they get rid of all the cumbersome wires and fix the stupid lack of HDR pass through. There are some great games on it, but the set up every time is such a hassle.

    • Hey! We are also looking forward to PS VR2! I think it will be an amazing device that will take VR gaming to the next level.

    • Psvr2 isn’t coming until 2021, at the earliest. #Why wait

      @Ralstonizer There’s only ONE cord! Do you unhook your entire Ps4 every time you play it? #VrIsNotAHassle

  • PSVR is the best new video game thing to happen to me since going from 8 bit to 16 bit many years ago.

  • sounds interesting but is there free motion or just teleporting?

  • I’ve held off on buying a VR headset because of the low resolution (screen door effect) and the need for external tracking cameras. If the next generation of PSVR has at least 4k resolution and internal tracking cameras like the Windows Mixed Reality headsets, I’ll be sure to buy it.

    PS. Hey Sony, why aren’t you releasing any more PS2 emulations? It’s been over a year since the last one. We still need Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Legendia. Get with it!

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