Behind the Scenes of MediEvil’s Upcoming PS4 Resurrection

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Behind the Scenes of MediEvil’s Upcoming PS4 Resurrection

The team bringing Sir Dan back from the dead went to great lengths to preserve the spirit of one of PlayStation's spookiest classics.

Citizens of Gallowmere, can you sense it?

The hint of a cool breeze, the leaves starting to shift colors, the faint smell of pumpkin spice… that’s right, we’re less than three months away from October 25 and the launch of MediEvil on PlayStation 4!

The team at Other Ocean has worked extra hard to make sure your favorite haunted kingdom has just the perfect amount of spook and shine, so please take a look at this behind the scenes video to get a glimpse of how they’re bringing Sir Dan back to HD glory.

One of the key aspects of remaking a 20-year old PlayStation classic such as MediEvil was getting into the heads of the original development team.

“Our credo was: Do what they did, and don’t change anything unless you have a good reason to change it.” said Jeff Nachbauer, Executive Producer on the project. “Often times you’d go in the code, see a strange design decision and think ‘Why did they do that? It doesn’t make a lot of sense.’ And then you go on the journey of trying to solve challenges further in the game and ultimately release — ‘That’s exactly why they did it. I get it now.’

The team even went so far as to research the music the original developers were listening to in the days of the original PlayStation. According to Jeff, “There’s comments in the original source code of what music the developers were listening to at the time they were first making the game, which helped us understand what they were getting at when they first coded that area.”

And if you’re interested in knowing more about the development of MediEvil, additional interviews, concept art and making-of content can be found in the Art of MediEvil digital art book, and the MediEvil Soundtrack app, available exclusively with the Digital Deluxe version of the game.

MediEvil is out on October 25 for $29.99, so make sure to preorder at PlayStation Store, and we’ll be back with more news in the upcoming weeks!

I’m also pleased to announce that Gamescom attendees will have an opportunity to go hands-on with MediEvil starting on August 20. Think you have what it takes to climb Cemetery Hill and shatter the Stained Glass Demon? Stop by and show us what you’ve got — there’s life in the old bones yet!

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  • I’m so excited to play it! Everything I saw it’s beautiful.
    One question though: Have you guys considered a physical deluxe edition after the high demand of it?

    • I’d buy a physical Collector’s Edition in a heartbeat. Day one. Thank you for bringing this joyful franchise back in time for Halloween.

  • I can’t wait to play this again. Surely it will have a Platinum trophy as well right? It will be mine if so.

  • Meh, another reboot of pointless 90s nostalgia, of course, I never played or knew of it. I looked at the trailer and it looks like another indie game.

    • It’s a remake of a PS1 game that was made by a team that was a size of an indie staff, much like many other studios at the time. No duh.

      Also 90’s nostalgia my squat. Most of these games have the style that yo don’t see anymore since more of these devs are chasing “realism” , blekh. These remakes thrive well so the only pointless I thing I see is well, your comment.

    • Indie game? You are clueless.

      I’ll take an extra serving of 90’s nostalgia, thank you. These remakes have been incredible. Shadow of the Colossus, R&C, Spyro. I’m really enjoying these nostalgic remakes/reboots and i hope they continue. Motorstorm, Legend of Dragoon, Mag, Resistance, Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud, Vagrant Story, J&D. Bring it. Sony, SE, Level 5, Insomniac, and everyone else with a classic game ripe for a reboot/master. I’m all in.

  • I can not wait! This looks great ! I still miss the opening sound of the PlayStation turning on .

  • Looking good!

  • I’ve been waiting so long for this… T_T

    I keep checking hoping you’ll be adding some stuff to the playstation gear store fore Medievil, any word on that?

  • Super excited to relive this classic, one of my favs on PS1 back in the day. Much like Gex: Enter the Gecko and Jersey Devil, I could spend hours wandering and looking for all the hidden and hard to reach items!

  • Concrete Genie and Medievil, October will be a great month.

  • Sony, you need to take a note from the marketing of Crash and Spyro. You need to start marketing this game more. Give MediEvil an account or start posting screenshots or art. You need to build momentum.

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