How to Survive in Remnant: From the Ashes, out August 20

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How to Survive in Remnant: From the Ashes, out August 20

Get good or die trying.

The many worlds of Remnant: From the Ashes are harsh and unforgiving. As one of the final living remnants of a beaten down humanity struggling for survival, you will die. A lot. In order to stand up for mankind and overcome the otherworldly creatures that threaten the future of the human race, you’ll need to git gud.

Offensive Maneuvers

You know what they say: The best offense is a good offense. Bringing the hurt to your adversaries is as simple as the pull of a trigger. Swap between your Long Gun for powerful, longer-range attacks or your Hand Gun for quicker, closer range damage. If you find yourself in a bind or if your ammo reserves are running low, a strong swing of your Melee weapon may be the only thing that keeps you in the land of the living.

Every Move You Make

While making your way through the hazardous worlds of Remnant, know that each step may be your last. Your every movement must be deliberate. Despite their ferocity, enemies will telegraph their attacks, giving survivors with a well-honed dodge instinct a chance to avoid almost anything thrown their way. Dodging and sprinting both consume stamina, so timing these actions is crucial. Well-timed dodges may be the difference between life and death.

A Little Help From Your Friends

Though going it alone is a more than viable strategy, one of the most valuable assets a survivor has is their friends. If you need support in your struggle for survival, recruit up to two friends and head out together. Although outside assistance may prove invaluable, be forewarned: the game’s difficulty does scale based on party size. Survivors looking to team up can host a public game, invite their friends, or let the game matchmake you with other players. Remember, all loot drops in Remnant are instanced, so whatever is picked up by one player will be gained by the whole team. Except for ammo. Hoard that for yourself.

Progress Makes Perfect

In Remnant: From the Ashes true growth comes mostly in the form of gear. As you explore the game’s varied worlds, you will discover new weapons, armor and accessories. Your weapons and armor can be upgraded to make you more powerful. Epic Boss Weapons and supernatural Weapon Mods can also be crafted from materials you pick up along the way. Beyond these tools of the trade, survivors will unlock various passive Traits to augment their arsenal. Completing quests and killing enemies will help you level up giving you points to allocate towards the Traits of your choice.

No Two Journeys the Same

From the moment players set foot into the devastated streets of Ruined Earth, up to the final showdown with humanity’s otherworldly oppressors, each survivor’s playthrough will be uniquely their own. Creating a character, re-rolling a world, or joining another survivor’s game dynamically constructs an adventure from a large pool of possible permutations. This dynamic generation means loot, enemy spawns, map layouts, bosses and secrets are unique to each experience.

Discover the hidden mysteries of Remnant: From the Ashes on August 20. Pre-order now to get early access starting August 16. Update about pre-orders here

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  • Looking forward to it. Darksiders 3 was seriously underrated.

  • So jazzed!

  • I’m hoping its good, just can’t bring myself to preorder it.

  • Why cant i pre order the game on psn right now?

    • Hello I have a question and concern, I ordered the game 6 months ago and I know everywhere it has been saying we can play early access on August 16th. But on my Playstation 4 it says available the 20th and will not download till the 17th. But why is it that now PSN from what I’ve been hearing from 2nd parts is that they cannot preordered the game at this time. I’m must say if the game ends up completely pulled I’m not gonna be the happiest consumer with PSN at that point. I will not preorder ever again on the PSN store because I was promised something that was not delivered. Also if the game is released on the PS4 and we wait till the 20th I believe we should be compensated for not being able to get to play the early access.

  • We could preorder the game before on the PSN store but now I can’t even preorder the game. Is anybody having the same issue??

    • Yup I don’t know why maybe they will do right thing and give us a day one edition they removed pre order button.

  • Is this digital exclusive?

  • I’m also having issues with not being able to preorder the game. The price doesn’t even show up on the game’s page in the psn store.

  • Pulled from the PlayStation Store. Also on their own website under pre orders. All platforms are available except PS4. It’s greyed out with “coming soon” added.
    PlayStation nor the developers / publishers have released any news as to why. Is it delayed? For how long? Or worse. Is anyone’s guess. Info would be helpful to people.

    • This happened with subdivision infinity DX, as well. It was released last Friday on all consoles and regions but it wasnt available on the NA psn store. Xbox, Nintendo, steam and the EU psn store got the game. I’d like to know what’s going on myself.

    • The game is still coming out on the 20th when it’s supposed to but the preorder for PS4 only is now unavailable and won’t be coming back due to not enough time to fix before the deadline. That being said, any person who already preordered will receive an email or some message from Sony to get the rewards they paid for.

    • Also didn’t include that is was An unforeseen error in the listing that went wrong.

  • I’ve been trying to pre order sense yesterday at 6pm. I’ve had my eyes on this title for awhile now and it was available for pre order early yesterday and when I went to pre order it just didnt have the option. Still doesnt. I would really like to get this pre ordered and have VIP access for this weekend.

    • i could be wrong. but i think they are fixing the release date. as its vip access on the 16th. but the timer and everything says the 20th.

  • I pre-ordered the game and cannot preload for release on the 16th. I just spoke to a rep and they told me to wait until friday and if I can’t play(which I won’t be able to) they will look for other alternatives. What other alternatives? I want to play on the 16th, as advertised and as promised. If you can’t meet that deadline, compensate me as you lied about allowing access and granting pre-order bonuses.

  • Ah, yes Mel from Alice the tv show. One of his many words of wisdom. Good looking game.

  • Did we all just witness you having a stroke?

  • Someone skipped nap time

  • But… you still get your rewards…

  • There’s always BL3 coming soon so was hyped for this game but if it’s delayed too long I’m moving on till later date.

  • So any confirmed update on when purchase the game, or is it all just speculation at this point? I would have loved to get in on the VIP weekend and other preorder bonuses, but my chances of doing so were stripped away. Are we getting any kind of a Day 1 edition with those extras for people who wanted them but were physically denied? Somebody messed up somewhere, at least own up to it.

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