WWE 2K20 Is All About Firsts, Hits PS4 October 22

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WWE 2K20 Is All About Firsts, Hits PS4 October 22

New MyCareer mode Superstar options, mixed tag matches, and much more will enter the ring.

From your first look at the cover of WWE 2K20, it’s clear that things are going to be different this year. Rather than going with a solo WWE Superstar, we’re featuring both Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch (the first female WWE 2K cover star) and “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns. Both WWE Superstars factor heavily into the game with their own special modes and a blending of new features and content in a way that’s never been done in the WWE 2K franchise before. Because you’ve demanded it, we’re also giving you all so much more info about the game and features, and showing you clips from the game earlier than ever.

2K Showcase: The Women’s Evolution

“The Man” Becky Lynch headlines 2K Showcase: The Women’s Evolution as part of the Four Horsewomen, which also includes Charlotte Flair, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, and Sasha Banks. The story-based mode features historical video packages and objective-based matches from throughout their careers and new, exclusive interviews with the Superstars themselves. As you play through the mode and achieve objectives, you’ll unlock new characters, gear, arenas, and more.

Roman Reigns Tower

The popular 2K Towers return with a wide variety of new challenges for gamers of all skill levels. The centerpiece of it all is a story-driven Tower focused on Roman Reigns. More details to come in the future.


We heard fans loud and clear. You want to create and play as both male and female MyPlayers and take them through MyCareer, Towers, and more. Well now, you can! The MyCareer campaign includes an intertwining storyline that features both of your male and female created MyPlayers, as you take them through their WWE journey. Who knows which WWE Superstars and Legends, and what unexpected surprises and storyline twists you’ll encounter as your forge your own path to WWE greatness?

Mixed Tag Matches

Another first for the WWE 2K franchise: mixed tag matches. Players can now pit two mixed male and female tag teams against each other and battle it out, as seen on WWE programming in shows like Mixed Match Challenge. Have a dream mixed tag team you’d like to put together and take on the entire WWE roster? Here’s your chance.

Roster Surprises

The WWE 2K20 roster is huge and loaded with NXT and WWE Superstars alongside WWE Legends and Hall of Famers. We’ll be revealing them all down the road, but we have a few bigtime names to share right out of the gate. Included in the WWE 2K20 Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition (SmackDown! 20th Anniversary Edition) are some of the all-time greats to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of WWE SmackDown!.

  • Chyna appears for the first time in the WWE 2K franchise
  • Hulk Hogan returns to WWE 2K
  • Charismatic tag team Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection includes “$500 Shirt” The Rock and Rock ‘n’ Sock Mankind

WWE 2K20 Originals

Downloadable content for WWE 2K20 is completely different this year as well. In prior years, we’ve dropped packs of DLC after ship, but this year, we’re going to keep the game alive with significantly more content after launch that will deliver several new realms of themed content to nearly every aspect of the game. WWE 2K20 Originals are a series of packs included with every copy of the Deluxe and Collector’s Editions. And if you pre-order the Standard Edition, you get access to the first WWE 2K20 Original pack at no additional cost.

We’re excited to reveal more about WWE 2K20 Originals and everything else as we get closer to the October 22 release on PS4.

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  • All that I want from these games is the ability to import our own entrance music.

  • I am wanting to know if the server will stay global, otherwise NBA 2K 20 here I come! P.s might need instruction on creating tall player for ball.

  • Have you fixed CAW. You used to be able to create anyone from comics to movies though that kinda died in early 2000.

  • Ive always enjoyed the latest 2k wrestling games, but I think I’ve soured on the product.

    My wife and I went to a Smackdown recently and had to sit next to the loudest, smelliest person I’ve met in some time.

    The tag match that was going on featured two third generation wrestlers doing fortnite dances at the other team. People were going crazy and loving it, but I turned to my wife and begged her to leave.

    Also—The storylines have been difficult to watch and the way they chew and spit out NXT talent is upsetting.

    Think I might hold off on this game as a result. I know a ton of work goes into this, but the license isn’t doing it for me anymore.

    • Yeah, I haven’t watched WWE in several years. It just hasn’t been worth watching. Maybe it well get better if AEW forces them to start to improve the product. As well make better wresting games. I long for the days of No Mercy on Nintendo 64.

  • Couldn’t even give Becky her own cover, cowards.

    • Also I wonder on many MT’s the will have. Have to pay to unlock new moves. $5 to unlock The Stone Cold Stunner, Another $10 to unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    • Cowards? You’re crazy. The wwe universe isn’t ready for that. Unlike the Raw and Smackdown, the 2k games try to give the overall consensus what they want. It’s called smart marketing. Get a clue.

  • All I want is the targeting system fixed & the yellow counters removed. Also the gameplay polished as well.

  • I’m just really hoping for improvements to gameplay. I’d love to see:

    1. Limb damage selling – it’s really UNREALISTIC that you can damage a wrestler’s leg and they still sprint around the ring as if nothing’s wrong. This makes the whole body damage mechanic seem like a joke.
    2. More mini-games. It would be nice to have mini-games such as Test of Strength, Back and forth strike battles, a Double-Countout feature,
    3. Better submission mechanics – it’s 2K20, we really should be able to crawl and grab the ropes. Saying the crawling mechanic is lacking would be a huge understatement. And the submission mini-game is so intrusive that it make crawling an empty mechanic. When you couple that with the fact that out of all the submission moves in the game, you’re only allowed to crawl out of like 3 of them.
    4. Upgraded Weapon mechanics. Weapons are far too limited in their use. Weapons should have a lot more functionality and creative ways to use them.
    5. More control over Reversals – It would be nice if players could choose the type of reversal they wanted to perform. Would add more strategic elements to the game.


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