“Dead Don’t Ride” Challenge Hits Days Gone Today

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“Dead Don’t Ride” Challenge Hits Days Gone Today

Bend Studio offers tips to help you get your passengers where they need to go.

New this week to Days Gone is the latest “bike” challenge, Dead Don’t Ride. Take your seat behind the wheel of an electric golf cart to pick up and deliver passengers at locations around the Salome Hotsprings. There are 36 passengers waiting for rides if you manage to make on time deliveries. You’re working against the clock in Dead Don’t Ride, so in order to get the best passenger ratings and maximize your high score, here are some tips for excelling at the challenge sub-objectives:

  1. Close Call: Park Close to X Survivors. When stopping to pick up your next fare, stop as close as possible to the waiting survivor. Stopping close not only contributes toward this sub-objective, but it also gives bonus points toward the overall challenge.
  2. 5 Star Driver: Drop Off X Happy Survivors. Once you have a survivor on board, pay attention to their satisfaction meter. You’ll get score and time bonuses for Happy and Neutral drop-offs. You’ll still get some points from Unhappy passengers, but no time bonus.
  3. Wild Speed: Drop off X Hard Survivors. Delivery difficulty is indicated by the color of the pick-up ring; yellow for easy, orange for medium, and red for hard. Difficulty is determined by distance to the drop-off destination, and in some cases by jumps or difficult navigation. In addition to advancing this sub-objective, longer deliveries award more points toward the overall score. Since the golf cart has infinite boost, make heavy use of it on long straightaways to achieve this sub-objective.
  4. Street Sweeper: Run Over X Swarmers. Don’t worry about alarming your passengers—running over freaks won’t hurt your delivery rating. Each Swarmer killed will add two seconds to the challenge clock. Try and line up your Swarmer kills along your delivery routes because going out of your way for these kills will work against the clock.

Additional advice for Dead Don’t Ride: Successfully completing all 36 deliveries will reward 2,000 points for each second left on the clock. So be mindful of finding ways to shave precious time from your run; find the best paths to take, discover the optimal order in which to pick up passengers, drift into stops so you’re facing the drop-off location, and use boost as much as possible (without crashing into obstacles, of course).

This challenge awards the “Hit and Run” patch for Bronze or better rankings. This patch reduces the rate at which bikes (and golf carts) slow when impacting enemies. So earning this patch will allow you to keep extra time on the clock, which helps achieve even greater scores within the challenge.

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