Open-World Adventure Genshin Impact Comes to PS4 Next Year

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Open-World Adventure Genshin Impact Comes to PS4 Next Year

Uncover the secrets of Teyvat in a gorgeously animated new adventure.

Hi, I’m Sam. Today I’m excited to share a brand-new open world action title: Genshin Impact, set in a fantasy world called Teyvat. You will be playing as “The Traveler,” who awakens from a long sleep on the shore alone, loses connection with their sibling, and has scarce knowledge of this mysterious land. To unveil the riddle of this enigmatic land and achieve the ultimate goal of reuniting with your kin, you bravely set off with the cute, kind-hearted Paimon.

Explore the Open World of Possibilities

Teyvat is a world filled with secrets and surprises at every step. With freeform movement and a fast travel system, you will be able to reach all corners of the world as you please, discover numerous scattered encampments, mysterious dungeons, and treasures, or simply enjoy the sense of natural beauty. Genshin Impact provides all kinds of possibilities to ensure immersive gameplay with great freedom. Teyvat features seven city-states, each with their own distinct and exotic aesthetics, architectural style and landscape, which further enhance the enjoyment of exploration and discovery.

As an open world title, we believe freedom in all aspects of the game is a top priority. We are considering ways to further enhance the feature set, such as outfit customization and player housing. More details will be forthcoming in the future.

Master the Natural Elements

Inspired by scientific reaction, Genshin Impact features a natural elemental interaction system for the purpose of puzzle-solving, combat and exploration. Characters have control over one of seven natural elements, such as Pyro, Hyrdo, Electro, Anemo, Dendro etc. which allows them to showcase unique and powerful elemental attacks. Meanwhile, your thoughtfulness and observations are key to using powers to create effective interactions and use them to overcome any obstacle you encounter.

Choose Your Own Allies for The Journey

As your journey goes further, you will encounter new adversaries and stronger challenges, it’s unwise to go alone! Genshin Impact offers a steep roster of over 30 characters with distinctive personalities, appearances, combat styles and elemental skills, allowing you to customize your team with up to four members, and swap characters as needed.

Travel Alone, or Hunt Together

We want to create a unique world that is 100% yours. You can choose to play alone, to enjoy the scenery and the peace of mind, to charge head-on into battles on your own, or explore the vast map without distraction. However, if you feel lonely, or need a helping hand or two against a powerful monster, there is also the option to invite your friends into your world.

In Genshin Impact, we want to pack the game with a plethora of different experiences, from open world exploration, to narrative driven gameplay, to intensive combat. However, it’s ultimately your call on how to tackle the world of Teyvat, what kind of experience you are looking for in any given moment, and what you are looking to achieve.

Genshin Impact will launch on PS4 in 2020. We encourage everyone to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the game and receive new information. Thank you for reading. We hope to talk to you again soon!

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  • It looks beautiful, can’t wait !

  • Looks so good!

  • Hey you say follow us on facebook and Twitter but having some links to them would be helpful for some.

  • I’m really looking forward to this game.. and I’m also really hoping Sony doesn’t makes you censor anything.

  • I saw the trailer, the graphics are so good, can’t wait for this game.

  • Love this <3

  • Looks interesting from the Screenshots. more information please. :)

  • This game looks so fun, definitely going to pick this up. Thank to the ps4 smasher in China I would never have known about this game.

  • this game has beautiful artwork. the manga for the series is breathtaking too. I can’t wait for it to come to both pc and ps4. id buy both of them. people are saying its like breath of the wild but there are games that breath of the wild stole ideas from too. so it’s not just there say in what this company does. it’s an anime open world. its a new beginning for video games. so except it. don’t dis it.

  • Ok… So:
    – Only female characters and most of them look like kids…
    – Plagiarism of Breath of The Wild…

    That’s enough for me to say that even if it’s beautiful, this game is a shame !

  • We do pre order it right or will it be free can’t find any info anywhere i’ll still get it either way

  • Can’t wait to preorder

  • I am a big fan of LoZ: Breath of the Wild, but I`m still very positive to this game.

  • If that Chinese guy smashing his PS4 wasn’t a PR stunt, then it really backfired on him. I’m actually interested in this game now. Adding anime and multiple characters onto Breath of the Wild can only make it better.

    • The only thing that seems “copied” is the cellshaped artstyle… Which many games used even before Breath of the Wild…
      If it were a copy and paste clone, yeah I’m be upset and totally against, but nothing looks like a clone of it. Granted, I’ve yet to play BOTW, might pick up a Switch Lite to play it… Might.. But definitely looking forward to this game.

  • It’s not like breath of the wild invented open world games and really, when you think about it there’s not much meaningful things to do in BoTW. You either explore and find some boring korok or a weapon that breaks in 10 swings.

    If you can make the world actually fun to explore, this should be a good game. People should have been flipping off BoTW while holding up copies of Skyrim when that game was announced.

  • Looks so good!! Cannot wait!! I also would like to Thank the PS4 smasher because without his help i never would have known about this wonderful game!! Also even if it is a breath of the wild clone it is the only one on the PS4 which is great for those of us who don’t own a switch!!

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