PlayStation Plus Free Games for August: WipEout Omega Collection, Sniper Elite 4

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PlayStation Plus Free Games for August: WipEout Omega Collection, Sniper Elite 4

Dominate the racetrack or decimate the enemy with August's lineup.

Blast your way onto the podium in a lightning-fast futuristic race craft or work to unseat Axis powers as a covert marksman in World War II Italy — two exciting PS4 titles join PS Plus in August.

Let’s take a closer look:

WipEout Omega Collection

Combining WipEout 2048, WipEout HD and the HD Fury expansion into one turbo-charged package, Wipeout Omega Collection brings the breakneck speed and combat thrills of the anti-gravity racing franchise to PS4.

Race against the clock and other competitors to take home a podium win, unlocking dozens of ships as you progress through 26 tracks. Competition gets fiercer online*, with eight players duking it out in high-speed circuits. Alternatively, you can go one-on-one with a friend on the couch.

Those looking for the ultimate thrill can also experience the entire game, including all modes and tracks, in PlayStation VR.

Sniper Elite 4

Slip behind enemy lines and work to drive out Axis forces from the Italian peninsula. Scout huge, varied environments as a covert operative and take out enemies before
setting up the perfect hit on high-value targets.

Use a mixture of traps and explosives, hazardous environments, melee takedowns and, of course, your trusty rifle to sow chaos in enemy strongholds. For even greater strategy, team up with a friend online* to take down targets in the co-operative campaign mode or enjoy dedicated co-op missions for two to four players and competitive multiplayer modes for up to 12 players.

Both WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 will be available to download at PlayStation Store from August 6 until September 2

In the meantime, you still have a few days left to pick up July’s PlayStation Plus titles.

Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition is an intense sci-fi adventure driven by interwoven narratives and branching player choice, while Horizon Chase Turbo is a colourful throwback to the golden age of arcade racing, brought to life with slick stylised visuals and a pulsing synth soundtrack.

Both games will be available to download until August 5.

*Internet connection and PlayStation Plus membership required for online multiplayer.

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  • Wipeout the omega collection is absolutely phenomenal! (Exhilarating in VR too!)

    And I’m excited to try Sniper out!

    What an amazing month for Playstation Plus, these games are great!

  • No PES 2019.
    Already have both so nothing new.

    • Don’t even get me started, this is the 4th or 5th month in a row that I already own at least one if not both ps plus games… what a joke. And people call me entitled for being upset… I wish it was 3 games or you could choose 2 from a list of choices

    • @Say_Chidz boo hoo, I have already all the free games in 5 months in a row, cry me a river…

    • Always wanted Wipeout Omega but I picked up on a pattern awhile ago. That is, sometimes good games are released for free so get the most of what you already have and be patient. The price ALWAYS goes down. So unless its a must have like COD or whatever you’re into, it pays to wait! Thanks Sony!

    • @Say_Chidz You don’t have any reason to complain.

    • Oh well too bad stop buying everything and maybe you will be surprised by PS Plus for games

    • PrincessMonkey25

      Is the sniper one any gd

  • Not sure what to think of these games. Not the biggest racing fan and I have already played sniper Elite 4 before. When will there be a month where I haven’t played or owned either game before.

    • What if I told you… that if they always have games you have already purchased… They are clearly providing good games every month.

      You having bought them (as is usually the case with me) is just the reality of being an avid gamer and buying lots of games. A service that gives you games well after release is never going to be a fantastic value for an avid gamer that buys all the games he wants. Its just reality.

    • If everyone stopped buying games soon after they came out more often then the quality of games on the whole would improve, and crap like loot boxes and season passes would be a lot less common. Something to think about.

  • Really good lineup this month. WipEout is one of the best VR games too so if you have it make sure to try it out.

  • I hope sony change this game

  • Have sniper on xbox but still a good single or co op game to play if you haven’t. Wipeout makes up for my Detroit purchase bc kept holding off on buying thinking it be a better free game for me.

  • Great Lineup this month. 2 months in a row good work Playstation. I am excited to try these out. Still going through the 2 from last month
    Now if we could just chill out on the Japanese game censoring that would be great. Let the ESRB do it’s thing.
    Also cool off on all the loot boxes

  • I have both already, but a solid lineup for those that dont have them.

  • I’m glad they gave a PS4 exclusive even though it is a racing game and they just gave one.
    As for Sniper I hope they give some dlc with it.

  • Fantastic line up! Keep it up Sony. Definitely getting Wipeout! Played the PSVR demo and it was pretty good, so keen to try that again in VR.

  • Wow…. More shooting and racing… Thats sarcasm btw as i wont be playing either of these. Total loss for august makes me think about switching from yearly to month to month.

    • Month to month is more expensive it would add up to 120 dollars while the yearly is only 60 also the yearly gets discounted while monthly doesn’t

    • Except with month to month you can skip when the games suck or when you don’t plan on playing multiplayer. Obviously.

  • So I guess I won’t renew my subscription

  • At last, games that I don’t have! Great month!

  • Pretty sweet month. I actually had Wipeout for the Bita but wanted to get the collection for the PS4 even when it was dirt cheap but I never did. Now I’ll just download it for free.

  • Great lineup, I tried the wipeout demo for VR and it was pretty sweet so I’m excited to have the whole package.

  • I wanna echo some of my fellow posters and say if you have a PSVR headset, you should absolutely try Wipeout Omega Collection. It got a free VR patch last year that did not get anywhere enough attention. That game works SO FREAKING WELL in VR, check it out y’all.

    • Got a ton of attention in the VR community. The PSVR subreddit was unusable for like 2 weeks after that patch came out cause it was all just posts saying OMG WIPEOUT VR IS 10/10 AMAZING I CAN’T BELIEVE IT AUUUGHHH

  • Que decepcion !

  • Alexander_Eiffel

    Wipeout Omega Collection is a total gem of a game, but VR really takes it to the next level. It’s hands down the best VR arcade racing game. I already own this and it just makes me happy more people will experience it now.

    Looking forward to trying Sniper Elite 4.

    I just wish you guys would bring back up the PS Vita free games. Sony has nothing to lose putting up games on PS Plus for a system it’s not officially supporting anymore, for which there are still plenty of stellar titles (Soul Sacrifice Delta i am looking at you)

  • Guys at NoobFeed will be delighted to see WipEout Omega Collection.

  • great month but for me it’s time to give away some assassins creed titles… even Unity was for free months ago…

  • Remember when we used to get the occasional vr game? Those were good times.

  • So…still no reduction in PS+ cost even though we are still only getting 1/3 of the games we used to?

  • I hate this month …..I hope sony change this game
    Already have play sniper elite 4 befor

  • sniper elite free on ps now Daf… & now u give us same game i hope u change it

  • my predictions of games that probably appear as a psplus titles are: watch dogs 2, battlefield 5 and Just Cause 4… they are cheaper every month…

  • You need to start updating the plus games on the 1st like Xbox does.and beforeany fan boy gives me crap I do own both and like each in there own way

  • A brilliant month. Really looking forward to playing both of these.

  • Great games thank you!

  • Aw man I JUST bought Wipeout last time it was on sale lol

  • Solid line-up this month. Thanks Sony!

  • I wouldn’t download any of these games but good lineup! Well worth the money. Keep it up.

    For people who are complaining and moaning, it doesn’t matter whether you already own the titles or whether you do not prefer them. What matters is, whether the games are worth the subscription fee and whether they appeal to majority of subscribers (PES falls into unappealing category). IMO

  • Nice selection this month!

  • Once again Sony you make me wish I bought a Xbox instead ! Where are the VR games you promised ? what is up with only 2 games and don’t say free when I am paying a yearly fee. Most of the games you give will become on sale around $10. So NO its no free!!! And to think about how you brag about the money you make from us! Then as a thank you we get back. But that is ok we will make you richer and you will continue to rip us off.

  • Woohoo! WipeOut… again.

  • Geez, that’s a bit more like it, finally.

  • People have to think if the month is good or not concerning the games offered, no? Not because they own or do not own the games. Anyway, I’ve played the second Sniper Elite and loved it. And, even though I’m not a great fan of the Wipeout series, I’ve already played them a lot. That is, for sure, a GREAT month for PS Plus.
    Still, I gotta say… I still miss the Vita games. Not just because I had more things to play on the go but because it offered more value for the service.

  • Oh, I’d like to make a suggestion: could this comment section have a voting system for the comments? This way it would be better to track what the community is thinking as a whole. IMO.

  • I played wipeout on ps3 looking forward to playing it on ps4

  • I’m having mixed feelings about PS Plus lately. We have been getting good games, but I really miss the older format. Even though I never played games on PS3 or PS Vita, we still got some of them on PS4 through cross buy. Some months we got 4 or 5 games for PS4, and it was really nice having some of the smaller indie games in addition to the headlining games of the month. I really thought that when the PS3 and PS Vita games were removed, one or two additional indie games would be added to the PS4 lineup each month, and it is unfortunate that it didn’t happen.

  • Very happy personally for this month. Wipeout is classic and Sniper Games have been fun in the past but I never did pick up 4. Now I need more time to play these and all of my ever growing backlog

  • Hmm another recycled game what a shame,this is basically spitting in our faces and lol nobody sees that…sorry but the addition of VR to it ain’t an excuse to have Wipeout being recycled and much less offered on the lineup since 1st:Shouldn’t even exist on PS4 and 2nd:Should’ve been free since the very beginning (recycled games=biggest scam EVER in gaming history).Sniper Elite 4 is a great offer but doesn’t matter for me as it’s a game I want in disc.Half half is not bad though Sony…nice month overall.It’s high time to bring back those VR extras though and no…recycled games with a lil VR mode added to it doesn’t count.

  • Yessssss, I love Wipeout and have always wanted it!!! What a great month!!!!!! I’ve never played Sniper Elite but will try it out however Wipeout I’m very made up about so thank you!!!!!

  • please sony can you change wipe out.. as you did the last month…

  • Não fugindo do comum… Um jogo jogável e outro pra encher linguiça, mas tá aceitável.

  • Comments are pretty funny.

    “I have these Sony so you suck!”

    They look like fun games. I have neither so it’ll be something new to look forward to. 3 games would be nice though to make up for killing out PS3/Vita downloads. :)

  • Both games are great, but I still don’t feel compensated for the loss of PS3 and Vita games, not to mention two price increases in a row for the service…

  • Not going to get either. I definitely hope some people will get some enjoyment from the games, but I will wait and hope September will offer games that fit my personal preference. Maybe Sony will make a last minute change as it did in July, but I won’t expect them to.

  • Sadly, I can’t claim Sniper Elite 4 in Indonesia :(

  • Grande mês parabéns. Continuem a dar bons jogos, que todo mês venham jogos decentes. Caprichem.

  • I gotta say Sniper is a decent game, that said the other game is not.
    Not going to re-new my PS Plus at the end of 2019.

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