Concrete Genie Launches October 8 on PS4, Photo Mode Confirmed

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Concrete Genie Launches October 8 on PS4, Photo Mode Confirmed

Pixelopus's vibrant new adventure is less than three months away.

Hello! Dominic Robilliard, Creative Director of Pixelopus here with very exciting news. I’m happy to announce that Concrete Genie will be available on October 8.

To celebrate this occasion, we have a new Concrete Genie trailer to share, which provides some new glimpses of our protagonist Ash on his personal journey to paint his hometown of Denska back to life, as well as the challenges he’ll face along the way. Later on in the game there is an exciting gameplay twist, which we hinted at in our last trailer, and we show some more of that here. Ash’s magic brush has a few new surprises that are revealed through the course of the story, one of which is ‘Paint Skating’. We hope you like it!

As for our next bit of news – pre-orders begin today!

All of us at Pixelopus want as many people to experience Concrete Genie as possible. We’re thrilled to share our price point – $29.99 USD / $39.99 CAD MSRP for the Standard Edition and $39.99 USD / $49.99 CAD MSRP for the Digital Deluxe. All editions of Concrete Genie include two beautiful and immersive PlayStation VR modes* that we unveiled back in April in addition to the core PS4 game.

Additionally, we’re thrilled to confirm that a Photo Mode will be available at launch. We have added a special feature to it – a timelapse style ‘Replay’ that allows you to show how you put your artistic compositions together. We can’t wait to see the images and clips of the artwork you’ll create once you get your hands on this feature.

As an incentive for people who pre-order, we’re offering an Avatar set as well as a special Dynamic Theme featuring a rooftop scene from Denska, with special music composed by Sam Marshall. We’re really happy with how the theme turned out and hope all those that pre-order enjoy having its atmospheric vibes on their PS4s.

As mentioned, we have a great Digital Deluxe Edition available for people who want to immerse themselves even further in the hand-crafted world we’ve made for Concrete Genie. You get a Digital Artbook featuring a ton of stunning development images created by Art Director Jeff Sangalli and our amazing art team, a complete soundtrack from the game composed by Sam Marshall, a Pond Design Pack to expand your design toolset, and an additional Dynamic Theme featuring the Lighthouse location from the game.

We look forward to sharing more with you on the road to Concrete Genie’s launch on October 8! In the meantime, please download and enjoy these beautiful wallpapers put together by our art team.

If you want more frequent updates on our progress, and to follow individual team members’ work on the game – please follow us on Twitter . Thanks for reading!

*VR modes require PlayStation®VR and two PlayStation®Move Motion Controllers. Sold separately. Please review and follow all safety guidelines for use of PlayStation®VR. PlayStation®VR is not for use by children under age 12. PlayStation®4 system, PlayStation®VR and PlayStation®Camera are required to experience VR functionality.

All downloadable content requires Internet connection.

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  • Looks good.

    • I want this game but will wait til HDR is added. There is no excuse for HDR to not be there day one. especially since this is a first party game and this game would benefit from HDR.

  • Congrats Pixelopus! Your game is looking great!

    • This looks good indeed. I want it

    • So excited to play two whimsical PS4 exclusives this October in Concrete Genie and Medievil. The game looks incredible and i love the idea of paint skating throughout the city. Like grind boots in Ratchet except you can do it anywhere.

  • So the PSVR support is 2 separate modes aside from the main game? Its better than nothing, but I thought the whole game could be played in PSVR.

  • Game looks amazing, I will definitely be pre-ordering. I can’t wait to see this game in HDR!

  • Day 1 purchase for me.

  • Will pick this up… but I do dislike every game getting tiers now. Pre-order bonuses have now become “pay us an extra $10” tiers :(

    • No joke.

    • This is actually “help support this game you think is cool by giving us an extra $10 for some bonus cosmetics that won’t impact your gameplay experience but we appreciate it because making games is hard work and financial success means you get to see more from a studio you are fond of”. So, lose the FOMO and just enjoy the base game if the extras aren’t appealing to you for the price.

    • Every major game offers tiers and most offer more than 2.

      The deluxe edition is actually better than most. Usually a publisher throws in a digital soundtrack and a theme and calls it “deluxe” but Concrete Genie gives you an artbook, soundtrack, dynamic theme, plus an in-game art pack to enhance the actual game. Then, the preorder bonus is another dynamic theme and a bunch of avatars. Preordering the Deluxe edition is well worth the extra $9.99 imo.

      What more do u want? The game is only 29.99 when it could’ve easily been 39.99 and nobody would’ve batted an eyelash.

      Furthermore, Pixel Opus is a very small, newer Sony studio with incredible creativity and i look forward to supporting games like this before the industry is only Fornite, Dauntless, CoD, AC, PUBG, Apex Legends, Wii U/bad Switch ports, Forza, NFS, Monster Hunter expansions, Mario games, microtransactions, and overrated Blizzard games.

  • There’s physical version too, right?
    As in the trailer.
    I found nothing on retailers. Here in USA.

  • Cool idea for a game. And I dig the simple look to the characters.

  • Awesome looking game, i love the way VR was handled because it literally adds new content to the game. One of the VR modes is a paint mode, but the other adds new content/story.

    I loved Entwined and i hope Concrete Genie sells 1 million copies. Pixel Opus is a lovely little first party studio and i hope Sony buys more like them. SuperGiant, TGC, Giant Sparrow, Giant Squid ect.

  • cool game

  • Will the VR modes have trophies though? Preferably in a separate trophy list like the Sly Cooper collection has on PS3 when they added the Move mini game. That would be awesome.

  • Are any trophies tied to the PSVR? Can you 100% or Platinum the game without PSVR? Looks great!

  • The comment section is acting weird. I can not make an original post for some reason?

  • OK It is working now but I was not trying to reply to Elranzor. HDR should be available day one though. Its not like it takes a ton of effort to implement. I don’t understand why it won’t be there especially since Sony makes 4KTVs and the PS4 Pro.

  • Is this a digital only release?

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